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Social Media for Social Good - Facebook


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My workshop slides for Social Media for Social Good in Glasgow on 26th April 2012

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Social Media for Social Good - Facebook

  1. 1. FacebookGetting the most out of the social network#begoodbesocialMartin Keane@keanearrow
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today • Getting started with FB • FB Strategy • It’s good to talk • Finding the timeline • The Ubiquitous Network • Taking it further
  3. 3. • Page, not a group• Have multiple administrators• Call on your other online audiences• Experiment with free tools and techniques
  4. 4. • Choose captivating images• Keep it relevant• Reach out to supporters and peers• You won’t find this on Twitter• Give me a reason to like• Not quite king…but important!
  5. 5. Facebook Strategy • Audience • Create a topic calendar • Try to post content • Don’t fall into the post fatigue trap • Harness your creativity • Telling inspiring stories • Calls to action – empower your supporters • Build a community • Learning from the data - be creative (don’t just rely on Insights – use Google analytics too)
  6. 6. • Keep it brief and inspire• Try to reply• Thank for supporters• Ask for feedback• Give supporters actions• Respond to your detractors
  7. 7. Finding the Timeline – Cover images – Milestones – Highlighting – Pinning – Applications
  8. 8. The Ubiquitous Network • Page stories boost your newsfeed presence – Post a variety of story types • Encourage staff to list you as an employer & share your updates with their friends • Check ins • Use tools such as like boxes, comments and share buttons on your website • Pop a Facebook icon on your email footer and link through • When should we post?
  9. 9. Taking it further • Website link (pop in bio) • Link up those updates • Use relevant titles and descriptions • E-newsletter sign up • Fundraising • Campaign actions
  10. 10. Staying ahead of the game • Facebook insights • Think about your own metrics too! • The bigger picture • Be dynamic, Facebook will be
  11. 11. Activity • Split into groups of four – Choose one of your organisations – Plan a Facebook strategy for the 6 months • include simple objectives – gain 50 new page likes • plan out a topic calendar • how often will you post? • what are the key metrics for your org? – What unique element can you offer on Facebook?