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Vale takeaways

  1. 1.  Just a couple of thoughts: -In IL and other library presentations...get their(students) attention in the first 10 minutes. -Wow...are we really ahead of the curve when it comes to assessment; it was amazing how many people were asking questions in the Assessment breakout session about issues that we already address.
  2. 2. my takeaways: We really should implement Google Scholar. I am curious if we can implement RSS feeds or a listserv of library information for interested Associates. Libraries can do much to support accreditation. See the file attachment box in the buzz for the pamphlets scanned by Elizabeth
  3. 3. Poster Sessions I liked: Sca(n)venger Hunt: Using QR Codes to make it more fun! by Ramapo College of NJ Reaching Online Learners: Tools to Meet their NeedsSessions I liked: I went to the one on copyright ad all I learned is that even in the non-profit academia each case is being considered for itself - no general rules! The second session about ebooks - ebooks will take over academic libraries soon, so we should really work harder to promote them including in the catalog - (but not like we have them now!), some kind of marketing campaign (maybe we can do something about it, after we market our new circulation policies - I can work on it with VIA:)
  4. 4. Poster Sessions: After seeing the types of poster sessions that are being approved at VALE I really felt like we(Berkeley Librarians) have so many interesting things to be showing off in poster sessions. I definitely can’t stress enough how simple some of these posters were. It truly made me feel like we could/should be have a stronger presence at VALE next year.Sessions: We at Berkeley are not the only librarians who struggle to get faculty to understand library lingo and Effective classroom management. I learned about a great rule of thumb to live by: the 3 P’s1. Planning- plan out what you want to do ahead of time.Be as detailed to yourself as you can2. Pacing- Section out your session if you have to. Makesure to leave room for activities and assessment3. Performance-teaching is like a performance. Make sureyou know what you are going to say.
  5. 5. Classroom ManagementContinued…. Use verbal cues to keep students focused in IL session (example: “you might want to write this down…..its important” The first 10 minutes of your session sets the tone. If you bring low energy and the lecture style in the beginning, students will not be prepared/ enthusiastic about doing an activity at the end.