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Social Media 101


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The Public Libraries of Singapore is on social media! Here are some tips on how we manage our various channels.

- for IFLA Poster Session 2013

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Social Media 101

  1. 1. 3 EASY WAYS TO LOVE YOUR LIBRARY Social Media 101
  3. 3. • Know your target audience and determine the appropriate social media platform e.g. We chose Twitter to target the Youths (18-35 years old) demographic and connect with them • Decide what tone and personality your page should adopt – It should be friendly, not officious, yet professional – Do not use short forms e.g. ‘coz’, ‘wat’, ‘btw’ – Always spell check! TIPS & POINTS TO CONSIDER
  4. 4. • Explore other sites and try out different ways of presenting content that might catch even more attention – Internet memes – Check out what other libraries worldwide have on their Facebook pages – Use photos/videos to make the content more engaging TIPS & POINTS TO CONSIDER
  5. 5. • Check out mobile applications that will help you manage your page when you are on the go • Some of the applications our librarians are using: – Pages Manager to manage Facebook pages To create attractive images – Line Camera – FotoRus – Pixlromatic & Whitagram for Instagram – Phonto to add text to your photos TIPS & POINTS TO CONSIDER
  6. 6. • Roster librarians to monitor and manage the platforms – Decide on the minimum number of posts per week – Conduct online scans for mentions of your library • Decide how feedback should be handled – Determine the response time – Negative comments about the library should not be deleted unless they are inflammatory or inappropriate TIPS & POINTS TO CONSIDER
  7. 7. • Create an online forum to share best practices or discuss difficult issues – Should include Page Administrators, Library Managers – Consider having a Customer Care/Corporate Communications representative in this online group to provide quick support TIPS & POINTS TO CONSIDER
  8. 8. USEFUL TOOLS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Insights • To assess what content resonates with our fans e.g. posts that invoke memories/nostalgia, behind-the-scenes or meet our staff posts, and to post more of such content to create more virality • Helps us to analyse whether our promotions are effective by monitoring the number of ‘likes’ and engagements received during that period • Helps us to understand the demographics of our fans (gender, age, countries)
  10. 10. Programmes: Facebook Highlights include: • Post-Programme Photos • Event Calendars • Sneak-Peeks • Publicity Posters • Special Celebrations e.g. Branch Anniversary
  11. 11. Highlights include: • Unique Branch Programmes • Launch of New Services • Re-tweets from Partners • Post-Programme Photos • Library News Programmes: Twitter/Instagram
  12. 12. Collections: Facebook Highlights include: • Staff’s Picks • New Arrivals • Thematic Collection • Book Displays • “Did You Know” quirky facts from books
  13. 13. Collections: Twitter/Instagram Highlights include: • Librarian’s Reviews • Interesting Book Displays • Monthly Twitter #read Theme • Books related to current affairs
  14. 14. Fun Bites: Facebook Highlights Include: • Staff Profiles • Creative FaceBook cover photo • Memes • Shared posts from other affiliated organisations
  15. 15. Fun Bites: Twitter/Instagram Highlights Include: • Memes • “Live” Reporting at external events • #petswithbooks series • Spine Poetry • Sneak-Peeks
  17. 17. Marketing Channels Promotion within the library • Put up posters at strategic locations • Promote the page to an audience after an event/programme • Set up a laptop booth during programmes for people to browse your page and encourage them to [Like] the page to get further updates Promotion outside the library • Promote the page to your audience at events outside the library • Set up a laptop booth • Give out brochures with QR code links to your Facebook page • Include your social media channels in your email signature Collaborations with partners • Invite partners to share our posts on their own Facebook pages • Connect and retweet relevant posts on Twitter and Instagram
  18. 18. Connect with us! Public Libraries Singapore – Social Media Channels 24 Branch Facebook Pages PL#3-easy-ways-to-like-my-library Twitter: Instagram:
  19. 19. For more information on our Social Media initiatives, please contact: Jillian Lim, Assistant Director, Public Libraries Singapore ( Averil Tan, Associate Librarian, Public Libraries Singapore ( Lynn Koh, Librarian, Public Libraries Singapore (