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Mobile is the New Local: How to Compete presented at Big Design 2016


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Mobile now represents an impressive amount of online traffic. In 2015, it surpassed desktop for Google searches worldwide. In 2016, this mobile trend will only dominate more of the online activity of consumers. Businesses need to know how to capture and leverage these consumers and turn them into clients.

In this presentation she will discuss:

– Mobile in a modern world
– Behavioral differences between desktop and mobile device users
– Marketing trends to take advantage of
– Tips to win in at local in a mobile world

Attend this session and you’ll walk away with strategies for delivering an exceptional local mobile experience for your customers and their customers.

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Mobile is the New Local: How to Compete presented at Big Design 2016

  2. 2. My Name Is Bernadette Coleman… I Am A Cell Phone Addict! Why you ask…What’s the addiction? Well, with a smartphone: I can not only communicate instantly with a friend half a world away, I can check who is saying what on social media,  Listen to music  Watch a movie. These are amazing devices, full of endless possibilities. No wonder people spend so much time using them. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  3. 3. Nomophobia The study suggests that at least some of these people have what is called “nomophobia,” defined as the phobia of being out of contact with someone via mobile phone. The researchers of the newest study reported that four years ago, 53 percent of people said that they are afraid of losing or being without their phones, and now the number has risen to 66 percent.
  4. 4. Are You A Nomophobe? Let’s Take A Test to Find Out! @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  5. 5. 1. You First Check Your Phone… A.As soon as you wake up (8 points) B. During Breakfast (6 points) C. On the way to work (4 points) D.When you get a message (2 points) @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  6. 6. 2. How Often do you check it? A.Every 5 minutes (8 points) B. Every 30 minutes (6 points) C. Every hour (4 points) D.Couple times a day (2 points) @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  7. 7. 3. Where do you keep your mobile phone while you sleep? A.Under your pillow (8 points) B. Beside the bed (6 points) C. Other side of the room (4 points) D.In another room (2 points) @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  8. 8. 4. Do you take your phone to the bathroom? A.Usually (8 points) B. Sometimes (6 points) C. You have considered it. (4 points) D.Never (2 points) @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  9. 9. 4. What do you mostly use your phone for? A. Social Media (8 points) B. Emails (6 points) C. Music and games (4 points) D. Text and Calls (2 points)
  10. 10. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  11. 11. “OMG, Mobile Changes Everything!” IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED IT OUT YET! @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  12. 12. Do you know any adult who doesn’t have a cell phone? @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  13. 13. No Mobile Phones! “You see, Danny, in the old days people didn’t have mobile phones…” @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  14. 14. Once Upon a Time There Were No Cell Phones I continued to walk through the mall and I started to notice something… @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  15. 15. Once Upon a Time There Were No Cell Phones I remember in the old days a man walking down the street with his mobile was practically advertising that he was a drug dealer. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  16. 16. More people own a cell phone than a toothbrush. There are over 7 billion people in the world. An estimated 4 billionof them own mobile phones, but only around 3.5 billion own toothbrushes. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  17. 17. “I PRETTY MUCH CALL MY PHONE MY LIFELINE. I USE IT ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. IF I EVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT, I FEEL NAKED.” That device in your pocket or sitting next to you on the desk: how would you describe its role in your life? @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  18. 18. When we asked people this question recently, they used phrases like “attached to my hip,” “butler,” and “lifeline.” Let’s face it: those are pretty strong statements. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  19. 19. That Brings Us to “The Culture of Availability” @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  20. 20. Always on and Always Available Today seeing a rise of this availability (always on) being driven by mobile, globally, across all social strata. We're seeing, along with the proliferation of mobile devices, an expectation of availability. And, with that, comes the obligation -- and an obligation to be available. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  21. 21. Always Available Tactics and Strategies And the problem is, we're still working through, from a societal standpoint, how we allow people to be available. There's a significant delta, in fact, between what we're willing to accept. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  22. 22. The Chicken Tactic This is where you are in a meeting where you play sort of meeting "chicken," Where you are waiting for them to look away, and then quickly checking the device. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  23. 23. I Don’t Give A Crap Tactic Screw you, I'm going to check my device anyway no matter how important the meeting is… @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  24. 24. I’m Way To Important to Miss Anything Tactic @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  25. 25. Sweet Gravy! Stop Me Before I Get Killed! @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  26. 26. Love You … mean it! @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  27. 27. Is this Socially Acceptable? When you're with other people, and you're on your mobile device, effectively what you're saying to them is, "You are not as important as, literally, almost anything that could come to me through this device." @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  29. 29. I Like Small Screens And I Cannot Lie… Did you know the average person spends more than three hours a day on mobile devices (that includes both smartphones and tablets), making up nearly two-thirds of digital media time spent.​​​​
  30. 30. All of That is the OPPORTUNITY Today Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  31. 31. What Is Mobile Marketing & Why Should I Care?​​ @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  32. 32. They Are Personal… Mobile marketing is arguably the closest you can get to the consumer. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  33. 33. Tell me more about the mobile user Mobile is personal, more so than any other device. In fact, nearly 80 percent of smartphone users have their phone on, or near them, for all but two hours of their waking day (Marketo). This means that SMB’s and brands have the opportunity to be at their customer’s fingertips nearly… 24/7. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  34. 34. What About Millennials? They’re really attached.  That little device by our sides is transforming our lives, whether we actively notice it or not.  It’s enabling new ways of doing and learning things.  It’s helping us discover new ideas and new businesses.  It’s helping us manage our to- dos, tackle our problems, and inspire our plans. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  35. 35. It’s like we’re speed dating with our phones. We spend 177 minutes on our phones per day: mobile sessions that average a mere 1 minute and 10 seconds long, dozens and dozens of times per day. Mobile bursts are countless interactions, like texting a spouse with a carpool update, dropping a quick work email while waiting in the ATM line, or posting a Bermuda vacation photo to make friends jealous. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  36. 36. It’s The Small Moments That Really Matter They’re the moments when we turn to a device—often a smartphone— to take action on whatever we need or want right now. These moments are loaded with: intent, context, and immediacy. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  37. 37. What We Know… @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  38. 38. What We Know… @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  39. 39. What We Know… @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  40. 40. The Mobile Consumer More people are spending their lives on multiple screens.. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  41. 41. Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior directions to a local store/business  checking local store hours  or searching for local stores that have a product in stock.  A host of other things… @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  45. 45. My Ipic Story @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  48. 48. CONSUMERS WANT PERSONILZATION @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  49. 49. You Need To Be There You need to be there for them. You get a shot at your competitor’s customers Your presence can drive brand awareness goals @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  50. 50. CONSUMERS USE LOCATION INFORMATION @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  51. 51. So What Does ALL This Mean? Mobil web marketing will become the MOST important thing for SMB’s If there’s one “meta” theme (besides get going now!), it’s this: “SMBs must make it smooth and easy for customers to find, understand, contact, browse, learn and purchase from them, both online and in person. “ @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  52. 52. The Mobile Tipping Point As we approach this global mobile tipping point, even local businesses will need to move towards a ‘mobile first’ approach to marketing. Mobile will no longer be just another medium in the marketing mix; rather it will be THE primary platform for communication. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  53. 53. I Get It So Now What? @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  54. 54. #1 - You Need a Location Data Strategy Businesses need to think beyond listing management, and transform their location data into a scalable asset that is accessible and actionable. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  55. 55. Managing your local listings is no longer about controlling your brand To accelerate the velocity of the customer journey, businesses should take greater ownership of their location data. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  56. 56. # 2Make Your Data Actionable Buy Buttons Redeeming a mobile coupon. Try our Free Trial Click to Tweet Scheduling Widget Prominent “Contact Us” Info Share Buttons @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  57. 57. #3 For God’s Sake…Be Mobile Consumers today demand fast, cheap, anytime, anywhere access on multiple devices. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  58. 58. Test your website to see how mobile-friendly it is. This test assesses factors such as: Text is easy to read without zooming in Content fits the screen No scrolling Enough white space buttons and hyperlinks are easy to tap NO software, such as Flash @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  59. 59. #4 - Use mobile to improve on- location and online experience Onsite  Customer comment/suggestion board for feedback for the SMB  Mobile-based payment options including tablet-based e-receipts  Mobile-only promotions (check in, redeem in-store): bringing customers to the door with in-app deals and exclusive direct alerts @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  60. 60. #5 - Bargain-Hungry Buyers Buyers love mobile bargains. Specifically, coupons and special deal emails and texts delivered to their smartphones and tablets for printing or in- store scanning. 104.11 Million Adults Redeem Coupons 53% of Tablet Users 40% Smartphone users @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  61. 61. #5 - Social Buying: New Norm Shoppers consulting other shoppers via social media and online review sites is not new. It’s just more important than ever, both for consumers and small and medium businesses courting them. Whether SMB marketers like it or not, “social buying” is the new norm. Fortunately, more are recognizing the new necessity. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  62. 62. The Good News It’s easier than ever for SMBs to add social features to smartphone apps and mobile websites. Clicking on an app’s “Tell-A-Friend” feature, for example, lets customers take a business viral with built-in sharing capabilities over email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Another click connects the business with users on these popular social networks. This visibility is critical in gaining buyer consideration and all- important customer endorsements. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  63. 63. #6 – Try SMS (Simple Message Service) SMS (Simple Message Service) deserves special note here. Why? It’s cheap, quick, favored by many younger buyers, easily personalized suitable for marketing, ads & customer service. And they work. In fact, industry researcher and consultant Forrester predicts that text will be a key part of an emerging trend to “push” streams of bundled communications through a single app to consumers. One big reason is that for many people, texts feel less invasive than emails or (gasp!) calls. 97% of Texts are read within 3 minutes of being received! @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  64. 64. #7 – Don’t Forget Content Marketing Examples: A local wine shop might publish a short weekly or monthly video about choosing and appreciating the best new wines. A restaurant could share cooking techniques in a live workshop. A realtor, personal trainer, can write a short advice blog or send a short, targeted text asking a helpful or provocative question. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  65. 65. #8- ASSESS THE COMPETITION Visit your competitors’ websites on your mobile device/s. Use a variety of devices and platforms, and see how user-friendly your competition’s website is. You can also sign up to get email from your competitors, visit their social media accounts on your mobile device/s, and see if they offer any mobile apps. What is the mobile experience like from the perspective of your competitors’ customers? What are the weaknesses that you can capitalize on. And what are your competitors doing right that you could learn from? @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  66. 66. # 9 - USE CLICK TO CALL Use click-to-call to capture customers. When customers find your website via mobile search, do they have to quickly jot down your business phone number, close the browser and type in your phone number? No one has time for that. Capture leads while they’re hot by using a click-to-call button in the search results. All customers have to do is tap to dial you directly. You can also incorporate a click for directions button customers can use to get GPS directions via Google Maps. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  67. 67. # 10 - OPTIMIZE FOR LOCAL SEARCH With most searches now occurring on mobile devices, optimizing your website for mobile local search is essential if you want to attract customers. Need convincing just how valuable mobile searchers are? Consider these numbers: 83 percent of mobile local searchers plan to purchase within one day. 50 percent of local mobile searches lead to a store visit or phone call within one day. 70 percent of mobile searches lead to website visits within one hour.
  68. 68. #11 - SEND MOBILE-FRIENDLY EMAIL 7 in 10 consumers say they delete emails that don’t render well on their mobile devices. To create mobile-friendly email messages, use the same principles as mobile website design. Include lots of white space, images optimized to load quickly, clean layouts large buttons/hyperlinks that are easy to click on. (Make sure that any hyperlinks go to a mobile-friendly landing page, of course!) @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  69. 69. #12 - TAP INTO GEO-TARGETING Geo-targeting uses information about consumers’ locations to direct marketing messages to customers within certain geographic areas. For example, you can reach out to customers within a certain radius of your store, or to those near your competitor’s store to attract them to your business instead. You can use geo-targeting with a wide range of mobile search tools, from Facebook and Twitter to Google AdWords and Bing Ads. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  70. 70. #13 - EXPLORE MOBILE AD OPTIONS Boost your reach by using mobile advertising to capture customers who are searching for what you sell on their mobile devices. Mobile ads, as the name implies, only show up on mobile devices, making them ideal for reaching customers who are ready to visit a business and/or make a purchase immediately. Mobile ads get an average of three times more clicks than traditional online PPC ads. Investigate mobile advertising options at Google Mobile Ads, Bing Mobile Ads and Facebook Mobile Ads. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  71. 71. #14 - CONSIDER DEVELOPING A MOBILE APP Some 80 percent of U.S. consumers’ mobile online time is spent using apps, according to comScore. Simpler to use than even a mobile-friendly website, apps are tools that enable users to do something faster and more easily than they could on your mobile website. For example, a mobile app might enable customers to order pizza from your restaurant or schedule an appointment with your consulting service. Or a plumber could… @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  72. 72. #15 - USE MOBILE OPTIMIZED VIDEO 40 percent of YouTube views take place on a mobile device. When creating marketing videos for your business, think first how they will look on a tiny smartphone screen. If you include too many people or make your video too busy, it will just confuse viewers. Also pay attention to how the video thumbnail looks on a tiny screen— something that attracts attention on a PC may not read well on a smartphone. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  73. 73. #16 - USE MOBILE LOYALTY TOOLS Consumers love mobile loyalty program apps: Some 90 percent of consumers who belong to mobile loyalty programs say they get value from the programs. Search online and you’ll find plenty of digital loyalty programs your business can use to engage and reward frequent customers. Many even let you monitor customer behavior, track purchases and execute marketing campaigns to reach out to loyalty program members on their mobile phones. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  74. 74. #17 - INTEGRATE MOBILE AND TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING Today’s consumers have their smartphones in hand just about all the time. In fact, 80 percent of mobile users use mobile devices while watching television (it’s called second screening). Keep these mobile maniacs in mind when crafting your traditional marketing messages. For example, if you place ads on cable TV or radio, include a call-to- action such as a URL that goes to a mobile-friendly landing page. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  75. 75. #18 - CAPITALIZE ON SMARTPHONE USE IN-STORE If you own a retail location, you probably already know that 60 percent of consumers use their smartphones in stores. But did you know that smartphone use influences 39 percent of instances where customers walk out of stores without purchasing? Instead of getting upset when customers use smartphones to compare prices, research information or look up other retailers who sell the same product, use it as an opportunity to build relationships. Train your sales staff to offer in-person assistance and additional product information to help make the sale, and provide the tools they need, such as tablets, to assist customers by looking up information that answers their questions. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  76. 76. Path to Success with “Mobile First” With these mobile marketing ideas to choose from, there are surely several you can implement right away to grow your business. By incorporating mobile marketing into your business plan, you’ll put your business on the path to success this year and beyond. All things considered, mobile first is changing the landscape of the Internet. It is a strategy that we cannot ignore. Examine mobile first as a new approach to designing the best user experiences possible. @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local
  78. 78. THANK YOU @BernieColeman / @Advice_Local