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Social media tools

  1. 1. What are we trying to achieve?• Share knowledge with a wider Community• Increased offsite participation• Increased onsite engagement:How to achieve our goals Social Media• Define our social media strategy:goals, messages, audiences Tools• Agree on roles and responsibilities:who does what?• Define the tools and how to use them• Produce, aggregate and share contentwidely: before, during and after theevent• Monitor and evaluate: what did welearn
  2. 2. Defining social reporting…• Using digital and social media to1. document and2. share information,3. conversations,4. results and5. different voices from a project, a community or an event• It’s about telling stories with digitalmedia– So the normal conventions and rules Social Mediaapply: audience, content, messageand hook Tools
  3. 3. how it’s different from formal reporting• Creating an informal record of what you want to capture and share• Allowing to share your own views, orviews of your community, and makethese voices heard• Bringing to life stories worth sharing• Creating spaces for reflection anddialogue Social Media Tools
  4. 4. Social reporting toolkit1. Wikis for collaboration andcoordination2. Microblogging3. Blogging4. Video sharing & audio sharing5. Photo sharing6. Presentation sharing7. Facebook (social network sites)8. Tagging and social bookmarking9. Feeds Social Media10.Webcasts11.Data / Information Visualization Tools Tools
  5. 5. collaborate• Wikis• Blogs• Online social networks• Integrated portals (mobileaccessible websites)Create• make digital content includingaudio, image, text, website, blog,video, wikis• Protect - copyright, privacy, Social Mediadigital footprint ToolsCurate (treatment)• Find - Internet search, Wikipedia,Google scholar, e-resources,image textbook, etc.• Filter - RSS feeds,• Collate/collect: social and personal bookmarking, mind mapping, onlinestorage
  6. 6. Critique• Assess the validity/authenticity ofsites/information• Reflect on one’s own practice andthat of ones peers - blogs, forumsetc• FilteringCommunicate• Share /disseminate/ distribute - wiki, Social Mediablog, discussion forum, email,Google+, twitter, online social Toolsnetworks• Promote - twitter, blog, online socialnetworks, and email
  7. 7. MicrobloggingIntro /definition• A microblog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically much smaller - a short sentence fragment, a link, an image or embedded video.Popular services• Twitter – Social Media• Yammer – Tools
  8. 8. Key functions it supports• Easily point to and share digital materials on the web• Inform key stakeholders on our activities• Monitor what people are saying about projects/topics• Link with people working on the same issues Social Media• Supporting a network/community and share knowledge with members Tools• Getting instant feedback about issues common to your network /community• Reporting from events and engaging with remote participants• Promoting(Strengthen) promote articles, blog posts, new publications and content from your website(s)
  9. 9. Social Media Tools
  10. 10. Social Media Tools
  11. 11. Social Media Tools
  12. 12. ProAct promotes innovativeapproaches to public procurement.If you are looking to learn and shareinformation on public procurementConnect with other practitionersShare your ideas and expertise Social MediaLearn from other practitionersexperience ToolsDiscover innovative tools andapproachesBuild up partnerships
  13. 13. Online team collaboration toget work done.Capture knowledge, sharefiles, and manage projectswithin a secure, reliable Social Mediaenvironment. ToolsWatch this example:
  14. 14. • Register a free account at http://twitter.comSet up your profile( location, picture, link tomore)• Start following other users and build your network 1) Research and follow the most common Social Media#tags (hashtags) in your area 2)Introduce new #tags sparingly Tools• Ask questions and share the things you are doingas well as useful links– @[twittername] (speak to someone andyour mutual followers)– D [twittername] (DM = speak directly toone person)• Re-post valuable links– RT (retweet)• Lists help make sense of the flood
  15. 15. Social Media Tools
  16. 16. Social Media Tools
  17. 17. Social Media Tools
  18. 18. Social Media Tools
  19. 19. • Using RSS feeds to set up a personalhome page– to ‘read’ the web in a different way– to save time when looking for newcontent• It’s the first thing I check in the morning –also before my mailbox!• Allows me keep on top of the news and Social Mediathe information I need to know for mywork and my interests ToolsReally Simple Syndication• A publishing format that lets you to subscribe to and receive latest updates from your favourite blogs and sites all from within a single newsreader program
  20. 20. RSS: means Ready for some stories!How to use it• Create an account – Google Reader or Netvibes• Google reader as personal homepage Social Media• Netvibes good to create public homepages Tools• Subscribe to feeds– Two clicks; by url• Organize your content– Using tags and folders; in tabsUsing Feedly on top of Your GoogleReader http://www.feedly.comFlipboard – Social magazine formobiles and tablets
  21. 21. Social Media Tools
  22. 22. Prezi is a communication tool thathelps you organize, present, and shareyour ideas. Social Media Tools
  23. 23. Social Media Tools
  24. 24. Social Media Tools
  25. 25. Social Media Tools
  26. 26. UploadMore ways to get your photos online.Multiple ways to upload your photos toFlickr—through the web, your mobiledevice, email or your favorite photoapplications. Social MediaDiscoverSee whats going on in your world. ToolsKeep up with your friends and share yourstories with comments & notes. Add richinformation like tags, locations & people.ShareYour photos are everywhere you are.Upload your photos once to Flickr, theneasily and safely share them throughFacebook, Twitter, email, blogs andmore.
  27. 27. Social Media Tools
  28. 28. Social Media Tools
  29. 29. Social Media Tools