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BA and Beyond 20 - Maida Stevic - Communities of Practice Generation 3.0 — How to go beyond CoP?


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The idea of Communities of Practice (CoP) having existed for last 25 years. Members mutually discovering which insights from the past are relevant in the present and finding ways to share their tacit knowledge represents the basis of each Community.

So, how can the Community go beyond networking and sharing, being at the same time surrounded by complexity, dependencies, intensive collaborating and agile way of working. How can you manage to become the next 3.0 Community of Practice?

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BA and Beyond 20 - Maida Stevic - Communities of Practice Generation 3.0 — How to go beyond CoP?

  1. 1. Storyline Our challenges in the last 3 years What we did What can you do
  2. 2. BELARUS UKRAINE RUSSIA ROMANIA BULGARIASERBIA KOSOVO ALBANIA BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA CROATIA HUNGARY SLOVAKIA CZECH REPUBLIC AUSTRIA CoP existing since 2013 App. 40 members back in 2018 Business Analysis Curriculum Regular meetings & events
  3. 3. “Community … all about identifying the people around you with whom you can create common, passionate cause. And it´s about ignoring the conventional wisdom of company politics and instead playing the game by very different rules.” Tom Peters Source:
  4. 4. Source::
  5. 5. Challenges of 2018 How to connect BABOK to practice? RBI´s Business Analysis “Framework” Diverse members Own BA Curriculum BABOK = Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) RBI = Raiffeisen Bank International AG
  6. 6. „SCRUM YEAR“ Summer 2018 Source::
  7. 7. What we did in 2018 New Intranet page Curriculum focused on Agile New learning approach BA Toolkit
  8. 8. Learning - Trainer visit Source: Raiffeisen Bank International
  9. 9. Source: Raiffeisen Bank International
  10. 10. The BA Toolkit - table of contents Source: Raiffeisen Bank International
  11. 11. The Business Analysis Toolkit Source: Raiffeisen Bank International
  12. 12. 2019 – „CROSS-FUNCTIONAL YEAR“ Source::
  13. 13. Challenges of 2019 Agile transformation Cross-functional Skills & t-shaping
  14. 14. Context of Influence “TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. It is a theory that was developed to explain the set of knowledge that teachers need to teach their students a subject, teach effectively, and use technology.” Source:
  15. 15. Context of Influence in RBI´s Community of Practice Adopted framework to explore the contextual understanding of the environment around our Community in order to identify it´s strategy, focus points and initiatives. Business Analyst Company (Head Office & Group) Community of Practice Out of scope for CoP Connection to Company Mission/Vision/Values Core focus Community Backlog
  16. 16. Individual layer Communit ylayer Head Office layer Group layer Networking & exchange Learning BA Conference Community Meetings Community context of influence, incl. deliverables & initiatives MS Teams Experiment A BA Curriculum Source: Raiffeisen Bank International
  17. 17. What we did in 2019 Knowledge Hub Moving with agile transformation Cross-functional focus 1st internal Business Analysis Conference
  18. 18. Source: Raiffeisen Bank International
  19. 19. Challenges of 2020 Community structure Hybrid way of working Group involvement
  20. 20. 2020 - „EXPERIMENT“ YEAR Source::
  21. 21. What we did in 2020 New Community structure Community vision Company values
  22. 22. Our Vision is to become the RBI Group number-one place to learn, exchange and network about Business Analysis. Source::
  23. 23. October 2020 - Dashboard 122 Members in Head Office 43 Teams 6 2 Meetings per year 252 Group Events per year 586 Years of Experience of Head Office Members 23 Trainings in Curriculum Group Members
  24. 24. Why 3.0? Management 1.0 = Hierarchies Management 2.0 = Fads Management 3.0 = Complexity
  25. 25. Takeaway Find your Context of influence Embrace changes “What´s in for Business Analyst”
  26. 26. Maida STEVIC Leading Business Analysis Community of Practice Business Analyst in the Core HR project Learning Guide Certified Agile Business Analyst mail to: