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May 2011


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Published in: Education
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May 2011

  1. 1. Boiling Springs High School Library Media CenterMay 2011 Monthly Report 26384251739084<br />Boiling Springs High School Library Media Center<br />May 2011<br />Library Highlights<br /><ul><li>READissance Luncheon May 12th The media center staff celebrated the reading accomplishments of BSHS students this semester by inviting all VIP members of the READissance club to a luncheon in the Media Center. Students enjoyed Chic-Fil-A sandwiches and a cake created in their honor. Three students from each grade were rewarded for reading and recording the highest number of pages among their peers.
  2. 2. Bulldog Booklovers Club Meeting May 17th 3:30-5:00 As the sponsors and book club officers planned the final meeting of the year, they decided to lengthen it to an hour and a half meeting for the first time in book club history. We had much to accomplish including honoring our seniors, recommending books for summer reading, and holding elections for next year’s officers. Three students gave speeches for the offices of President/Vice-President and two students gave speeches for the office of secretary. Congratulations to our next year’s officers: President, Allyson V.; Vice-President, Sara R.; and Secretary Rachel Z.
  3. 3. Bulldog Booklovers Club 2011-2012 Planning Meeting May 20th Our new officers were eager to share ideas for next year’s club activities and met with Mrs. Bullington before school. Fundraising activities and books they wanted to discuss were among the topics discussed. Based on the new officers’ enthusiasm, next year promises to be the best year yet for the Bulldog Booklovers Club!
  4. 4. Destiny Inventory May 16th – May 31st Mrs. Bullington and Mr. Campbell watched “The A,B, C’s of Spring Inventory,” a Follett recorded webinar in preparation for beginning our first ever inventory using the Destiny software. We were pleased with the functionality of the software and finished the inventory on May 31st. Details of it will be included in the BSHS LMC Annual Report for 2010-2011.</li></ul> <br />Instructional Days<br />1st semJanFeb. MarAprMayTotalsInstructional Days83.51421192020177.5# Days Library Open73.51421192015162.5<br />Use of Physical Space<br />Student Visits<br />1st semJanFeb.Mar.AprMay TotalsIndependent79391380267230264187184421,048With a class 15,2443096493649344620477928,055Totals23,1834,476760879607507662349,103<br />Class Visits to Library<br />1st semJanFeb. Mar.AprMayTotalsEnglish1203624123221245Business Ed358Fine Arts112Foreign Language2453537Guidance3612452Home Arts22Math2114Science13931329Social Studies3419571479Totals1964549605553458<br />Class Visits to the Computer Rooms<br />1st semJanFeb. Mar.AprMayTotalsEnglish812026515220250Business Ed352560Fine Arts612110Foreign Language94272927427208Home Arts1048830Guidance11513642564Math643417Science76722221511153Social Studies8983283211180Sp. Ed66Totals41472132127110123978<br />Resource Analysis<br />Total Items Circulated<br />1st semJanFeb. Mar.AprMayTotals Sophomores223575797910026684165641Juniors15394265255395632183592Seniors14632633734809122183491Staff5721053501311071471265Totals5809155122272152225599913994<br /> <br />Equipment Circulation<br />1st semJanFeb. Mar.AprMayTotalsFaculty5485245695672701Student (computers)25902548151,1549018454560Total31383068601,2239579175261<br />SC Streamline Usage<br />1st semJanFeb. Mar.AprMayTotalsLogins2916575655595646Videos/Segments Streamed or Downloaded 551184122190141821270<br />