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Weekly newsletter Rotary club Parramatta City 29/07/13

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Weekly newsletter 130729

  1. 1. COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY DISTRICT 9675 Rotary Four Way Test The Four Way Test’ challenges Rotarians, in everything they do, to ask of themselves: Of the things we say or do: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Meeting 22 July 2013 – Club Assembly Rotary Grace. President Keith has introduced a new form of Rotary Invocation, which will now be said at each luncheon: “As we partake of this meal and enjoy the fellowship in this room we remember those who are not so fortunate and remind ourselves of our commitment as Rotarians to the service of the world community.”  Meeting with Presidents of other Rotary Clubs in Parramatta: Summary of Main Discussion items: 1. Police Officer of the Year: - continues to be a joint program with the three Parramatta Clubs. - event to be held in May 2014. 2. Valentines Day Event: - extend invitation to RCs Holroyd & Granville? - Committee of representatives from all participating clubs. - also discussed - venue, charity, target group and overall organisation concerns. 3. Joint Schools Project: - suggestion was a public speaking competition - other suggestions to be offered and considered. 4. Donations In Kind: joint working bee suggested. Parramatta City to let other two clubs know. 5. 'Ducks for Bucks': Joint project with Rowland Hassall School. - Principal, RHS & President RCPS waiting to meet with Lord Mayor. - requires council approval for event to proceed. - RCs Parramatta & Parramatta City to be involved. 6. Paint Parra Read:
  2. 2. - event to be held on Wednesday September 18th 2013. Reading to Children. 7. Rotarians & Friends at Work: Rotary in partnership with Bunnings Stores for resources. (see April RDU magazine for details) - community projects. - registration in January. Parramatta Daybreak will register. Other clubs can join in with projects Indigenous Health Scholarship. President Keith said he had received a note from Australian Rotary Health extending an invitation to attend the Welcome to Indigenous Health Scholarships 2013 Presentation, to be held at Rydges Parramatta on 3 August. The function, from 11 am till 2.30 pm, It will provide an opportunity to meet the present Australian Indigenous Health scholars. There will be a light lunch. Numbers are limited so those wishing to attend should contact Keith as soon as possible. International Convention. This will be held at Homebush from 1 to 4 June next year. District Governor Elect Barry Antees has already an invitation. Those wishing to attend must register. The fee will be $US310. There will be four eventful days , which will include an AFL football match, a restaurant night restaurant, a Sunday open barbecue in Cathy Freeman Park, Homebush, an Opera House Concert on the Monday night and a Host Hospitality Night on the Tuesday. Expanded activities. Ron Edgar told the meeting that he would like to organise more events in association with the other two Parramatta Rotary Clubs. He is thinking ahead to organising talks, probably on more engaging topics. He would like to see concentration on the professions so that we as club members can understand more broadly not only each other but people from other areas in the community. Fundraising. Distribution of Christmas trees has been a traditional fundraiser for the club but returns from this activity have been declining over the years. Ron would like a committee convened to consider areas of fundraising. President Keith informed the meeting that last year the club raised $12,000 but spend $17,500 on donations and sponsorships. The club will have to turn its mind to other possible ways of raising money. New membership. John Stamboulie said that more people needed to know what Rotary did. Past president Johnny raised the possibility of newspaper advertising, possibly in association with another club to reduce costs. President Keith said that another way of publicising ourselves was to develop a website. He said there was evidence available that a properly maintained website itself could bring new members. To that end, Natalie has agreed to become the club webmaster. Club appointments for 2013-2014 President Keith Henning President Elect Ron Edgar IPP Johnny Ching Secretary Joy Gillett Treasurer Vandana Setia Club AdministrationRon Edgar Attendance Chairman Ray Reed Social/Fellowship Natalie Cowell
  3. 3. Member welfare Alwyn Robinson Program Glenn Gardner Fund Raising Christmas Trees Committee Community Chest tickets BBQ’s Kevin Wylie General John Surian + others Club training & Information Vocational & Membership John Totonjian Member Recruit, Development John Totonjian & & Retention members Vocational Service – Pride of WorkmanshipMark Hancock Police Officer of YearJohn Surian Public Relations Malcolm Brown Media Liaison Malcolm Brown Club Bulletin Malcolm Brown Website & Rotary AwarenessNatalie Cowell Club Photography Club Archives Rotary Foundation & International ServiceJohnny Ching Annual Giving Johnny Ching International Service Sister Club Keith Henning RAWCS projects Steve Burfield DIK Bob Rosengreen Community ProjectsPhillip Brophy Community Relationships Harris Park Com Centre John Stamboulie Bowelcare Ralph Cadman Red Shield Appeal ???? PhD Scholars Keith Henning JoyGillett Parra Amble John Stamboulie Youth Ben Jackson RYLA Mark Cadman RYPEN Mark Cadman Northcott Society Ben Jackson P’matta High School Ralph Cadman Unallocated members - Barry Antees, Luba Charlton, Colin Gray, Julie Owens, Prashanth Paramanathan, David Ross, Lisa Surian The Royals This has not got much to do with Rotary but I am meant to write something a bit “off”, so here goes. As a reporter in England from 1978 to 1980 I covered the search for a bride for Prince Charles. He had the most gorgeous women offered to him on a platter, including Lady Jane Wellesley, Lady Sarah Spencer, even Princess marie-
  4. 4. Astrid of Luxembourg. They were gorgeous girls, and finally he settled on Diana, more than 12 years his junior. And of course the world focussed on the beautiful Di, leaving Charles rather out in the cold in the glamour stakes. History moved on, Di died, Charles married Camilla and the world, in particular the women’s magazines, were bereft. Camilla would not do, not ever, not anywhere. The magazines were out to sell fairy stories. And Camilla was not a fairy story. When Princess Mary of Denmark came onto the scene, the magazines were ecstatic and gained much mileage from her, though as it turned out she was less exciting than Di. And then, of course, along came Kate. The magazines have been in seventh heaven ever since, and Charles, and his beloved Camilla, have been further on the margins than ever. At time of writing, Kate had just given birth to a son in London’s St Mary’s Private Hospital. That is going to guarantee huge magazine space for years to come. And what a future for the royal babe! As King Farouk once said, in 100 years there will only be five kings, the King of Hearts, the King of Diamonds, the King of Clubs, the King of Spades and the King of England. Charles, if he survives his mother, will really just be stop-gap. And Camilla? The die-hard Monarchists in Australia, anticipating a vigorous republican push when Charles ascends the throne, are pro- Camilla. They say, probably with justification, that she has won the British people over, partly because of her good sense of humour. But she is never going to measure up against the likes of Mary, Kate and the bub. Which brings me to my joke. Charles has always had a deep and apparently genuine interest in welfare of animals. He was driving along a country road and ran over a hedgehog. Charles got out of the car and was appalled by the state of the animal. Its blood, tissue, spines, nerve endings and entrails were in a hopeless tangle. He was deeply despairing when an angel of the Lord appeared and told him that God had decided because Charles had tried so hard, he would be granted a wish. Charles immediately asked that the hedgehog be restored. The angel disappeared and returned in a most dejected state, saying that from the beginning of eternity, God had never failed to honour a pledge to grant a wish specially offered like this. But God, despite all his power and ability to achieve things, could do nothing for the hedgehog. But God would do something unprecedented. Charles could have a second wish. Charles, having by then had time to weigh up his options, replied immediately: “Can God make Camilla beautiful?” The angel disappeared and after a long, long pause, returned and said: “Can we just have another look at that hedgehog again?” Guest Speaker. The guest speaker for next meeting will be Gail Ladner, of the Leukemia Foundation Apologies and Guests Apologies to Joy Gillett on 8837 1900 before 9.30am on Monday morning. This is the latest time apologies can be accepted as numbers must be given to the hotel by this time. If you are bringing a guest please also advise this to Joy by that time to ensure a meal is prepared. The Club is required to pay for the number of lunches ordered. Invoices for the cost of a meal will be sent to members by Vandana if you do not apologise for non- attendance by 9.30am on Mondays. Malcolm Brown