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[AUSG] 2018 JAWS DAY - AUSG소개와 대학생그룹의 구축방안


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JAWS DAY 2018 발표자료.

남궁선 - AWSKRUG 대학생 모임

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[AUSG] 2018 JAWS DAY - AUSG소개와 대학생그룹의 구축방안

  1. 1. - AWS and University Students - Introduction of AUSG Future of University Group
  2. 2. Seon Namkung Computer Science & Engineering, Hanyang Univ ERICA AUSG Leader Team Leader at Flying Whales, Game startup Former Field Manager at AJ Networks Former CEO at Chicken Restaurant Favorite Service : AWS Cloud9
  3. 3. Awskrug University Supporter Group
  4. 4. “Aws With Students”
  5. 5. Seon Namkung Jeehyuk Won Hogyun Yu Chulgyoo Lee Manhyuk Han Dayun Ryu Seohyun Yoon Hanyang Univ, ERICA Yonsei Univ Kwangwoon UnivSejong Univ Incheon Univ Inha Univ Sookmyung W Univ
  6. 6. Da-Eun Kim Jong-Chan Kim Min-Su Han Jun-Myung Seol So-Jeong Park Hyun-Joong Kim So-Won Jeong Dongguk Univ Soongsil Univ Sungkyunkwan Univ Hanyang Univ Gachon UnivHanyangUnivHankuk Univ of Foreign Studies
  7. 7. supports AWS Events, supports AWSKRUG Events, spreads AWS to university students AUSG
  8. 8. Activities
  9. 9. Study
  10. 10. Services
  11. 11. AUSG - Seminar Series
  12. 12. Serverless Seminar - Unithon(Hackathon)
  13. 13. University Seminar
  14. 14. • Hanyang Univ Seminar for startups and ventures • University Guerrilla Seminar with Like Lion • Samsung SDS CLD AUSG Seminar • AUSG University Day • Recruit Second AUSG Members Planning
  15. 15. AWS Student Student Student Student Student Student Student Student AWS AWS AWS AWS AWS AWS AWS Mission of AUSG
  16. 16. How to spread AWS to University Students?
  17. 17. Before that, why won't college students learn and use AWS?
  18. 18. AWS is not a complete program. AWS needs contents. But, students don’t have content.
  19. 19. So, we provide interesting contents and Korean seminar guides, thus helping students who study AWS
  20. 20. Education Material Sample
  21. 21. Seminars
  22. 22. We are not strangers to you. We are just like your close friend and study as a university student.
  23. 23. We know exactly what you are going through. We can share our AWS knowledge from your perspective.
  24. 24. 1. AUSG Seminar Series • Regular AUSG Seminar • No limit to attendance • Choose a topic that is popular among students • Relatively high difficulty seminar • Make Korean Guide 2. University Guerilla Seminar Series • Irregular AUSG Seminar • Limit participation to college students • Choose university randomly • Focus on distributing simple programs • Make Korean guide
  25. 25. University Groups
  26. 26. “Collective intelligence”
  27. 27. 1. Make AWS Study Group each University 2. Each University Groups makes 1 App using AWS per 2 months. 3. At the end of each month, University Groups gather and present their App. 4. Hold AUSG University Day(Hackathon) on summer 5. AUSG is manager of whole university group Steps
  28. 28. Amazon Web Services AUSG AWSKRUG University Group University University University University University Organization Chart
  29. 29. Q & A
  30. 30. Thank you ありがとうございます