Cmht ambassador's spring 4


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Cmht ambassador's spring 4

  1. 1. Committee Updates• Community Service/Volunteer – Shirley Sanchez• Event Planning – Kyle Martin• Fundraising – Jasmine Milligan• Kerr Hall REAL Community – Miranda Braddy
  2. 2. Officer Nominations• Positions up for grabs are: – President – Vice President – Secretary/Treasurer – Historian *If you’re interested you have until April 19, 2012 to nominate yourself. You will need to ensure that you can serve your position the entire school year.
  3. 3. Descriptions• President – Serving in this position will require you to lead all coordinating efforts for organization activities ,and be in constant contact with fellow officers and Mrs. Wilson. You will also lead and plan every meeting as well as work closely with the secretary to maintain organization communication tools (Facebook, OrgSync, etc.).
  4. 4. Descriptions• Vice President – The Vice works closely with the president and Mrs. Wilson to complete all organization activities. This position also requires that you fill in for the president whenever necessary. – Checking roll at meetings, events, tours, etc. Going over members who are scheduled for each event at meetings and making sure each member knows what events they will be working at.
  5. 5. Descriptions• Secretary – The secretary will take meeting notes ,and help keep the organization’s member records as well as maintain the organization communication tools (Facebook, OrgSync, etc.) • Treasurer -Collect dues, properly receive/disburse money -Keep all receipts, cancelled checks, etc -Accurate record of funds
  6. 6. Descriptions• Historian – The historian is responsible for photo documenting organization activities ,and filling in other officers positions when needed. – Create flyers for promotional means – Plan any speakers for networking purposes
  7. 7. Committee Chair Nominations• Kerr Hall REAL Community• Community Service/ Volunteer• Fundraising• Event Planning – Each of these positions will require you to work closely with the officers and Mrs. Wilson. You will also be partially responsible for planning the activities in your respective areas. Networking skills are very important if you would like to serve as a committee chair ,because you will be managing the people in your group as well as working with individuals outside of the organization.
  8. 8. Kerr REAL Community Outreach• Helping the REAL Community Students plan their schedules• Goodie bags for finals• Other ideas
  9. 9. Things to think about• Do you have any ideas about next year’s Homecoming or the Really Big Merchandising event ? – If so please contact Jasmine Milligan or Mrs. Wilson(
  10. 10. Final meetingwill be April 26, 2012