Newsletter 30 1-2012


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Rotary Club of Parramatta City Newsletter for Monday 30 January 2012

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Newsletter 30 1-2012

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Parramatta City COMMUNITY NETWORKER ROTARY CLUB OF PARRAMATTA CITY ROTARY YOUTH PRESIDENT MESSAGE EXCHANGE Last Monday we brought together one our RYLA and our two PROGRAMRYPENS participants to Northcott at North Parramatta. Jacob andJackie presented a great insight into their journey of discovery at theRYPEN Camp and how it benefited their personal development, Jacobfor example went on to represent Australia in football at a ParisInternational football competition and he acknowledged RYPEN gave The Youth Exchange Program is anhim confidence on and off the field. international program which provides young people with the opportunity to Mark Cadman then introduced Stephen Cox one of our RYLA experience life in a different country, culture and environment for up to oneparticipants and the entire membership were blown away by year. The program is an extremelyStephen’s achievements in his life and his changing response to each rewarding experience for all who participate whether they be student,stage of the RYLA program. After his presentation during the question club members, host families, district personnel or the wider hosttime he won the heart of Lisa Surian by singing a romantic ballad to our community. Most youth exchangeyoung mother to the point she was speechless (yes that’s right Lisa students participate in the year long program, spending their year abroadspeechless). in a host school. A smaller number participate in short term exchanges of This week we have two speakers, Maria Padisetti speaking on Micro up to three months. These two programs are for students aged 15 toCredit lending in the third world. Prior to Maria speaking we have Aaron 19 whilst the New GenerationsCantor an Ambassadorial Scholar from Pittsburgh USA who is attending Exchange provides the same opportunity for 18 to 25 year olds. Thethe University of Queensland who has been staying at my place while major objective is to further international goodwill andon a short trip to Sydney. understanding by enabling students to I mentioned last week that I was going to start a “want List”. study at first hand some of the problems and accomplishments of WANT No 1. people in lands other than their own. There is an ambassadorial role We are a vocational based service organization. Our members all implied in the exchange with studentshave a business background and one of the major survival technics in being expected to impart as much knowledge as they can of their ownbusinesses is succession planning. If we want our business to survive we country as well as sharing that knowledge upon their return.need to know that if anything happens to me, who understands my Applicants, who can be children of Rotarians as well as non-Rotariansbusiness and can step up to the plate. Therefore my No 1 “want” is all and are accepted by a sponsoringmembers put into practice what they already do in business, but this Rotary club after interview and club selection. Final selection andtime it is a session plan for their membership of our club. That is, who will nomination resides with the district youth exchange committee. Allreplace me when I leave the Rotary Club of Parramatta City. We need students and their parents will taketo have in place a club survival practice of succession membership I part in a thorough orientation and briefing program Outbound studentswant every member to identify a successor for themselves by October are responsible for the provision of round trip airfares, clothing,2012 being our vocational month. By this date you will advise the comprehensive health and travel insurance and incidental expenses.membership Director who your successor is. The host Rotary club accepts the Cheers responsibility of food and lodging with arrangements made for regular Barry Antees monthly living allowance and school requirements. As an exchange program, Rotary clubs wishing to nominate students should be prepared to arrange reciprocal hosting. It is usual for hosting over the twelve-month period to be shared by
  2. 2. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityCALENDAR OF EVENTS January 30 Maria Padisetti- Micro Loans & Aaron Cantor- Ambassadorial Scholar February 6 Lord Mayor-Lorraine Wearne 11 Rotary Club of Parramatta –Valentine Party 13 Debra Carr- Parramatta Mission 17 Rotary Club of Holroyd-Trivia Night St Pats School-Guilford 23 Rotary Day Transfer meeting to Sebel Parramatta March 2 ARH- Golf Day at Riverside 3 Multi-District PETS- Campbelltown 5 Pride of Workmanship Evening 19 Michael Crosslands- Ignite the fire within 23-25 District Conference- Penrith April 2 John Watters 29 District Assembly 30 Police Officer of the Year May 6-9 International Convention-Bangkok 14 Australian Rotary Health- PHD Scholars nightTWO GUEST SPEAKERS FOR MONDAY Maria Padisetti- Mirco Loans Maria was born in Chennai and brought up in several countries including Ireland, NewZealand and Australia. Growing up in India gave her the insight into the problems women and young childrenfaced which in a lot of cases led to the lack of self confidence and self esteem. As a result Maria throughouther school and university working life always chose to work alongside her parents with the aged, the disabledand the poor. Her passion has always been to work with women and children in India and Africa.
  3. 3. Rotary Club of Parramatta City After a career in Engineering, Maria Padisetti founded Digital Armour Corporation (DA), with her husband,in February 2002. Through innovative and customer focused thinking Maria helped grow the business from $0to 7-figure revenue in 3 years with minimum capital, no contacts in a new country, a young toddler and adifficult IT market. DA now services customers Australia wide with companies in several industries from 10 usersto 1000 users.As she experienced obstacles and major difficulties through the growth of the business, Maria realised thatshe was actually quite fortunate to have the life that she lead along with the people that she loved.She realised one day during her toughest challenge that she really did not have to wait until she was a multimillionaire to help those who were less fortunate, particularly in developing nations. In her quest for searchingfor a solution to help, Maria came across the concept of microfinance. She realised that it made perfectsense to get involved somehow in this area, as it combined her passion of helping women and children indeveloping nations build self confidence and self esteem along with business. After having spoken to andseen sufficient success stories in the area of microfinance she decided to start the ball rolling in late 2010 toestablish RedHands.The more Maria spoke to other women about this concept, the more she realised that several peoplewanted to help but didn’t have a channel to do so. Maria created this channel to empower these womenthrough education and microfinance.The vision is to create a movement that enables communities of women helping communities of women indeveloping nations. The mission of RedHands is to empower women living in poverty in developing countriesachieve financial independence, self esteem and confidence through funding and supporting the creationof their own small businesses.AARON CANTOR- AMBASSADORIAL SCHOLAR Aaron grew up in Pennsylvania and recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in April 2011. He undertook a dual major in microbiology and history & philosophy of science, a certificate in conceptual foundations of medicine, and a minor in chemistry. I like to bicycle, play the drumset, play racquetball, and my main hobby is woodturning (check out my other website). Aaron was extremely fortunate to learn about the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship through a family friend that lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Theneat concept behind this scholarship is that Rotarians and their family members are not eligible, soAmbassadorial Scholars are people who are initially unfamiliar with Rotary. However, these same studentshave remarkable opportunities to learn about this service organization and meaningfully contribute tothe humanitarian goals of Rotary during their time abroad. After completing the application process inAugust 2010, I was selected to represent Rotary District 7300 of the Greater Pittsburgh Area; my sponsor is theOakland Rotary Club.During his year abroad, I will serve as an ambassador of goodwill to Rotary District 9600 on behalf of theUnited States primarily by interacting with Rotary and non-Rotary audiences through presentations, socialevents, and academic settings in Brisbane, Queensland. He will also be working on a research project that
  4. 4. Rotary Club of Parramatta Cityaims to determine the mechanism of action of a novel chemotherapeutic agent isolated from an Australianrainforest plant with the Drug Discovery Group at the University of Queensland and the Queensland Instituteof Medical Research. Importantly, I will be helping my hosts, Rotary of Fortitude Valley, with service projectsas well as volunteering my time in the community. Aaron looks forward to making lasting friendships alongthe way and traveling across Australia and hopefully New Zealand and Tasmania!Shortly after returning from this extraordinary set of opportunities, Aaron will start medical school at Penn Statein August 2012 and make sure to share my experiences with local Rotary clubs and other interested groups.DAVID’S PEARLSTennisAn otherwise happily married couple may turn a mixed doubles game into a scene fromWhos Afraid of Virginia Woolf.-Rod LaverThe serve was invented so that the net could play.-Bill CosbyTennis is not a gentle game. Psychologically, it is vicious. That people are only just beginning tocome to terms with this fact illustrates just how big a con trick has been perpetrated on thenon-playing tennis public - and even a few players, usually losing players - for decades.-Richard EvansIts one-on-one out there, man. There aint no hiding. I cant pass the ball.-Pete Sampras
  5. 5. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityROTARY LEADERS ARE READY TO BUILD PEACE THROUGHSERVICE AFTER INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY RI President-elect Sakuji Tanaka leads the flag procession during the opening plenary session of the 2012 International Assembly on 16 January in San Diego, California, USA. Rotary Images/Alyce Henson Rotary International on Facebook Incoming district governors left the 2012 International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, equipped with new skills and ideas to develop stronger districts and clubs in 2012-13. RI President-elect Sakuji Tanaka began the weeklong training event by asking the 530 governors-elect to build Peace Through Service. "Peace, in all of the ways that we can understand it, is a real goal and a realistic goal for Rotary," Tanaka said. "Peace is not something that can only be achieved through agreements, by governments, or through heroic struggles. It is something that we can find and that we can achieve, every day and in many simple ways." Read moreBrian Beesley, governor-elect of District 9650 (Australia), said the theme is relevant to Rotarians of allages and ethnicities, and that he’ll apply it to help attract younger members.Later in the week, Rotary Foundation Trustee John F. Germ told attendees that Rotary’s Challenge hadreached the US$200 million milestone. Jeff Raikes, chief executive officer of the Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation, announced an additional $50 million grant from the Gates Foundation, which is not achallenge grant, to extend the partnership.“My biggest worry is that we aren’t moving urgently enough to close that final 1 percent gap. Wesimply have to finish the job,” Raikes said. “Rotary is a critical part of making that happen.” Read moreRotary Foundation Trustee Chair William B. Boyd discussed Rotary’s progress on the Future Visionpilot, explaining that the new grant model will re-energize clubs by helping them focus on symptoms,not causes, and seek out projects with long-term benefits."We are here to serve, and each one of us is a Rotarian because we know that our lives are measured bywhat we do for others and not by what we do for ourselves," he said. Read moreRotary Public Image Coordinator Jennifer E. Jones also addressed the district governors-elect,emphasizing the importance of telling Rotary’s story in a compelling way.
  6. 6. Rotary Club of Parramatta City“Your job this year is to motivate and inspire your fellow Rotarians, and it is through the power of yourwords that you can inspire someone to greatness,” she explained.Speaking at clubs is key, said Jones, who noted that effective presentations focus on the human storyand make an emotional connection with the audience.RI General Secretary John Hewko also spelled out five priorities for strengthening Rotary and putting iton the best footing for its second century.“Rotary is an organization with an incredible history and there is no question that its best years are yet tocome,” Hewko said. “These five priorities, as well as many others, will strengthen our great organizationand have a significant, positive impact down to the level of the club and individual Rotarian.” ReadmoreThroughout the week, incoming district governors also participated in training sessions designed to givethem the tools they need to create a stronger Rotary.RI President Kalyan Banerjee provided attendees with his own tips for building stronger clubs, includingserving as role models and leading as equals. He explained that leadership in Rotary means givingsupport -- not giving orders.“To really succeed, you have to look past yourself, past your year, and into the long term, at the healthof your community and our organization,” Banerjee concluded. Read moreAt the closing banquet, he encouraged district governors-elect to approach their year with peace in mind.“All of you are leaving here as every district-governor elect should: determined to make your year inRotary office the best year yet,” Banerjee said. “You are leaving here as well with a great and noblegoal: making 2012-13 a year of Peace Through Service.”ROTARY DAY-MEETING Prashanth has organized a dinner for members & partners to attend at the Two ForksResturant, Sebel Hotel Parramatta on Thursday 23rd February. $45.00 for two coursemeal arrive 7pm for 7.30 dinner.
  7. 7. Rotary Club of Parramatta CityFACEBOOK We have now available for the club a new facebook page the shortcut is Please visit, make comments, open discussions and for your initial visit please hit the “like button”. Thereason is the more members who like the page, we receive additional features. The Facebook page is not asubstitute for our website, but more of an additional way to reach our audience.