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BA and Beyond 19 Christina Lovelock - When BAs go BAD


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With collaboration being key to project delivery and organisational success, how we behave as BAs is more important than ever.

It’s time to hold up a mirror up to the BA profession and ask if we like what we see. There are some behaviours and attitudes that we as BAs commonly fall into, and we don’t always consider how these are perceived by others. By considering our behaviours, becoming more self-aware and being genuinely open to giving and getting feedback we can ensure that our behaviours reflect well on the profession and keep the BA role in demand for future generations.

In this session we will discuss:

- Common BAD BA Behaviours
- Improving our self-awareness
- Feedback models and approaches

Come along and share which BAD BA behaviours you have witnessed or perpetrated!

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BA and Beyond 19 Christina Lovelock - When BAs go BAD

  1. 1. Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools
  2. 2. BAD BA Behaviours BA in Name Only ? SME I am the businessDepth & Breadth BA Skills Soft Skills Business Knowledge
  3. 3. BAD BA Behaviours Stepping Stone Maverick Superior Just a BA Told you so Us and Them Negative Pedantic © Christina Lovelock 2018
  4. 4. Pedantic
  5. 5. Maverick
  6. 6. Superior
  7. 7. Just a BA
  8. 8. Told you so
  9. 9. Us and Them
  10. 10. Negative
  11. 11. Stepping Stone
  12. 12. Changing Behaviours? Beliefs Values Thoughts Emotions Results Behaviours Visible Invisible What we think What we feel Our actions Our impact
  13. 13. Johari Window Known by you Open Self Blind Spot Hidden Area Unknown Unknown by you KnownbyothersUnknownby others
  14. 14. Avoid going ‘BAD’ - Reflect - Seek feedback… - …and act on it! - Understand Expectations - Clarify your role You - Offer feedback… - …consider your motivations! - Role Model Others - Celebrate - Discuss Self Awareness - Consider Emotional Intelligence - Customer feedback - Team charter Team
  15. 15. BA Behaviours Stepping Stone Maverick Superior Just a BA Told you so Us and Them Negative PedanticAttention to detail BA Team Confident consultant I’m a BA Influence Collaborate Positive BA Career © Christina Lovelock 2018
  16. 16. References and Further Reading 1. Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well D. Stone and S. Heen, Portfolio Penguin 2014 2. Radical Candour: How to get what you want by saying what you mean K. Scott, Portfolio Pan 2018 3. How to Give Feedback More Effectively How to Tackle your Fear of Confrontationto Give Better Feedback 4. J. Pauly (Slide share): Positive Feedback Mechanisms Promoting Better CommunicationEnvironments 5. What is EmotionalIntelligence