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Ibrahim VESKE-125474-civil engineering


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Ibrahim VESKE-125474-civil engineering

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Ibrahim VESKE-125474-civil engineering

  1. 1. Company Profile Veske Construction stared its operations in the construction field in 2001. Since its establishment VESKE CONSTRUCTION represents our country with great success in abroad through highly important strategic projects that have successfully completed with high quality on time.
  2. 2. Our Quality Policy As a country economy contributor, socially esponsible and environmentally conscious company while creating living spaces; • To comply with architecture, applicable standards, technical specifications, administrative and legislation conditions, construction techniques and art and earthquake regulations. • To follow up technology and use it in production. • To care for the needs and expectations of customers for continuous customer satisfaction.
  3. 3. Our Quality Policy • To realize the project delivery on the promised date. • To arrange and implement the necessary training programs for employees with the consideration paid to the quality of educated people at every level.
  4. 4. Our Environmental Policy • To implement world standard in environmental protection with its expert team, solution partners and contractors in project designing and production. • To plan all implementation activities to prevent the possible environmental pollution and to use necessary resources in this concern. • To work efficiently to create natural and liveable living spaces for the next generations.
  5. 5. Completed Projects
  6. 6. Completed Projects
  7. 7. References • • • • • Bandırma Port İğneada Fishing Port Baysh Dam Borçka Dam and HEPP Dammam University - Construction of Infrastructure Phase 3 (Underpass Project) • FY08 - FY09 Project, Bagram Airbase • Construction of ISAF Helicopter and Airplane Aprons
  8. 8. References • Al Fateh University Campus A Infrastructure Jobs • Al Fateh University School of Agriculture, Veterinary and Science Buildings • Aquapark & Amusement Park • ITEC Shopping Center • Hyatt Regency Hotel Construction
  9. 9. Contact Us • Contact Information Telephone: 0(533) 881 34 47 Fax : +90 123 456 78 90 E-mail : WEB :