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Putting research into practice: mobile technologies in libraries


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Presentation for CILIP Umbrella 2013 (by Jo Alcock and Annmarie Lee)

Published in: Education
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Putting research into practice: mobile technologies in libraries

  1. 1. Putting research into practice: Mobile technologies in libraries Jo Alcock and Annmarie Lee Birmingham City University CILIP Umbrella Conference 3rd July 2013
  2. 2. Research • Jisc-funded m-library community support project Practice • Birmingham City University Library and Learning Resources Conclusions • Implications for researchers and practitioners Overview
  3. 3. Mobile technologies in libraries
  4. 4. Jisc m-library programme
  5. 5. "to help support and engage the emerging m-library community by reviewing and synthesising existing research and evidence-based guidance" Evidence Base & Owen Stephens Consulting November 2011 - September 2012 M-library community support project
  6. 6. Evidence gathering
  7. 7. Community building
  8. 8. Pathways to best practice
  9. 9. • A student population of 25,000 • About a third of our students study part- time • Six academic faculties offering over 350 courses • Eight campus libraries • Increase in users learning from a distance BCU Library and Learning Resources
  10. 10. Mobile at BCU - outreach
  11. 11. Since August 2011, 78,825 Library SMS messages have been sent. Mobile at BCU - SMS
  12. 12. Mobile at BCU - QR codes
  13. 13. • Representatives from different campuses and parts of library, plus a CICT colleague • Meet on a monthly basis • Bring ideas together and work on small scale investigative projects • Organic process to enable new opportunities Mobile technologies working group
  14. 14. • Library functionality in mobile app • Mobile treasure hunt for inductions • Supporting learning and teaching (e.g. augmented reality) • Recommended apps for outreach • Mobile access to resources • Google Maps for location-based orientation Working group projects
  15. 15. Mobile at BCU - iBCU
  16. 16. Research informing practice
  17. 17. Research informing practice
  18. 18. Research informing practice
  19. 19. • Ensure research is informed by practice o  Need to be aware of pain points • Ensure information is accessible to practitioners o  Improve awareness by sharing at practitioner events o  Produce short easy-to-use guides Implications for researchers
  20. 20. • Look for research to inform practice o  Starting a new project? Has it been done before? Has someone published lessons learned and tips for best practice? • Remain aware of current research o  Follow research blogs and tweets • Help provide information to inform research o  Contribute to research surveys Implications for practitioners
  21. 21. • Both sides can learn from each other o  Two way process - practice informed by research, research informed by practice • Help improve practice and research Benefits of collaboration
  22. 22. Jo Alcock @joeyanne Annmarie Lee @annmarielee66 Thank you for listening