-2061982114300BSHS LMC Media MattersVolume II, Issue 1  January 2011New Stuff:  EquipmentWelcome back!<br />BSHS LMCHours:...
BSHS LMC Media Matters Jan 2011
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BSHS LMC Media Matters Jan 2011


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BSHS LMC Media Matters Jan 2011

  1. 1. -2061982114300BSHS LMC Media MattersVolume II, Issue 1 January 2011New Stuff: EquipmentWelcome back!<br />BSHS LMCHours: 7:30-3:45Lead Librarian: Fran BullingtonExt. 1485AV Librarian: Jay CampbellExt. 1484 <br />VVisit this newsletter on the library website to click on the links! http://bit.ly/bshslmcBSHS LMC: Information Unleashed!<br />In response to the interest you showed during our Tech ‘n Treat event in November, we have ordered four Flip Video Mino HD cameras.How can you incorporate these awesome little cameras into your instruction?Digital storytellingStudent projects…and much more! Click on the link or Google “flip video education.One of the Flip camera’s cool advantages is the retractable USB connection that plugs right into your computer.Please note: You will need to request installation of the Flip video software on your computer before being able to use this advantage.First, sit down and talk about the most important things that have happened in the past year. What special memories do you share? What have you learned or come to understand? Has anyone in your family achieved any accomplishments (like graduation from high school or winning a special prize) or reached a major milestone, like retiring or moving into a new home? Also, think about who will be reading your family newsletter. What would your friends or distant family members most like to hear about? Would they enjoy seeing photographs from your vacations, or hearing about your family’s education or career? Do they have any special interests that your family shares? After you list the things you want to write about, organize your list into categories, like Introduction, Dad’s News, Mom’s News, Kids’ News, Special Messages, and Final Thoughts. If your children are old enough, consider asking them to write their own sections. You might want to include new or updated contact information, like a new address, phone number, e-mail address, or family Web site address. Make a note to yourself so you don’t forget to include that information.afWe hope that you and your family had a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding Christmas break.We look forward to working with you and your students during the second semester.Remember, you can check the availability of the library’s teaching areas and computer rooms through our online schedule:http://bit.ly/libcalImage credits: Boston http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2007_Boston2116453076.jpg; Alan Gratz http://alangratz.blogspot.com/; Book Covers and Flip Video courtesy of Follett Titlewave; bulldog www.flickr.com/photos/flickr4jazz/3953371233/in/photostream/Whether you’re reading eBooks on a dedicated device like a Kindle or Nook or through an app on your phone or computer, you are probably looking for ways to enlarge your eBook library. Check out these sources to discover free books:Just Free Books – This site lets you search for free eBooks by title or subject.Books on the Knob – This blog, updated several times daily, provides info and links for free (or inexpensive) eBooks.IFree eBooks on the Internet!YA Author Alan Gratz will be visiting both BSHS 9th grade and main campuses on February 16th. We are excited to sponsor his visit and give our students an opportunity to speak with the author of one of the 2010-2011 South Carolina Young Adult Book Award nominees, Something Wicked.Gratz lives with his family in Bakersville, North Carolina. He is the author of several best selling Young Adult novels including two books based on Shakespearean plays:Something Rotten (Hamlet)Something Wicked (MacBeth)We’ll announce the details for his visit once they are finalized. In the meantime, please encourage your students to stop by the Media Center to check out one of his books so that they might have the opportunity to meet and speak with Gratz. READissance, our reading program that encourages students to read for pleasure, starts over for the second semester. Requirements:Read and complete forms on 6 books -OR-Read and complete forms on books totaling 2000+ pagesForms can be picked up in the Media Center or printed out from the P Drive (P:/Teachers/READissance).Students who meet either of the requirements will be invited to a READissance event in May to celebrate their accomplishments.How can you encourage students to participate? Ask them what they are readingHave READissance forms available in your roomParticipate in a READissance Challenge!.Alan Gratz with one of his admirers.Author VisitREADissance… a Rebirth of ReadingA favorite family phrase or slogan can go here.<br />