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New Horizons V3 I41

  1. 1. N E W H O R I Z O N S New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9455! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 3, Issue 41 23rd - 29th May 2011From the President Last Week’s Meeting This Week’s Meeting GSE Team for Fiji 2011 RI Convention In The NewsFrom the Club Catch up on what Important club forum Hosts are required to Get the latest Club activities make itPresident. was covered last this week - come along! assist with hosting of information on the RI into the newspaperPage 1 week? Page 2 the GSE team. Convention in New Page 3 Page 1 Page 2 Orleans Page 3 to give serious thoughtLetter from the to what you would like to do in our club, whatPresident role you would like to play. At our monthlyWe are now in the final club forums, starting thisstretch for the 2010-11 Rotary week, please let us knowyear. The second half of this what you are willing toRotary has seen a bit of take on. It is imperativeupheaval, with a number of that we have a strongthe 2011-12 Board already attendance at thesehaving stepped up to fill gaps forums so that you canon the current board. pick and choose which projects or activities youThere are still vacancies on would like to bethe board. We really need involved with, or to putmore people to be willing to forward ideas, contacts,step up and take on and so on.responsibilities for the club tofunction properly. If we dont Yours in Rotary,have roles filled, we either Simonehave the other boardmembers take up the slackand burn out, or things dont Last Weeksget done, which impactsheavily on our effectveness. MeetingWe have overhauled the Garry Ellender, CEO offramework for how our club Access Housingworks, in an endeavour to Australia, spoke to usmake it easier for more about his not for profitpeople to take on organization housingresponsibility for a project or provider which providesan avenue of service. The affordable housing foridea is to support you in your people in therole in the club with clear metropolitan and southexpectations of what is west regions of WA onrequired and a clear low to moderate Photo: Garry Ellendercommunication and incomes.reporting mechanism. disabilities, refugees, seniors, partnered with a number of One of the things they women and families escaping support agencies to referThe board cant do it all, and provide is supported housing domestic violence, and so on. people is not the boards role to do for tenants with persistent While they dont provide anyeverything that needs to be mental illness, autism, other services to these people Garry suggested that onedone in the club. I urge you intellectual or physical beyond housing, they have area where Rotary may beRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N Sable to assist is with helping however, due to their veryto get residents into the heavy schedules with other Toys for Microscopeworkforce, as that is an area commitments, they werewhere they dont have a unable to commit. Cambodia Projectpartnership in place. Three bags of toys were The new system ofFor more information about GSE from Fiji picked up from Margaret requesting pre-payment forAccess Housing Australia Brawley, who spends many the microscopes is workingsee: The return Group Study hours knitting the beautiful wonderfully. Some clubshttp:// Exchange Team from Fiji, toys. They will go to the who will not even primarily going to Wiluna, Awareness Cambodia units until the next order will arrive in Perth in early orphanages which are run by (mid to late June) have paid September. It will comprise Gary and Kim Hewett. Kim for their microscopes. OnlyThis Weeks four team members plus a reported that the toys bring one club, Hobart, has not Rotary Team Leader. great comfort to the children paid from the last shipmentMeeting and are often the only toy and they were not billed in Our club has been assigned that they have. advance but at the time theThis week we have a club to host and transport the units were scheduled. Team whilst in Perth for the A huge thank you to first five days and again for a Margaret and her friends Feedback from the ScienceClub forums during our couple of days prior to their who knit and provide all the Teacher from the Goulburnregular meeting tend to departure. wool. Primary School in Hobart isattract a low attendance. For as follows: “Thanks so muchour new framework to be Hosts families and drivers for organising and deliveringeffective, we need members are required so please give Angel the microscopes. The kidsto make a special effort to serious consideration to (year2) loved them. We startedattend the monthly club hosting one or more of the Academy activities with them on Fridayforums so we can get YOUR Team, acting as a driver or and they are still getting into itfeedback about what you both. We need members of Debbie Cash reports that the in their own time. They arewould like YOUR club to do. the Club to volunteer for water purifier which Warren doing some work on different these commitments as soon Milner generously donated types of soil and what soil is as possible so please let PRID to the Angel Academy School made of.”Welcome New Ken know if you are willing in Nepal has been installed. to assist. Debbie has photos which she Lyn Beazley has been inMembers! will organise for the club to Albany and has addressed receive. the two Rotary Clubs thereWe are delighted to welcome with the result that2 new members, who will be information has beenformally inducted in coming forwarded and the projectweeks when their badges will very likely take off inarrive.They are husband and wifeProf. Alistair Brown(classification: AccountingResearch) and Dr MignonShardlow (classification:Journalism/Editorial).Mignon is a former RotaryExchange Student to Swedenand a friend of our formermember Andrea Haywardwho is now working inCanberra.RYPENThe Rotary Program ofEnrichment (RYPEN) Camp,to be held at the end of themonth, will be attended byone of our Interactors,Martha Forrest.A few of the other Interactorsshowed interest in attending,and we had approvedsponsoring up to 4 students, Photo: Knitted toys for Cambodia2 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. Thursday, May 26. Nedlands res Perth Wellness Centre offers both chiropractic and phys- (Daniel Ke N E W H iotherapy services. N O R I Z O S ories in the near future. Albany ory writ- 2011 RI P T ublication r stories. Club Foundation Convention the s Writers’ By Antoinette Tuscano  B the book Advice has gone out to all Rotary International News Jol members of the Club informing 22 May 2011  sch ines short Fr them of the Special General writers. on Meeting to alter a few of the includes Rotarians celebrated past Su long-list- for the RCFB Charity Fund rules accomplishments and A y Award); Inc. future friendships during be rald Best the opening plenary dr urne All members have Proxy Forms will session of the 2011 RI als ch, Glen are requested, if you have and Convention in New T Whalley already done so, to complete not Orleans, Louisiana, USA, The young president of the Interact Club of Freshwater Bay, Truman For- bo s Writers’ return them to Secretary Di, and rest, accepts the new club’s certificate from Rotary district governor Ian wi ecinct, on on 22 May.  Hutton and Simone Carot Collins from the Freshwater Bay club. P ets. whether nor not you intend to be “p t essential meeting on June 8th. at the to “Let’s celebrate Rotary this week while we are here Rotarians start in their teens fro as together in this special Students from four local col- bers from St Hilda’s, Christ wo In the News place,” said RI President leges have set up a Rotary Club Church Grammar School, MLC T Ray Klinginsmith.  for teenagers called the Interactand Scotch College. ce The Post Newspaper printed two Club of Freshwater Parade. They are enjoying fundrais- wh items from our club in this During the traditional flag Rotary’s district governor Ian ing for local and international proj- so to week’s edition, publicising our ceremony, South Central Hutton and Simone Carot Collins, ects. The club meets at Christ Church N Interact Club and promoting Rotary Youth Exchange president of the Rotary Club of Grammar School at 7pm every sec- an Freshwater Bay, presented the of- Justin’s outstanding achievement students presented flags ficial certification and regalia to ond Thursday and all young peo- an with the Chinese Bridge from the more than 200 Truman Forrest, president of ple are welcome to join. J competition countries and geographical the new club. If you are interested, email F Western suburbs medallists in Sunday’s fun run were, from left, Hannah Castle (4th in the 10km), Susannah Stockwell (3rd in the areas in the Rotary world. The club started with 21 mem- 433 3km), Felicity Sheedy-Ryan (1st in the 10km) and Gina Grayson- Casey (2nd in the 10km). Photo: Dash Photography Well Wishes Hundreds take up the challenge The g r o u p ’ s singer Simon Estes, an honorary YOUR CHILDREN A speedy recovery is wished to p a r t i c i p a t i o n member of the Rotary Club of h i g h l i g h t e d Des Moines, Iowa, performed the Rotary’s fifth and national anthem. Rotarians Steve Ken Collins who is in St. John of More than 500 people God Hospital, Subiaco, having turned out for the 21st had back surgery last Monday. Run 10km race was Roberto Busi, a University of W staffer and A last year’s WA Marathon ARE AMAZING and junior Christopher Dale Jareb was third. third. newest Avenue of Selvick and Jerry Mills, who Service, New Marc See song “Come Join Us,” wrote the who set the Local triathlete and 2012 record for the 3.1km racekly Brooks Challenge Fun Rotarians at Challenge Stadium in Mt Claremont last Sunday. Club champion, in 31 minutes and 10 seconds – a rate of 3:11 minutes per kilometre. ALREADY. Olympic hopeful Felicity n lastperformed again in a Youth Generatio s year, won with the Sheedy-Ryan won the time of 9 minutes 16 sec- Service. Exchange students. women’s 10km race in 35 onds. The female winner of Cool conditions attracted Celebrate a quality field, including many Challenge Stadium lo- This was just over a minute outside the course record set by Ray Boyd in 1993 and WE JUST minutes 9 seconds, just 4 Attendees seconds outside the course the 3.1 race was junior were Country music star Lucy Dalton treated tooffvariety received an Niekerk in 11 record. She is heading a to Angelique Van enthusiastic response cals, to compete for the $750 Roberto said he struggled compete in Europe during the minutesa song she wrote about 22 Opening of the prize money for the first fe- male and male in the 10km event. with an injury and “motiva- tional problems” from a small party the night before. HELP THEM of entertainment for northern summer. t u r e s . Full results"This Close" public f e a Rotarys are available Second was past winner at and pho- I n t e r n aino36a l l tographs are available  at polio Gina Grayson-Casey ti n y awareness campaign for who m The winner of the men’s Thomas Bruins was second PROVE IT. minutes 53 seconds. Nera singer- renowned opera eradication. And e sion. Justin heads for From Pre-primary to Year 10, NumberWorks’nW stardom in China school tuition brings out the best in Aussie stu r house, • tailoring lessons according to each individual n • setting achievable goals and monitoring thei Justin Hewett will travel to to study Chinese law at • developing our own programmes using only ajor China in early July to appear Tsinghua University in Beijing. Maths and English experts on Hunan TV in the inter- He won the scholarship last g the October from a highly com- national final of a Mandarin he back speaking competition broad- petitive field. Between 700 and 800 cast to an audience of tens of Ambassadorial Scholars tra- rnet at millions. verse the globe annually to Justin graduated in law from study where they serve as un- UWA last year and last Friday official ambassadors of good- was runner-up in the Australian will. final of the 10th annual Currently, Lisa Guppy is au Chinese Bridge Mandarin com- studying water scarcity at petition. University College London e your In August, as the recipient and other notable locals who of a Rotary Foundation were recipients are retired Ambassadorial Scholarship Federal Court Judge Bob Justin Hewett,sponsored by the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for his valued at $US26,000, Justin Nicholson and former politi- scholarship to China, is pictured with Lisa Guppy, an Ambassadorial will again go to China for a year cian Bill Hassell. Scholar sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dalkeith. June 26, 2010 Need to boost your business? Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N Ssongwriter Michael Martin member of the Slidell NorthMurphey performed “The best days of Rotary are Rebuild Safety Shore club, who headed the“Cowboy Logic,” a song still ahead,” he said. effort.about the common-sense Netsolutions for everything. Rotary International News Among the agencies the clubsKlinginsmith has used it as 2011 RI 18 May 2011  helped through the three-the theme song for his year project were a local Boyspresidency. Convention In the aftermath of Hurricane & Girls club, Habitat for Katrina, Rotarians in Slidell, Humanity chapter, day careKlinginsmith urged Rotarians Speeches and Louisiana, USA, faced a center, food pantry/soupto use the convention as an crisis. The city, located about kitchen/mobile mealsopportunity to visit the Reports 30 miles across Lake program, senior center,House of Friendship, meet Rotary International News Pontchartrain from New women’s shelter, and adultnew people, and learn about 23 May 2011  Orleans, had taken a direct day care center for theservice projects from other hit from the 2005 storm.  developmentally challenged. Rotarians. Download reports from the 2011 RI Convention “Katrina literally destroyed For many club members, the“Greet everyone and talk 1 General Secretarys more than half of our city,” project did more than helpwith as many people as you Report to the RI recalls Mayor Freddy mend the city’s safety net; itcan," he said. "You do not Convention Drennan, a member of the mended their spirits too. need an introduction to talk 2 Treasurers Report to Rotary Club of Slidell Northwith other people here. You the RI Convention Shore.  “The most memorable thingare free to converse with I’ve had in my life was thoseanyone and everyone.   And Read speeches from the 2011 His club and the Rotary Club three years,” recalls Jay Rose,regardless of where you are Convention speakers of Slidell collaborated on a a member of the Slidell clubfrom, you will eventually 1 RI President Ray service project to help rebuild who managed several of themeet someone who can help Klinginsmiths and reopen more than a rebuilding with a project or who welcome address   dozen nonprofit agencies thatknows someone you know.” serve low- to middle-income Order the After residents.    Katrina:Rotary Stories fromKlinginsmith also Clubs Near the Gulf Coast DVDencouraged Rotarians to Most of the organizationsattend someconventions of the m a n y  New Orleans didn’t have insurance, and many would have left town ifworkshops to learn how to they managed to survive atmake their clubs bigger, all, says Don O’Bryan, abetter, and bolder. Program for May/ June Board Club Details Rotary Year 2010-11 Simone Carot Collins — President Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. Date Details PO Box 168, Nedlands, 25th May Club Forum Western Australia, 6909 Daniel Forsdyke — Secretary 1st June David Barnes - Meetings President, MS Society Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm of WA TBA — Club Administration Director Cafe, Bethesda Hospital Queenslea Drive Welcoming Roster Claremont Toni James — Treasurer Email Date Name Phone  Bryant Stokes — President Elect 25th May TBA 08 9385 0471 Fax 1st June TBA 08 9385 0472 Claire Forsdyke — International Director Website Horizons: Winner of the District 9455 Ken Collins — Membership Director Bulletin Award for 2010/11 Facebook freshwaterbayrotary Wilma McBain — Projects DirectorNew Horizons: Winner of the District 9450 Chartered 19 December 2008 Bulletin Award for 2009/104 Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455