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Social Media and Libraries


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A presentation about social media and libraries, delivered to the Public Libraries of South Australia Association in July 2017

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Social Media and Libraries

  1. 1. Social Media & Libraries Clayton Wehner
  2. 2. Sensis 2017 Social Media Report
  3. 3. What we’re covering today… • The state of social media in Australia, using Sensis’ recently released report • A very quick social media strategy methodology that you can use • A case study of a fictional library – some technologies, tools and techniques that you might consider using
  4. 4. A little game… • These are the 7 most popular social media networking platforms in Australia • Put them in order from most popular to least popular! FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAMSNAPCHAT GOOGLE+ LINKEDIN PINTEREST
  5. 5. The Average Facebook User has 234 Facebook Friends
  6. 6. People who use a mobile device to access social media
  7. 7.
  8. 8. WIIFM
  9. 9. A simple plan for your social media • People – who are you seeking to influence? • Objective – what do you want to them to do? • Strategies – how will you move them towards that objective? • Technologies, tactics and tools – which will you use? • POST is a methodology of Forrester Research People Objective Strategies Technologies POST Analysis
  10. 10. THE PROBLEM IS… We typically start at ‘T’. We don’t really consider the ‘P’, ‘O’, and ‘S’. Starting at ‘T’ doesn’t really work…*
  11. 11. EXAMPLE… ‘Shit, everybody seems to be doing this Snapchat stuff. Let’s drop everything and start doing Snapchat, so that we can keep up with the Joneses’
  12. 12. * ONE IMPORTANT CAVEAT It’s OK to experiment! You SHOULD dabble with new technologies. Just don’t ‘bet the farm’ before you’ve had really a good think about it….
  13. 13. PEOPLE EXAMPLES • Teenagers • Pre-school children • Stay-at-home mums • Working parents • Retirees • Pensioners • Migrants • Unemployed people People Objective Strategies Technologies POST Analysis
  14. 14. OBJECTIVE(S) EXAMPLES • Increase library visitation • Increase event patronage • Increase physical book borrowing • Increase eBook borrowing • Increase awareness about full scope of library services • Increase use of the library holds system • Increase local literacy People Objective Strategies Technologies POST Analysis
  15. 15. STRATEGIES EXAMPLES • Produce and distribute written content about services • Operate an active event calendar • Publish a weekly newsletter with information about activities • Teach people how to use library services in one-on-one sessions • Run technology sessions to improve digital literacy • Provide specialist equipment People Objective Strategies Technologies POST Analysis
  16. 16. TECHNOLOGIES, TACTICS & TOOLS EXAMPLES • Publish a blog and produce posts twice a week • Operate a Library Facebook Page • Advertise events using Facebook Advertising • Use Mailchimp to send a weekly eDM newsletter • Run a weekly Twitter competition • Do video book reviews on a YouTube channel People Objective Strategies Technologies POST Analysis
  17. 17. Case Study – ‘Libraria’ • The Libraria team has done a POST analysis collectively and published it as a ‘Social Media Strategy’ document. • They’ve also produced a separate ‘Social Media Policy’ that governs their activity on social media (I have a template for you). • The entire Libraria team has undergone social media training and all team members are qualified and have been empowered to represent the library on social media.
  18. 18. Technologies, Tactics and Tools DECISION TO FOCUS ON FOUR TECHNOLOGIES: • The Libraria Blog • Facebook Page • Facebook Advertising • Weekly email newsletters Blog Facebook Email Marketing
  19. 19. The Libraria Blog • Built using Wordpress – free, easy-to-use blogging software • A place for long-form content – articles, book reviews, photo galleries, event information, library news, opinion pieces, video • Blog contains sign-up forms to capture email addresses for the newsletter • Blog content is automatically cross-posted to the Facebook Page • Blog content is re-purposed for the weekly email newsletter • The blog drives traffic to the library catalogue website
  20. 20. Libraria Facebook Page • Libraria’s presence on the world’s biggest social network – • An email subscription form is used to capture email addresses for the weekly email newsletter • Content is cross-posted automatically from the Libraria blog • Colourful graphics are produced using Canva • ‘Short form’ content is published to the page using Buffer • Community management is undertaken using Hootsuite
  21. 21. Facebook Advertising • Libraria have installed the ‘Facebook Pixel’ on their websites for ‘remarketing’ • Created a custom audience of people who have visited their website • Created audiences for various demographics that exist within the geographic boundaries of their council area • Using ‘boosted posts’ and single post ads for specific audiences • Using Lead Generation ads to capture email addresses for the weekly newsletter
  22. 22. What is remarketing?? Ever wondered why your Facebook feed mysteriously shows you advertisements from websites that you visited a week ago?
  23. 23. Email Newsletter • Weekly email newsletter containing content from the blog • Produced and delivered using Mailchimp • Drives traffic back to the blog and to the catalogue website • Promotes Libraria’s Facebook presence • Mailing list constantly building from blog and Facebook
  24. 24. Blog Facebook Email Marketing
  25. 25. Questions… This presentation will be on my blog later tonight –