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Why it's fair that Apple takes 30% of your money (30+ platforms benchmarked) - by @boardofinno


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The average fees of 30+ digital platforms benchmarked.
average fee paypal, airbnb, apple, itunes, gettyimages, etsy, amazon, groupon, gilt and many others.

  • It'd be great to see more service marketplaces e.g. Avvo, UpCounsel, Healthtap etc on there.
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  • Small detail. Gilt's cut covers fulfillment, storage and other physical logistics, which may not be comparable to the rest which are digital products and services. Food for thought.
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Why it's fair that Apple takes 30% of your money (30+ platforms benchmarked) - by @boardofinno

  1. Why it’s FAIR thatApple takes30% of your moneyThe average fees of30+ digital flickr mikkosaari
  2. 45% commissionon every sale?Which cut do digital businesses take?Too high? too low?cc flickr mikkosaari
  3. We help companies find new revenue.www.boardofinnovation.comTo inspire you we’ve compared already 30+ platforms:cc flickr mikkosaari
  4. Travel: Marketplaces for lodging12%www.Airbnb.com15%www.Expedia.com12%www.Couchsurfing.orgsourcesourcesource
  5. Music: Marketplaces for digital* Better figures are needed.*
  6. This document is just a draft.It will be updated based on your inputs.Feedback: @boardofinno - @nickdemeyWe only looked at percentages and theaverages fees. We didn’t take intoaccount one time fees and otheradditional revenue streams.
  7. Photography: Marketplaces to sell*sourcesourcesource
  8. Gaming: Digital* Better figures are needed.15%www.Humblebundle.comsource
  9. Food: Online orders & reservations20%www.Grubwithus.com2.5%www.Opentable.comsource11%www.Just-eat.comsourcesource* Better figures are needed.
  10. E-commerce: Marketplace15%www.Amazon.com3.5%www.Etsy.comsource9.9%www.Ebay.comsourcesource
  11. Digital Payment & donation solutions10%www.Flattr.com2.9%www.Paypal.comsource2.75%www.Square.comsourcesource
  12. Deals & discount platforms50%www.Gilt.com50%www.Groupon.comsource20%www.Fab.comsourcesource
  13. Crowdfunding15%www.PledgeMusic.com10%www.Kickstarter.comsource4%www.Indiegogo.comsourcesource
  14. Crowdsourcing5%www.ideaken.com45%www.99designs.comsource40%www.Quirky.comsourcesource
  15. P2P Carsharing35%www.Justshareit.com40%www.Getaround.comsource40%www.Relayrides.comsourcesource
  16. This is a living document!Which categories should we include next?Do you have better or more recent numbers?Feedback: @boardofinno -