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Weekly newsletter 130218


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Weekly newsletter 130218

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY 17/02/13 MEETING      18/02/13  NORMAL + CALIBRI, 10.5 PT February is World Understanding Month In the absence of our Beloved President Johnny (who I was told was ill with the flu) DGN Barry presided the meeting International Toast:  PROBUS Rotary Club of Yashio  (RI President’s Club)  Traditional date for the foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu  PROBUS is a Community Service Program" of Rotary clubs within the   South Pacific and The Philippines; established since 1974.Acting Pres Welcomed our Guest Speakers Guy and Sandra, from Goodreturn.  Probus is an association of active retirees who join together in clubs, the   basic purpose of which is to provide   MEMBERSHIP  regular opportunities to keep their minds active, expand their interests   Barry Antees  and enjoy the fellowship of new   friends.   Still in discussion to recruit Natalie Cowell as member  The word PROBUS is an amalgam of  the words PROfessional and BUSiness. POLICEMAN OF THE YEAR    Speaker:  John Surian  There are men’s clubs, ladies’ clubs   Attempting to contact Inspector Laurie Bernello regarding Policeman   and combined clubs in Australia, New Zealand and some Pacific Islands. of the Year award. Left 6 messages.   Membership is open to anyone of good character and who has had  some measure of responsibility or Correspondence  achievement in any field of worthy endeavour. Joy Gillette now sending correspondence by email to all members.   Rotarys role is to assess the need and viability within the local community,  form and charter new Probus clubs. PHIL:  we hae been informed that RI has relaxed some of the rules regarding  Once clubs are formed by Rotary they are then formally accredited by Probusyouth exchange.  Centre - South Pacific Inc. Rotary   continues to maintain a friendly liaison and interest with the sponsored club   but stands aside to allow the Probus TREASURER’S REPORT  club to self-govern, develop its own   Keith Henning  identity and programs.   Activities of Probus clubs fall into   two parts: • Rotary Health Golf Day  - A formal meeting on a set day each   To be held: 1st March  month, comprising a business session, a coffee break followed by a guest   Team of 4: John Surian, Keith Henning, David Ross, Barry Antees  speaker and/or discussion on a topic   of mutual interest. • ‘Nearest to the Pin Competition’ open to all – balls dropped  - Outings (between meetings) to from a helicopter. Cost is $10/ball.   places or organisations of interest to members, theatre, social or sporting   occasions. These may include • Finances  overnight trips, tours and walks. Current finances to be reported at Board Meeting     
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta City    NORMAL + C   GSE TEAM    David Ross      • GSE Team arrives from Sweden 4th March  • Rotary Foundation Alumni Dinner 9 March at Springwood we need numbers LIBRI, 10.5 PT Call for photos of past GSE teams. If anybody has any photos PROBUS please forward them to David  Cont DISTRICT UPCOMING EVENTS  Clubs are simple in structure and free from the constraints and obligations of   service clubs. • 2nd March – PETS;  On occasions, Probus members assist   Rotary clubs with local projects. • 14th April ‐ District Assembly; for all incoming board members.  Membership involves minimal cost and is primarily directed at providing the  opportunity for extension of • 5 nominations have been forwarded to Rotary Notable Women  acquaintance and interests with liked minded individuals. Award committee;    Probus provides members with self- • District Governor – fundraising for Children’s Hospital Legacy  generated goodwill, a sense of belonging, a diverse background of project;  ideas, continuing self-esteem and a   cordial environment to share in their retirement years. • 108th Anniversary of Rotary International: ‐  Rotary 108th anniversary will be celebrated by our club at the  PROBUS – Tomorrow’s Ginger Indian Restaurant (owned and operated by  Vandana Setia  Vision for Active Retirees (our club’s newest member) 94 Wigram Street Harris Park  Saturday  Further enquiries to: 23rd February 7.30 pm.               Numbers to Barry Please.  Probus Centre - South Pacific Inc.  Request from Cancer Council for BBQ at Mother’s Day function  PO Box 1294, • Not able to handle due to: ‐  PARRAMATTA N.S.W. 2124 AUSTRALIA o Following week Parra‐ Amble  Tel 02 9806 0100 • Fax: 02 9633 4779 o The week after Red Shield Appeal Toll Free Australia 1800 630 488 •  Email: General Manager, GUEST SPEAKER Pat Atkinson • Web Site: Guy Winship and Sandra Carvajal Talking points: P17 • What is microfinance • Why are financial services important • how Good Return works • Partnering with Good Return The talk was very interesting  to me  as this is one way of donating money without giving it away. Good Return  lends the money to small business starters in developing countries. They don’t only lend the money but also provide them with skills support and training. Most of the people need only a small amount of money to start their business, as little as AUD300 maybe as much as AUD1000. We can  do the actual lending of the money on line. Guy demonstrated how easy it was to do a loan via .   
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City  CLUB CALENDAR OF EVENTS  February 2013 18 Kerry Boyce, Parramatta Mens Shed 25 Mr James Bird,  Mercy Ships  March 2013 2   Pets for incoming Presidents 4   Les Miller.  Critical illness  a living insurance 11  Mothers Day Classic 15‐17 District Conference 18   Dr Mualla Akinci McManus Lyme Disease 25  Susanne Gallant Parramatta Rotary Club.   ALL APOLOGIES AND SPECIAL GUESTS  Apologies to Joy Gillette on 8837 1900 before 9.30am Monday morning. The latest time for apologies to be made is 9.30am on Monday as that is the time Joy has to advise the hotel of numbers.   The Club is required to pay for the number of lunches ordered. Invoices for the cost of a meal will be sent to members  at 2.30pm on Monday by Keith  if you do not apologise for non attendance by 9.30am.   CELEBRATIONS        David Ross Don’t Forget the flowers for Karen tonight.                 Happy Anniversary                      
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta City       
  5. 5. Rotary Club of Parramatta City