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Credexo IDM


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Credexo IDM

  1. 1. Automate Identity and Access Management To Improve Operational Efficiency, Reduce Risk Centrally managed digital identity in an enterprise Our goal is to deliver first-rate operational efficiency and security posture using proven methods and practices while continuing to implement, improve, and focus on new procedures and systems to constantly add value to our customers’ business.One Stop IdM Company
  2. 2. • Over the last 12 years, Credexo has deployed identity & credential management solutions for over 1 Million users• Spread over various verticals such as Oil & Gas, Health Care, Education, and Retail & Manufacturing.• Credexo continues to promote the use of Microsoft Forefront Identity Management "FIM" as a means to provide simplified management of identities & credential in an enterprise.• Our experience has been that technology is a minority element of a successful identity & credential management solution.• The expertise for combining all components – technology, processes, deployment, and operational support – is the critical element.One Stop IdM Company
  3. 3. • Easy to do business with • Deliver customers more value-added (e.g., offer total solution) • Focus on Processes that improves performance metric • Streamline all activities instead of ad hoc style of delivery • Producing results with governance • Deliver market-centric or organizational-process • Strategy improvement for all Business Unit structures • Be your partner in serving you and your customersOne Stop IdM Company
  4. 4. Improve Automating, reducing and simplifying manual processesOperational Efficiency Reducing the complexity of managing many identity stores Increase Business Managing connections with customers & partners Improving user productivity through better user experience Value Freeing IT resources to focus on high business-value work Ensuring that only authorized users can access resources Reduce Risk Identifying and handling orphan accounts Managing passwords and strong authentication factors Provisioning in accordance with policiesImprove Compliance Establishing auditable processes for granting entitlementsOne Stop IdM Company
  5. 5. AuthenticationAuthorization Global physical accessNon-ReproducibleIntegrity Corporate ID PKI plus Smart Card Secure network logon and web access Signed/encrypted email and docs Card-based Secure Remote Access VPN Thin Client Authentication Smart Login (Secure password store) One Stop IdM Company
  6. 6. • One badge to access any facility or building worldwide • One standard (Mifare, HID or …) • Compatible with most Physical Access Control vendors • Global “roaming” • Unified Card issuance SystemOne Stop IdM Company
  7. 7. • Enables highest logical access control• Self-Service Module using web base portals (allows users to setup in self-service a valid card + certificate w/o Local Administrator)• Windows, Windows server, Active Directory, MSFT CA,…• Central Card Management System• Thin Client Authentication (Strong, two-factor authentication using Smart Card logon over a Citrix session• Global Secure Remote AccessOne Stop IdM Company
  8. 8. User provisioning Access management Credential management Policy managementOne Stop IdM Company
  9. 9. Smartcard authentication Encryption and signing Secure wireless Full life-cycle managementOne Stop IdM Company
  10. 10. One Stop IdM Company
  11. 11. Identity Federation Web SSO Service Oriented Architecture Claims-based accessOne Stop IdM Company
  12. 12. Identity Lifecycle Management Information Protection Automate identity and access Safeguard confidential data management no matter where it goes User & Computer Management Secure Remote Enterprise Directory Infrastructure Services Strong Authentication Secure access beyond Federated Identity/SSO usernames and Collaborate securely across passwords Directory Services organizational boundaries Simplify the management of users and devicesOne Stop IdM Company
  13. 13. One Stop IdM Company
  14. 14. •FirstName HR givenName Clark Central Identity•LastName PeopleSoft sn Kent title Reporter•EmployeeID mail employeeID 007 telephone 867-5309 givenName Clark sn Kent title Reporter Superhero•Title SAP givenName Clark mail sn Kent employeeID 007 title Superhero Reporter telephone 867-5309 mail employeeID 007 telephone 867-5309 Identity•E-Mail Active givenName Clark Directory sn title Kent Reporter Data mail employeeID telephone 007 867-5309 Integrity•Telephone Sun ONE Directory givenName sn Clark Kent Enforcement title Reporter mail employeeID 007 telephone 867-5309 One Stop IdM Company
  15. 15. One Stop IdM Company
  16. 16. Sia Dehghan Global Director of Operations (O) +1 (210) 595-0030 Credexo, Inc. Microsoft Partner Identity and Access Management +1 (713) 300-0523One Stop IdM Company