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6 mauban

  1. 1. Mauban is 147 km fromManila and 42 km fromLucena City. It isaccessible by bus andother modes oftransportation.
  2. 2.  From Manila, (Buendia Terminal) take any Lucena bound bus with a minimum fare of about P 159.00 in air-conditioned bus and P 195.00 in Cubao Terminal in front of Allimall shopping center; along Edsa you can also see buses via Lucena in ordinary bus traveler and pass by the following Municipalities: STO. TOMAS, BATANGAS; ALOMINOS, LAGUNA; SAN PABLO CITY; TIAONG, QUEZON; CANDELARIA, SARIAYA and land of Lucena City Grand Terminal for NCR LINES AND RIENTON LINES BUS. For more convinient travel, aircon van are available at SM common terminal at Red-V and Pacific Mall in Lucena City with a minimum of P 70.00 per person.
  3. 3. 12:00-1:00 Meeting place at Jollibee1:00-2:30 Travel time to Mauban, Quezon2:30-3:00 Kalbario Garden Hills3:00-3:15 Street foods trip3:15-4:00 Church of St. Bonaventure & Site of the Municipality Building of Mauban, Quezon4:00-4:30 Search for Annie Calleja4:30-5:00 Gat-Uban Sea Wall5:00-5:15 Mauban Products Building5:15-6:00 Pagoda sa Bayan6:00-6:15 Sto. Nino Festival6:15-7:30 Travel time to Lucena
  4. 4.  Strength- the uninterrupted location. The hospitable and welcoming citizens of Mauban Weaknesses-management of the certain tourist sites needs to be developed
  5. 5.  Opportunities- island hopping is a big opportunity for Mauban because of its wonderful beaches, caves, and falls. Threats- the other municipalities adjacent to Mauban may be the place of destination instead of Mauban.
  6. 6. Road to Mauban
  7. 7. Brgy. Rizaliania
  8. 8. Stairway to reach the top of Kalbario Hills wherethe Rizal Monument is placed
  9. 9. At the top most level of Kalbario Hills
  10. 10. The view from the top
  11. 11. Calvario Hills is located at the very heart of Mauban. At the hilltop where one can view the town of Mauban, stands the monument of Jose Rizal which was built by Mauban Circle as tribute to the national hero. During the Spanish era, the hilltop used to be a place for singing and holding of Holy Week activities and rites. When the American came to this town, the hilltop served as headquarters while the lower ground as kitchen. The strategic location of the place helped in detecting incoming enemies. Legend tells about the grief of a couple in this calvary place when a fairy took their only daughter. It was too late when the young lady came back because her parents have died. It also believed that treasures were buried in the place but no one has the pluck to unearth them because of the belief that fairies live all over the place.
  12. 12. Brgy. Rizaliana
  13. 13.  The modern Church of St. Bonaventure (the towns patron saint). This church underwent a lot of rebuilding since it was first built in 1647 and demolished in 1769. The second structure, built in 1773, was badly damaged during the 1830 earthquake and rebuilt between 1836 and 1845. The church collapsed during the July 1880 earthquake and the present church was built in 1891. The bell tower, built in 1773, was seriously damaged during the 1880 earthquake and the portion that remained was partially destroyed again during the August 20, 1937 earthquake.
  14. 14. Brgy. Rizalaliana
  15. 15. Gat Uban is the legendary hero of the town of Mauban who protects the town from the Moro attacks then. A monument in his honor is erected facing the sea where the Moros come to attack. You can read a short story of the town on the plaque at the base of the monument.
  16. 16. Brgy. Rizaliana
  17. 17. Name/ Form of Creator/Artist/Artis Year/Era Description/ Nature/Utility/ Function Current/ Popularization Expression an of State Method creation ConditionRizal Hill Park/ Mauban Circle Spanish It has a statue of National Hero Jose Well HistoricalCalvario Hill Association of Era Rizal managed place StudentsGat-Uban Sea Kapisanang Enero Statue the legendary Dumagat warrior Well TouristWall Nalingpa 1984 and town hero Gat Pangil (also known as managed ambiance Gat Uban because of his gray hair). Bayani at tagapagtanggol ng bayan sa mga MoroOld cannon Spanish Gov.-Gen. 1898 An old cannon, at the Municipal Hall, Well Displays Rafael Maria was one of three cannon (the other two managed Aguilar are at the Museo ng Mauban) to the town as a reward for the rescue efforts done for the Spanish friars captured by Moro pirates.Public Bath Kapitan 1725 The overflow water from the towns Inaccessib history water reservoir goes here. Formerly, le water continously flows out of the mouth at the front acting as water outlet
  18. 18. Name/ Form of Creator/Artist/Artis Year/Era of Description/ Current/ Popularization Expression an creation Nature/Utility/ Function State Method ConditionPag-aalaga ng Guso Citizens of Mauban 19th century Ang Bureau of Fisheries and On going Promotions by the(seaweeds) Aquatic Resources (BFAR) ay BFAR nangunguna sa pagpapatupad ng malawakang paglilinang ng guso sa iba’t-ibang bahagi ng bansa sa pamamagitan ng Seaweed Development Program.Paglalala Citizens of Mauban 19th century Nilala are buri products of On going Accredited by DTI Mauban, Quezon which Municipality’s exhibits the finest OTOP craftsmanship, colors, artistry and product durability
  19. 19. Real Name Birthday/ Year of Birth Historical/ Political Cultural/ Status Social DistinctionDR. ST. BONAVENTURE 1217 During the Spanish rule, at the Dead time when Galleon Trade was at its height, historical accounts show that ships from Mexico used to stop at Mauban and unload cargoes and passengers.jose Rizal June 19, 1861 It has a statue of National dead Hero Jose RizalGat Uban Dumagat warrior and town dead hero Gat Pangil (also known as Gat Uban because of his gray hair). Bayani at tagapagtanggol ng bayan sa mga Moro