Weekly newsletter For Rotary Club of Parramatta City 05/08/13


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Weekly newsletter for Rotary Club Of Parramatta City for Monday 5/08/13

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Weekly newsletter For Rotary Club of Parramatta City 05/08/13

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City   Rotary Four Way Test The Four Way Test’ challenges Rotarians, in everything they do, to ask of themselves: Of the things we say or do: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Meeting 5 August 2013 Guests John Surian introduced Beverley Garside, president of the Australian Thyroid Foundation Ltd. Rotary Indigenous Health Scholarships President Keith reported back on his attendance at the Rotary Indigenous Health Scholarships function, attended by three students. Of these, one had been at a PhD evening hosted by our club. A second had been sponsored by the Rotary Club of Oberon. The other was being sponsored by a medical practice in Merrylands. The students each received a scholarship of $5,000, of which $2,500 had been provided by a Rotary club or other organisation and the rest was in the form of a State Government subsidy. The students came from interesting backgrounds. One was in her first year of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. Another was in her 40s, mother of four children, of whom two were autistic, and had gone back to study. She was doing a Bachelor of Social Science dgree at Bathurst and would be doing postgraduate work later. “It was really worthwhile and makes you proud to be a Rotarian,” he said. Rotary Presidents’ Meeting Keith also attended a Rotary presidents’ meeting on Friday night last week, which was notable because of inspired chairmanship by the district governor. There as a “push on” for the district conference which would be held on Saturday, 1 March, at the Sports Centre, Homebush Bay. Chris Jocelyn stressed the need to educate the community about Rotary, and that if someone was inclined to join Rotary, that person should get a good impression and be inspired to come back. ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY DISTRICT 9675 COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY YOUTH DRIVER AWARENESS (RYDA) Young people aged 17-25 represent less than 15% of the population yet account for over one quarter of deaths and injuries on our roads. In 2000, a group of concerned Rotarians decided that something must be done to stop this tragic loss of young people and established the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) program, a road safety education program for year 11 students. RYDA was initiated in District 9680 on the north shore of Sydney and each year around 10,000 students from over 90% of schools in the district attend RYDA. The program has now been adopted by 12 other Rotary Districts and has rapidly spread to venues across NSW and interstate to Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Last year over 25,000 students attended RYDA at 23 venues located across Australia and to date over 100,000 students have participated in the RYDA Program. RYDA is unique as it attempts to influence “attitudes and behaviours” of both drivers and passengers before they get their licences. Peer pressure from passengers has a major effect on the way young people behave behind the wheel - by addressing students as both drivers and passengers, the program aims to change the nvironment in the car rather than focusing solely on the driver. The one day RYDA Program includes six sessions that are designed to be interactive and cover a broad range of topics including hazard perception, stopping distances, safe celebrating and fatigue plus financial responsibilities - all aimed at influencing the attitude of young people before they get behind the wheel of a car. Page 32
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta City Northcott had asked for volunteers to work at their riverbank event on on 13 September, from 11.30 am till 2 pm. Parramatta Rotary had participated for the last few years and Keith suggested we do it again this year. RYDA (Rotary Youth Driving Awareness) This organisation was looking for more people to assist in its activities. They needed volunteers on Friday this week and on August 20. The hours were from 10 am till 2 pm. It would probably be at Penrith. Our Sister Club, the Rotary Club of Ramon Magsaysay, the Philippines President Mina Bonita, sends this message: Hello Keith! Thanks for sharing with us your club's very inspiring programs . So far, the RcRM had already accomplished the feeding & literacy program which we co- sponsored . This is a six-month program for 200 children from indigenous families in one area. We hope for a successful program before the year ends. Last month, we co sponsored a job fair for deserving PWD students (see picture). We're planning to join again a job fair for PWD to announce later. Lastly, please extend our gratitude to you & your family and to your club members for being too supportive to our club projects. I am also inviting you and everybody on Sept 23 our club officers induction. Hope to see you all. Glenn Gardner Induction Glenn Gardner Induction Glenn, an ordained Anglican minister, who first joined Parramatta City Rotary in 1989 is a former chief executive officer of Northcott Disability Services. He resigned because he moved from the area to become chief executive officer of Ability First Australia. He has several roles now, one being board membership of Ability First Australia, another curacy work with St Philips Turramurra. He was rejoining because he had missed the fellowship. “Rotary has made a difference round the world,” he said. “With Rotary, of all the organisations, if it went out of business it would be missed.” He was inducted again on Monday, to the applause of those present and an embrace from a member with whom he appears to have had, in jocular fashion, a past difference. Thyroid Matters Beverley Garside, president of the Australian Thyroid Foundation Ltd, herself a thyroid disease sufferer along with others of her family, has been president of the foundation since 1998. She said she could not stress enough the need to recognised the disease, which affected one in seven Australians, and to recognise its importance in maintaining a healthy metabolism and its importance in other areas, such as development of foetal brain. A world-wide iodine deficiency, including deficiency in Australia, was a serious issue. She said that an Australia-wide iodine deficiency in the 1990s could be correlated with a ride in the incidence of autism
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City in children and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Today, she said, 50 percent of pregnant women were iodine-deficient. Ms Garside said that thyroid cancer was on the increase. Research in 2008 showed that over the previous decade, there had been an 84 percent increase in thyroid cancer for women and 40 percent for men. But doctors were often not keeping up. Some were not even doing the examinations that would reveal the presence of the cancer or not reading the test results properly. Joy Gillett Joy Gillett, being the first of our members to give a brief summary of themselves, disclosed that she was not of convict origin but the first of her family to reach these shores did his best to become one. His name was Tayt and he was captain of the last convict ship to arrive at Tasmania. But it appears he had been drinking, the ship hit the wharf and Mr Tayt ended up in gaol. The family did, however, prosper, Mr Tayt was the great- grandfather of Joy, who, the youngest of seven children, was born in Melbourne. Virtually the whole of that family, however, came to New South Wales, Joy when she was very young. She is now proudly part of the working class west of Sydney. Joy said she did not want to stay at school, and with Education Department approval got out at 14 years of age to work. She worked sex months with an insurance company and then went to work for Rotary, which suited her. She has been with it ever since and now heads Australian Rotary Health, with a staff of six. In the meantime, she virtually finished an accountancy course, has done numerous TAFE course, has been married and has two adult children and a grandchild. In her job, she is extremely busy, having in just over two weeks prior to this meeting been to Victoria, Tasmania and Darwin. In sport, Joy has had a lifelong passion for netball. She played it till she was almost 50, then went into administration. She acts sometimes as an umpire, and her daughter, sharing Joy’s passion for the sport, has coached one of the state teams which came 9th in the state championships out of a cast of 180. District Meetings coming up. RAWCS committee meeting Friday 8th August at 7.30pm at Sutherland United Services Club. Membership matters evening Wednesday 21st August Apologies and Guests Apologies to Joy Gillett on 8837 1900 before 9.30am on Monday morning. This is the latest time apologies can be accepted as numbers must be given to the hotel by this time. If you are bringing a guest please also advise this to Joy by that time to ensure a meal is prepared. The Club is required to pay for the number of lunches ordered. Invoices for the cost of a meal will be sent to members by Vandana if you do not apologise for non- attendance by 9.30am on Mondays. The speaker for next meeting will be Albie Tenedora, our GSE representative. A Reflection on Politics I am really not very good at risqué jokes and in writing this brief editorial, I must declare that I am never going to try to influence voting. But I cannot resist commenting on the thunderous offensive that News Ltd has launched against the Rudd Government in the lead-up to 7 September . Yesterday, for the first time in
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta City many years, I bought a copy of the Daily Telegraph, with the banner headline: “Throw This Mob [the Rudd Government] Out”, just because I was so appalled. Despite all these years of the media being called to account, through that excellent institution, Media Watch, and all the condemnation of News Ltd in its attack on the ailing Whitlam Government in 1975, it just keeps going. I know that in my career, being only ever occasionally obliged to report politics, I was equally appalled at the power game I saw being played in my backyard. I have seen many instances of it but there has nothing as blatant as has happened, year after year, in the opposition papers. I will mention. Fairfax Media, as it is now called, had had a huge falling-out with the Wran Government in the 1980s. Wran removed all government advertising from Fairfax in retaliation. When the royal commission was called into allegations of a cover-up of the fraud offences of Kevin Humphries, headed by Justice Sir Lawrence Street, I expected the royal commission to be called, as virtually all royal commissions are, after the royal commissioner (ie Moffitt Royal Commission, Costigan Royal Commission). There was a suggestion that Neville Wran had played a part in the cover-up but the royal commission was not into Wran himself. The Sydney Morning Herald sub-editor invariably changed my copy, on instruction, to have the inquiry as the WRAN Royal Commission and the paper put Wran’s photo beside each headline. For months, reporting on it and filing my copy, I referred to the “Street Royal Commission”. And every morning it came out “Wran Royal Commission”. And nothing I could do would change that. Wran, as it turned out, was cleared. As I say, I am not advocating a vote one way or the other. By nature I tend to conservatism but I am normally a swinging voter. The diversification of the news media, the convergence of print media and digital imagery and the explosion of social media, is undoubtedly healthy. It is to be hoped that it will lead to the decline of the great media barons as gatekeepers for what the public has a right to know and what it should think. Malcolm Brown