BSHS LMC Media Matters April 2011


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BSHS LMC Media Matters April 2011

  1. 1. -2061982114300BSHS LMC Media MattersVolume II, Issue 4 April 2011<br />BSHS LMCHours: 7:30-3:45Lead Librarian: Fran BullingtonExt. 1483AV Librarian: Jay CampbellExt. 1484 <br />VVisit this newsletter on the library website to click on the links! LMC: Information Unleashed!<br /> This year the South Carolina Association of School Librarians is sponsoring Snapshot: A Day in the Life of South Carolina School Libraries to gather data, anecdotes, testimonials, and photographs that reflect the important role school libraries play in our students’ education. Please join us on April 19 and share how the school library or librarians have helped you improve your lessons or technology skills (or life in general!).April 19 : BSHS LMC Snapshot Day The American Library Association, in partnership with the Association of School Librarians, sponsors School Library Month “to celebrate school librarians and their programs.” You know your school librarians, but do you know what services your school library program provides? There are many, but just a few are highlighted below.1. Information literacy instruction2. Resources to supplement your curriculum (Want us to pull books for a class project?)3. Collaboration in planning research projects 4. SC DISCUS 5. Preparation of Pathfinders to guide your students’ research 6. Web 2.0 instruction and assistance (see us to set up a blog or discover new presentation resources)7. Technology assistance for students and teachers8. Professional library (books and journals)9. Readers’ Advisory to individual students or classes (please see Mrs. Bullington to request book passes or book talks)10. Literacy initiatives including READissance and the Bulldog Booklovers ClubPlease join us in celebrating school libraries this month!April is School Library MonthNational Poetry Month was established by the Academy of American Poets to not only celebrate poetry but to recognize its importance in our lives. The BSHS LMC Staff are sponsoring two events to celebrate National Poetry Month:Spine Tales Contest April 11-27Students are encouraged to visit the library to create a poem using only the titles on book spines.We encourage English teachers to bring their classes to the library to participate. We will gladly introduce the contest to your students and let them work on their poems.On April 29, both teachers and students will vote on their favorite poem. The creator of the winning poem will receive a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card.Poem in Your Pocket Day April 20 (Officially April 14, but celebrated at BSHS late to HSAP Testing)On this day, students and teachers will be encouraged to carry a copy of their favorite poem with them to share.Mrs. Bullington will be roaming the halls and visiting classes searching for those who are willing to share the poem they are carrying. Those who do will be rewarded with a treat! You’re familiar with Discovery Education’s Stream-lineSC, but did you know that they also provide a site that focuses on science, technology, and math careers? Ever tire of hearing “When am I ever going to have to use this?” Use STEM Connect to SHOW students examples of how the skills you teach are beneficial in life after high school! Conducting research in all subjects is one facet of BSHS’s Literacy Plan. The teaching materials accompanying the videos provide suggested research projects to incorporate into your curriculum. Score! The videos and activities on this site appeal to teenagers. One video discusses how a skate park designer uses geometry in her work. Another discusses how a meteorologist uses statistics. Activities include using physics to design a roller coaster and math to design video games. Check out STEM Connect today! Important Dates:Apr. 11-27 Spine Tales ContestApr. 19 Snapshot: A Day in the Life of SC School LibrariesApr. 20 Poem in Your Pocket DayApr. 29 Spine Tales Contest VotingMay 4: READissance deadlineMay 5: All library books are due! May 12: READissance LuncheonImage credits: bulldog; School Library Month logo; Poem in Your Pocket logo Focus: DE’s STEM ConnectApril is National Poetry Month<br />