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Game Face: Hone Your Storytelling Skills


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At heart, Product Managers should be great storytellers. They should be able to craft compelling and bold narratives to justify a new initiative to executives. Or outline heroic quests to ignite engineering’s excitement to build that next great product. Or conjure enchanting tales of riches to enable sales and marketing to sell the product to customers. So…are your storytelling skills up to the task? Join this session for a couple of rounds of True Story, a game that teaches you how to be a better storyteller. The True Story game supplies players with memory prompts and introduces basic, intermediate and advanced storytelling techniques, slowly increasing the level of difficulty with every round of stories. It teaches anyone who plays it how to tell better stories — whether you’re a veteran teller or a total novice.

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Game Face: Hone Your Storytelling Skills

  1. 1. Product Camp Silicon Valley 2017 Game Face: Hone Your Storytelling Skills Brendon J. Wilson Twitter: @brendonjwilson Hashtags: #SVPCamp #GameFace
  2. 2. 2 Why storytelling?
  3. 3. 3 What makes a good story?
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  5. 5. True Story • Three Stages – More detailed in each stage • For each stage – Deal two cards to each person – Pick card that reminds you of a memory you feel comfortable sharing – On your turn, follow instructions for current stage – When finished your turn, reveal the card that inspired it 5
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  9. 9. 9 Need inspiration? Podcasts • The Moth • 99% Invisible • Freakonomics
  10. 10. Print and Cut Along Grey Lines Need more? Grab the game from Resources: Sample Prompt Cards 10
  11. 11. School Days Lesson learned Playground is the real classroom Show'em what you've got Make Up Time to say I'm sorry Time to tell a tall tale Time to look in the mirror Too Many People The crushing crowd Rumors and roars I can't see, I can't breathe And then... BOOM Hold your breathe and time stops The explosion, the consequences Much bigger than expected Take Me Seriously A kid just trying to grow up A lover not getting his due Making a name for yourself Tragedy Waiting To Happen Acts of God or more misfortune End of the world or just split milk Do bad times wait around the bend? Moving Up, out, or getting back into shape Filling boxes with memories Saying goodbye, saying hello Revenge You'll pay for this Holding a grudge A dish best served cold Teacher Some lessons are hard, some hurt You meet them throughout life Wisdom and passing it on Dance Dance Dance Freedom in the groove Body moving, or wanting to From dark till dawn Escape Prison break, runaway bride Holiday by the sea From fantasy into reality Go For It! A leap of faith into the unknown Ask him out! Take the job! Hesitating before you act
  12. 12. Thanks! Twitter: @brendonjwilson Hashtags: #SVPCamp #GameFace 12 Brendon J. Wilson