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Reduce & Eliminate, Wasteful & Redundant Tasks


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Reduce & Eliminate, Wasteful & Redundant Tasks

  1. 1. REDUCE, ELImINaTE, waSTEfUL, REDUNDaNT TaSKS ECM edition Inside this issue... Enterprise Content Management What’s holding you back? Who’s getting your confidential info? Is your hardware certified secure? A Customer’s Painful Past How they saved both time & money
  2. 2. ECm How much time does it take to find files in your office? Imagine not wasting another second hunting for company documents. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies make the dream a reality, putting the information employees need instantly at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime. So, introduce the imagination to new possibilities and consider this one finally attainable. The fully integrated ECM suite, OnBase® allows an establishment to capture, store, access and update all corporate knowledge and permits authorized personnel, local and abroad, to manage the repository using cross- referencing features. Paper invoices, purchase orders, faxes and files can also be converted into electronic data using scanner equipment and then introduced into the system. Blue Technologies combines ECM capabilities with its passion for creating custom business solutions that let companies streamline workflow, cut costs and acquire any hardware necessities simultaneously. After all, Blue has always understood a corporation’s desire to find everything in one place. Quick ROI reduces printing, paper, travel and physical storage Consolidation of space expenses Point-and-click documents, archives, workflow e-mail, paper invoices, data automatically records, images, and moves to where it’s Excel or Word files in needed, saves time and the same place increases efficiency Easy compliance Benefits Improve customer information stays secure, service private clientele and staffer numbers are keeps notes on partners “blacked out,” unless and consumer feedback otherwise specified is accessible to workforce Data backed up files are safe from computer and equipment malfunctions
  3. 3. PEaCE of mIND is what is REALLY being SECURED Protection of corporate information is synonymous with protection of the business itself. In this digital age; therefore, it is imperative to assure investors, clients, government and industry regulators and, perhaps most importantly, yourself that the company jewels are safe. Konica Minolta products make complying with or surpassing ISO 15408/Common Criteria, HIPAA and other criterion simple and budget friendly. Did you know? 1. Konica Minolta MFPs offer a standard feature dubbed “secure printing,” which allows the user requesting the print job to hold its contents in the memory of the system until he or she walks to the machine and authorizes its release entering a The average U.S. office employee PIN/password. uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper 2. Konica Minolta equipment is designed to prevent every year... outsiders from accessing or interfering with according to the Environmental fax data. Any communication via fax line uses Protection Agency. Implementing only fax protocol without supporting any other double-sided printing and faxing communication protocol and an attempted breach tools helps curb paper dependency is read as an error and blocked. and calls the issue to attention in 3. When handling confidential documents, Konica a proactive manner. Minolta machines rely on volatile RAM, meaning data written into the RAM only remains until the power is disconnect or information is printed. CERTIFIED SECURE HARDWARE 4. After a specified time of inactivity, a bizhub can be programmed to automatically reset, which Can your hardware say that? requires the next person to key in a password before use.
  4. 4. ThE DoCToR IS IN... “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Ben Franklin Symptoms: Symptoms: Multiple levels Publicly of signature held approvals company Lawsuits from Delay in paying Lost Corporate customers, vendors, invoices paperwork e-mail former employees notifications Documents Piles of paper Digital storage Over 50 stored off-site to process at capacity employees Solution Workflow E-Mail Archive Any company, (especially manufacturing, All organizations that want to protect their Who insurance, healthcare and financial firms) legal interest while decreasing e-mail Benefits that wishes to empower decision-makers with an accurate snapshot of productivity administration cost OnBase® Workflow module relies on The software program stores all e-mail user specified settings to route corporate correspondence, maintaining a long-term record of Purpose documents, streamlining business company communication transmitted via Microsoft ® operations Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino mediums ® ® ® • Simple point-and-click configuration • Ability to search through e-mails & attachments • Paper document can enter the system using keywords, phrases & metadata Users • E-mail users do not need to be aware of its via Internet or document imaging Like implementation • An increase in efficiency of business • Content-filter settings group e-mails based on processes by 25-75% preselected definitions or subjects OnBase® Workflow can actually prompt Single-instance storage ensures e-mail text is retained only once, regardless of multiple Favorite an employee to enter in needed recipients or forwards. This not only reduces Feature information and mechanically manage storage space requirements, but makes locating data based on a keyword and perusing e-mails easy
  5. 5. SUCCESS SToRy Oatey Company OnBase ECM The company, “had a general realization that we ® needed to get rid of paper processes in order to keeping moving forward with efficiency.” Customer’s painful past left headquarters to manually enter With more than 25,000 disconnected from less data. “OnBase® orders to keep tabs processing operations, has been a huge time on each month, Oatey which were more saver in retrieving Company (Cleveland), lengthy, complicated documents,” said a leading producer of and expensive than Wischmeier. “Our plumbing technology necessary. Oatey business growth has since 1916 with wanted to streamline its increased call volume, In the near future, the manufacturing and shipping procedures to yet with OnBase®, our company plans to add distribution facilities save time and money. CSRs spend less time invoices to its captured located throughout retrieving information shipping documents Solution implementation the world, determined and more time with and connect the human details shipping expenditures our customers.” With resources, legal and Oatey chose to partner shipping records accounted for much of accounting departments with Blue Technologies available immediately its overhead cost. Pat to the database. “We to attain a threefold after creation, customer Wischmeier, assistant are just scratching the goal: reduce total service agents can field surface of what we can questions from both do with OnBase®,” said internal personnel and Wischmeier. “I can’t think clients much faster. All of anything we have Oatey locations can wanted it to do that it also access all key can’t.” I information promptly and rely on cross-referencing settings to link related In a documents for additional nutshell... convenience. “With OnBase®, we have a + Greatly increased total audit stream from processing rate for order to shipping to shipments invoicing,” reported + Eased audits with shipping costs, connect Wischmeier. As a direct Vice President and all corporate sites and limited auditor access Director of Information result of the solutions provide customer service Blue put in place, the to OnBase® documents Services explained representatives with the company, “had a essential information. cost of managing + Supports records general realization that shipments has To accomplish this, Blue management policies we needed to get rid significantly decreased. first created a central and legal regulations of paper processes in Satisfaction and the electronic repository for retained reports order to keeping moving future using OnBase® modules. forward with efficiency.” Blue also provided Oatey is already + Cut company Logging shipping details automatic bar code looking to expand its overhead costs in paper files, scattered indexing enabling users OnBase® capabilities. across different offices
  6. 6. GET To KNow Director, Imaging Solutions Division Due to our consultative selling approach, we have found more and more clients with operational or business process issues that cannot be resolved by a single solution. ECM and business process solutions dovetail perfectly into the Konica Minolta product mix. Nano’s experience provides the exact leadership needed to understand the “big picture” of our client’s needs. -Beth Palamara, Director of Communications Nano Zegarra What do you enjoy most about your job? “The manufacturer is just that, a manufacturer. Its specialty people—I have never seen individuals with such pride is creating software that works in a variety of in the company they work for. Everyone at Blue wants environments. Blue’s specialty is understanding a to be the best in the industry and strongly believes in customer’s needs, industry and infrastructure and then our Commitment to Excellence. The working environment building a solution best suited to those particulars. is distinguished by outstanding teamwork, with each We like to say that software manufacturers may not person using his or her vast experience to motivate and be able to solve ALL your document management educate fellow coworkers.” needs, but Blue can. Our ability to use software and hardware from multiple producers gives us a toolbox Why are you and your team uniquely qualified to “ of unparalleled diversity and immensity.” handle the needs of clients? “Our division is constructed both of sales The reason customers decide to work with Blue is our “ specialists and technical Commitment to Excellence and what it means to a client: support experts. Our access to a complete, custom-designed, business solution. technical experts collectively offer more than 25 years of programming What is the one piece of advice you give to first- experience and 10 years of IT experience. I, time ECM software users? “Start by pinpointing personally, have over 11 years of experience in a problem in its simplest form. Then implement designing, supporting and managing ECM solutions and specifically formulated solutions to address it. Before began my career at Hyland Software in 1998. There I tackling your next issue, divide and conquer. Measure worked from the ground up to become the Manager of the results and celebrate success to inspire other Direct Customer Support and also spent five years as departments to also use new technology. Remember, Technical Services Manager.” change almost never fails because it’s embraced too early, but because it’s often done too late.” Why should potential customers partner with Blue Technologies instead of working with a software Can a company make sure it pays for only the manufacturer? “The reason customers decide to work modules/systems it needs and what is a popular with Blue is our Commitment to Excellence and what it module today? “Yes, customers are not burdened with means to costs or confusion of functionality they’ll never use. The a client: module we believe is the best to take advantage of, access to a because of its diversity and capabilities, is OnBase® complete, Workflow. Many organizations are now looking to custom- take their process improvement efforts to the next designed, level. To achieve this, most need to automate what business were once tedious manual steps, such as collecting solution. A and routing documents, evaluating criteria and then software putting it all in the sightline of decision makers.”
  7. 7. JUST ThE faCTS Keep detective work out of the job description How many emails do you think a Want to be responsible corporate manager reads and for preventing the sends per day? emission of about 1.6 38 = Average number of emails sent/day million tons of greenhouse 93 = Average number of emails received/day gases into the air? Go green with Blue! If offices How much is one ton of paper worth? throughout America reduced their It’s estimated each ton of recycled paper paper usage by 10%, it would be saves 17 trees or 682.5 gallons of oil. comparable to removing 280,000 Keep that in mind during gas station fill-ups. cars from the roadways. SaNTa GETS a hI-5 This past year, Blue celebrated the season with its tradition of sponsoring, organizing and overseeing the Berea Children’s Home holiday party, which typically attracts more than 300 attendees who enjoy food, raffles, piñata breaking and dancing, along with a visit from Santa. Preparations were underway in early December, with piles of presents accumulating underneath the “Giving Tree,” a Christmas tree located in the lobby of Blue’s headquarters. Every item, from bikes and toys to winter apparel, is distributed to less fortunate children. The holiday party provides an opportunity for Blue staffers to connect face to face with those they support. Another annual event is the Berea Children’s Home golf outing, at which Blue donates more than $15,000 in direct sponsorship and $5,000 for radio advertisements. Blue employees have proudly helped local families enjoy the holidays since 1996 and are thankful for the opportunity.
  8. 8. Go GREEN with Bene ts ✓ Maximize Company Resources ✓ Increase Operational Efficiency ✓ Cost Recovery Solutions 5885 Grant Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44105 ✓ Eliminate Missing Paperwork 216.271.4800 ✓ Customize Office Solutions 5701 Mayfair Road North Canton, Ohio 44720 Features 330.499.9300 Content Management—ECM 530 Lakeview Plaza Blvd ◆ Instant secure Internet access to your documents Worthington, Ohio 44105 anytime anywhere 614.575.1999 ◆ Integration with Microsoft® O ce Products and Microsoft® Sharepoint ◆ Quickly and easily store large numbers of documents/ les with related indexes ◆ Control and track document modi cations through revisions and versions ◆ Integration with Microsoft® Outlook – store and view documents directly from Outlook Don’t miss out—Call today! Printed on our Konica Minolta bizhub c6501 Call us for information on how your documents can look like this!