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My advertising sucks_open_office


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This paper describes how the traditional forms of advertising aren't nearly as effective as advertising on mobile phones.

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My advertising sucks_open_office

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  2. 2. DisclaimersRevenueThis report talks about the use of mobile marketing to advertise. Imake absolutely no guarantee either expressed or implied that youwill generate more revenue using the TextMobi system, I merelysupply a system of tools that I feel will help you to grow yourbusiness when properly applied, however, what you do with thosetools is entirely up to you.LiabilityAs an independent business owner or manager you assume all liabilityfor your own success. By reading the report in front of you, youassume all risks associated with using the advice given in this reportand in using the products recommended. You also agree that you, andonly you, are responsible for anything good or bad that happens as aresult of the fact that you have put any of the information or productsmentioned in this report to use in your business. Also, you should doyour own “due diligence” before using any of the below information orproducts. (1)
  3. 3. My Advertising Sucks________________________________________________________________________ Table of ContentsTheyre Everywhere……............................................3Early Adopters……………………………….......................5Traditional Advertising………………………………..........6Statistics………………………………..............................10Products………………………………...............................12The 80/20 Rule.......................................................16How Does The Whole Thing Work Again?………….....19How Is All This Possible?…..…………………….............19Who Can Use Apps and Texting?...…………….............20How Much Does It Cost?…….………………………..........20What Should I Do Now….…….……………………............22 © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved (2)
  4. 4. They’re Everywhere!No, it’s not the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.But this report is about something that is spreading almost as fast.If you ordered this report then you must suspect that your advertisingsucks too or you just want to keep up on “what’s new”.In this report you will read about how traditional forms of advertisingaren’t as effective as they once were and what new medium you canbe using to grow your business, 21st century style.In economic times like were going through, a lot of business peoplewant to cut the advertising budget first, but this is the worst time tocut the ad budget because you need to keep bringing the customersin.What needs to be done in times like this is to make your advertisingmore efficient by using the latest technology. Thats what this reportshows you.I will be talking about a relatively new technology that has become soaddictive that people are willing to risk their own lives to use it andunfortunately, other peoples lives by using it while driving.The situation has become so bad that many states have had to outlawit’s use while driving. (3)
  5. 5. You’re probably way ahead of me. Yes, I will be talking about cell phones. In particular, how cell phones can be used to grow your business in the 21st century.But first, a short, but relevant story.I was watching Jay Leno one night when he talked about a news storywhere a homeless guy had witnessed an accident so he called 911 on his cell phone and saved the day.Jay then shouted, “IT’S OFFICIAL, EVERYONE IN AMERICA HASA CELL PHONE!”.Jay got a big laugh, but he was right. Cell phones are everywhere youlook.Just go to the mall and you’ll see a lot of people talking on theirphone and also a lot of people in what I call “The prayer position”because they have both hands on their cell phone and they’re bentover typing out a message or else theyre looking at an app.How can you use this information? Read on... (4)
  6. 6. Early AdoptersYou know one or more of these people. They’re always the ones thathave the latest gizmo way before any one else and they’re proud of it.Some gizmos end up being a flash in the pan, but some, like cellphones, end up being a gizmo that every one has.Cell phones are everywhere and have actually evolved into mini-computers called “smartphones”.Speaking of smartphones, they had 35% of the world-wide cellphonemarket at the end of 2010. Most experts predict that they will makeup 50% of the market by the end of 2011.Texting has become a huge trend in the last ten years.Very interesting tidbits of information!Now you can use this information and the other information in thisreport to become an “early adopter” of cell phone technology inregards to marketing.The people who were “early adopters” of email technology back in‘90’s really reaped the rewards. (5)
  7. 7. Traditional AdvertisingI’m sure you are all familiar with the traditional forms of advertising,TV, radio, print, Yellow pages , coupons, email, etc..Let’s look at each one and see what’s happened. TVTV has experienced what is called market segmentation as cablechannels have proliferated and advertisers are pulling out of networksin search of their demographics. RadioRadio has been losing advertisers ever since Bill Lear invented theeight track tape player back in the ‘60’s.I thought I was being hip the other day when I mentioned to my sonthat everyone has a CD player in their car now.He laughed at me and said that CDs were old fashioned. “Now,everyone’s putting Ipods in their cars,” he said. Print (newspapers and magazines)Print is really taking a hit. More and more people are getting theirnews from the Internet. Advertisers have to follow the people.Between losing subscriptions and losing advertisers, a lot ofnewspapers and magazines have been forced to call it quits. Evensome big city newspapers are closing.Thirty years ago, I worked in a leather furniture store. Our newspaperrep talked the owner into advertising a sale on a leather recliner inorder to get more people through the door. (6)
  8. 8. Our ad included a three inch x five inch line drawing of a recliner.This ad cost us $600.00 to place every week.The recliner cost us $590.00 and we sold them “on sale” for $599.00.We sold two or three recliners every week, but I don’t rememberanybody ever adding any more pieces to their purchase.I said to the owner, “this is ridiculous, we can’t keep tradingdollars for dollars!”.He said, “I know, but what else are we going to do?”.Does this sound familiar?_________________________________________________ Yellow PagesI read something funny about the Yellow Pages the other day. Thislady was saying that the only time she touched the Yellow Pages waswhen she picked it up off the front porch and put it in the recycling.She said that whenever she needs to buy something, she goes online.I’m constantly reading that Yellow Pages use is declining because somany people are looking for a website to get the information thatthey need. (7)
  9. 9. CouponsThere will always be some people that use coupons, but with thebarrage of advertising that’s out there, coupons sometimes get lost inthe noise.When my kids order a pizza, there are always coupons glued on thebox. This seems like a good idea, however, my kids just want what’sinside the box and the coupons end up in the trash still on the box.A more efficient coupon delivery method is needed.When I get coupon books in the mail, I swing by the recycling bin onthe way back to the house and drop off my coupon books.Once again, a more efficient coupon delivery method isneeded.Texting and “Alerts” are that more efficient coupondelivery method.The big reason for the success of text or alert coupons is theredemption rate. Traditionally, a 1% redemption rate was consideredaverage for a coupon promotion, but users of text and alert couponsare reporting redemption rates up to 20%.Just think of the money youll save on ink alone!More about texting and “Alerts” later... (8)
  10. 10. EmailYou’re probably thinking, “how can email be called traditional, it‘s onlya few years old?”.I’ve got news for you; what’s new today is traditional tomorrow. Welive in a fast paced world.Remember when email first came out?You looked forward to going home and hearing that cheery voice thatsaid, “You’ve Got Mail! ”.Now you dread opening up your inbox and wading through all thespam.Email as a marketing medium is pretty much D.O.A.. It’s just not aseffective as it once was. (9)
  11. 11. StatisticsYeah, I know, statistics are boring, but if you really want to graspwhat’s going on in the world, these statistics are important.* 85% of Americans own a cell phone.* 71% of Americans own a desktop or laptop computer (that’s 250 million people).* 96% of 18 to 29 year olds owns a cell phone.(18 to 35 is the demographic that most advertisers seem to want).* 70% of cell phone owners use text messaging.* By the end of 2010, five billion people on the planet will have cell phones (out of 6 billion total in the world).* Only 10% of emails get opened because there is so much spam.* 90 to 97% of text messages get opened (there is little spam with text messages).* Google bought Admob (a self-serve mobile advertising platform) in July of 2010 for 750 million. The President of Google said that from now on Google would introduce it’s products on mobile phones first, then on desktops.* Apple wanted to buy Admob too. When Google beat them to it, they went out and bought Quattro (another self-serve mobile advertising platform) for 270 million. (10)
  12. 12. Afterward, Steve Jobs said, “Apple’s a mobile phonecompany. Not a computer company”.From these statistics it’s clear that the smart money is on mobile.Who could argue with a total spend by just two companies of over 1billion?As you can also see, cell phones are well on their way to taking overas the world’s primary communication device.Another interesting fact to mull over is that most Americans keeptheir cell phones within three feet of their body.Even when they’re sleeping. I know I do. I keep it on my nightstand.What if you could get your message on those cell phones?Well, now you canRead on… (11)
  13. 13. ProductsIt just so happens that TextMobi has several products that canhelp you use the current trends to grow your business.I’ve listed them below: Iphone AppsWeve all heard the commercials where big companies try toget us to download their app. It was big companies because ittook big money to get your own app.That doesnt apply anymore, now, even if you have a smalladvertising budget, you can get your own Iphone app and startmarketing with it today.Im not talking about a shared app, but your very ownexclusive multi-page app just for your business that you cando your marketing on.Actually, the app isnt just for the Iphone, but the Ipod Touchas well.Once your app icon is on the home page of a customersphone, that is called, “persistent exposure” because you willbe persistently in your customers pocket 24/7, wherever heor she goes.The first page on your app is called the “Splash” page. Hereyou can upload a fairly large image (320x460 pixels) toshowcase your business because this page consists of just theimage.Next is a “Menu” page which is basically just a table ofcontents.After that is your “Alerts” page where you tell about yourlatest promotion. (12)
  14. 14. Next, there are also three other pages called “open-format”pages where you can write whatever you want about yourbusiness.You can use up to 1,500 characters on each of these threepages. Each page also holds an image that you can change atany time.Here are some of the ways in which you can use the “Splash” pageor in fact, any of the other image displays on your app:Ÿ Simple display adŸ Photo of storefrontŸ CouponsŸ Inspirational image of the day (churches)Ÿ Product photo (retailers)Ÿ Daily special (restaurants)Ÿ Business cardsŸ House for sale (realtors)Ÿ Any other promotional photoThe next two pages of the app are devoted to capturing leadsthat you can market to. Information captured includes name,phone number and email.Finally, the last page of your app will be the “Contact Us” page. Hereyour customers can simply touch your phone number to call you orthey can touch your email address to email you.Also on “Contact Us” page you can put a link to Google Maps showingcustomers how to get to your location.The “Contact Us” page also includes three special links that can beused for your Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Network account. (13)
  15. 15. One idea is to make one of these links a You-Tube video that showcases your business!The best part of all of this is that setting up the app and sending outthe “Alerts” are all do-it-yourself from your “back Office”.You can create, update and manage all your text and images with ourweb-based fill-in-blanks interface.You dont need any computer skills and you dont have to hiresomeone, although, you can if you want to. Mobile WebsiteYoure probably thinking, “the app sounds great, but what if someonehas a smartphone thats not an Iphone? After all, there are lots ofother smartphones on the market.”But we have that covered too, because if somebody is using asmartphone other than an Iphone, they can view your mobilewebsite which is made up of the same pages as your Iphone app.The mobile website feature comes with your app.I recently saw a statistic where something like 80% of the peoplesurveyed expected the businesses they were dealing with to havetheir own mobile website if they have a website on the “classic web”so its very important that you have one.Also, the pages of your mobile website can be viewed via the“classic web” by any computer connected to the internet.Consequently, your business will have a commanding presence incyberspace. (14)
  16. 16. FREE SMSIf youre located in the USA youll also get an FREE SMSservice. SMS means “short message service”. Its also knownas text messaging.A customer needs to “opt-in” to receive your text messages.They do this by typing in Txtrs+yourkeyword to 368638.(Your “keyword” is the word that identifies your account inthe TextMobi system. For instance, juanstacos could be akeyword.)Even your customers that have Iphones will have to do this ifthey want to receive notification when youve sent out a new“Alert”.When you update your “Alerts” page, you can also send thesamee message to everyone who has “opted-in” to receiveyour text messages.The SMS service is only available in the USA so we provide itas a free service to those who can use it.The deals that you put on your “Alerts” page should be special dealsthat are only available to the people that have your app and thepeople that have “opted-in” to receive your text messages.I can’t emphasize enough how important this point is.Also, the subjects of your “Alerts”should offer real “value” tothe customer. (15)
  17. 17. The 80/20 Rule There’s an old adage in business called the “80/20 rule”.This rule says that 20% of your customers will bring in 80%of your revenue.Not all your customers will download your app or opt-in fortext messages, but the ones that do should be treated specialbecause they are more likely to be part of that 20%.One tactic that some business owners use is to ask people toopt-in to their “VIP Club” or “Rewards Program”.Your text subscribers phone numbers are stored in the database in your back office.When you send out an “Alert”, you only have to type yourmessage once.The autoresponder (more about these later) in your “BackOffice” updates everyones “Alert” page and also sends outyour text message to everyone who has opted-in.Let’s see an example of a campaign:Juan over at Juan’s Taco House had a problem. Wednesdayswere so slow that his employees were just standing aroundand a lot of food was spoiling.Juan decided that it was time for a mobile campaign. (16)
  18. 18. Juan put this sign up in his restaurant:He puts copies of this sign in several prominent places insidehis restaurant.He also has similar verbiage on his regular website.Next, he put up signs telling customers how to download hisapp.He typed out an “Alert” that said, “FREE taco on Wednesdaywith this message, coupon expires on 9-9-10 (Thursday).A taco cost Juan about 30 cents, but who ever heard ofsomeone eating only one taco?After three or four tacos you’ve got to wash them down with acouple of beers. Or if it’s lunchtime, a couple of soft drinks.
  19. 19. Juan wins either way!Let’s look at what he’s done. The coupon gets people in onWednesday for a free taco. It expires on Thursday.So besides giving people a reason to come in this Wednesday,he’s also free to change to another special deal next week.After a while, Wednesday is going like gangbusters. NowThursday is the slowest day so Juan decides to try something aa little different:Juan puts out an “Alert” and text like this:This is what I call a “nuclear promotion”. Tom gets the textmessage while he is at work Thursday morning.He talks Jerry into going to lunch with him.Jerry likes the food so he opts-in.On the “Alert” (and text) for next Thursday Juan giveseveryone who has opted-in and a friend free sodas. (18)
  20. 20. The next Thursday Tom brings a different friend in becauseJerry is bringing Bill in.In a few weeks just about everyone at the office is eatinglunch at Juan’s and some even bring their families in fordinner. No more slow day!I call this a “nuclear promotion” because it starts slow andsuddenly it explodes! How Does The Whole Thing Work Again?When someone types in TextMobi+your keyword to368638 (DOTNET), they are immediately sent back a textwhich asks them if they want to “opt-in”. They reply Yes andthen they are in your text database.Iphone and Ipod Touch users will see your locator URL either in yourbusiness or in your print advertising. They can then download yourapp which will include your “Alerts” page.Once they download your app, they are added in to your database. How Is All This Possible?TextMobi uses what’s called an autoresponder to keep track of whohas downloaded your app and who has signed up for your textmessages.Autoresponders have been used for years to keep track of emaildata and to send out the emails themselves.In fact, an autoresponder was used to send you this report.Now these autoresponders are available for use with mobile phones.With an autoresponder you can type a message out just once and
  21. 21. send it to one person or 10,000 people.With a text autoresponder, you won’t have any Telco charges whenyou send out messages or new alerts, however, the recipient may becharged if they don’t have an Unlimited Plan. Who Can Use Apps and Texting?A few possibilities pop into mind; naturally any form of small to largebusiness, professionals, institutions (churches, fraternalorganizations), school districts, bands, entertainers, event planners,political campaigns, etc..I’m sure that there are a lot more uses that I’ve left out.If you can think of a friend that could use this technology too, pleasegive him or her a copy of this report. I Thank You. How Much Does It Cost?The price for everything Ive talked about here is only $75.00 amonth, but we realize that during the first month youll be gettingyour app out and getting people to "opt-in" to your text messaging listso that first month will only cost $1.00.Thats right, only $1.00 to get started.After that, you just pay the $75.00/mo.At only $1.00 for the first month, theres no viable excuse for notgetting stared making mobile part of your advertising mix.This includes the Iphone and Ipod Touch App and Mobile Websiteservice, one keyword and at anytime you want, you can also use theFREE SMS texting service if youre in the US to send out textmessages at the same time as your "Alerts".
  22. 22. In addition, youll also get your own password protected “BackOffice” where youll compose and send out your "Alerts", textmessages and upload any pictures you want to include in your app.Remember, the "Back Office" is do-it-yourself and as easy to use asyour email service.If I asked you for $75.00 the first month, you might think I could bejust scamming you and Im going to take off to Rio with the money,however, Im only asking you do risk $1.00 to see if I deliver.The key part of the TextMobi service is that you can send out anunlimited number of "Alerts" and text messages to an unlimitednumber of people each month and the price is still only $75.00/mo..In other words, it doesnt matter if you only send out one "Alert" ortext message or thousands or if you only have ten subscribers or10,000, the price is still the same, only $75.00/mo.There are no long term contracts. You can use the service for amonth, see if its right for you, if not, youll only be out one measlydollar, but were sure youll see positive results.________________________________________________________When I decided to start this business, I was going to carry an SMSprogram and planned to ad-on an app program in a few months, butthe technology is moving too fast.I read that most cell phone manufacturers plan to make and marketonly smart phones in 2011.I decided to drop my SMS only plan and add apps to try to stay infront of the trend.I personally think that was a good idea.Also, before starting this business, I looked at several competitors tofind out what were the best features to carry and what they werecharging. (21)
  23. 23. The expensive ones had bells and whistles that werent really all thatnecessary.The cheaper ones had extra charges based on how many texts yousent out and how many subscribers you had.I found one system that allowed unlimited texts and subscribers. Butit was $1,500.00 a month!I found another one that was $10.00 per month, but then theycharged extra for every text and extra for every subscriber.That seems like a punishment for using the system!All the other systems I looked at were SMS texting only. Even theexpensive systems!Not only that, these systems got complicated real fast. I know youhave a business to run and you dont need complicated so I went witha system that was not only simple, but inexpensive as well. What Should I Do Now?Remember what I said about the early adopters? They will be the firstto use text messaging and apps in their businesses so they are themost likely to be winners and be successful.Be an early adopter. Stay ahead of the trend.You can take this as fair warning. If you dont establish a 24/7presence on your customers phones, chances are yourcompetition will.Your competition may already know about smartphones and mobilewebsites so they may already be working on establishing a presenceon cell phones. (22)
  24. 24. Engage your customers-today-through their most personalcommunication device!Now you can use the latest technology in your business.Why should you?•Texting and having an app lets you communicate one-on-one withyour customers...•Text messaging and sending “Alerts” is more economical than mosttraditional forms of advertising...•Text messaging and apps bring you qualified customers. After all,who could be more qualified than somebody who asked to receiveyour messages and alerts?•97% of text messages get opened...•90% of text messages get opened with in one hour...•70% of cell phone users use texting...(its a technology that mostusers are familiar with)•Setting up a text message or “Alert” in your back office is as easyas writing an email...•You will be able to eliminate the expense of any other advertisingthat isnt really that effective...•People are willing to risk their lives while reading their text messageswhile driving, in other words, they are addicted to their cell phones...•You can bring your advertising into the 21st century...•Unlike traditional forms of advertising, a text message or “Alert” caneasily be changed for immediate results...•You can contact the “20%” more often...•Apps and Text messaging are now...
  25. 25. ________________________________________________________ (23)Some people think that text messaging will go the way of email andget ruined by spam.I doubt that because of the cost involved in texting even if you havean unlimited plan and the active role that is being taken by manystates to keep spam out of texting.I think it is far more likely that apps and texting will be replaced in afew years by a technology that hasn’t even been invented yet.The business people who are flexible and can use new technology arethe ones that will be successfulHeres a line from Advertising Age Magazine that I believe sums itall up:“Its clear that retailers who dont embrace mobile phonetechnology in the coming year will be left behind much asthose retailers who sat on the sidelines during the early daysof digital or social media and are playing catchup”.Be flexible. Learn how new technologies can help you.The people who start businesses now and stick with the moretraditional forms of advertising will be the most likely to fail.Im not advocating spending more money on advertising. Im surethat thats the last thing you want to do in this economy.Rather, Im urging you to use the power of mobile marketing so that
  26. 26. you can spend your advertising dollars more efficiently by targetingbetter and hopefully, spend considerably less money. (24)At TextMobi, we want you to be a WINNER. We know that we won’tbe successful unless you’re successful.To order your own TextMobi marketing system which includes anIphone app, mobile website and FREE SMS texting system or tosee a complete demo “back office” or read, please visit our websiteat: http://www.textmobi.netIf you have additional questions, please see our FAQs page or you cancall us at: (503) 702-6712 .I hope this report was a real eye opener for you. I know it was for me. Whileresearching this report I was really surprised at some of the things I found out.Warm Regards,Craig Stanfordhttp://www.textmobi.netphone: (503)702-7612P.S. Dont forget, for a limited time, you pay only $1.00 for the first month and get yourcomplete Textmobi marketing system including an Iphone app, your own mobilewebsite and FREE SMS text messaging.
  27. 27. The first month you will be busy getting people to download your app and havingpeople opt-in to your text list so if you only pay $1.00 that first month, you wont haveto worry about how much marketing gets done.Iphone and Ipod Touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. (25)