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Safety Signs

Published in: Environment
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  1. 1. HEALTH AND SAFETY PRESENTATION. Prepared by: Emmanuel Atukwei Quaye Date: 26 September 2014 Know Your Construction Safety Signs. 1 First aid box
  2. 2. The Colours Used In Safety Signs: • Red • Yellow • Blue • Green
  3. 3. The Meaning Of Colours Used In Safety Signs:
  4. 4. Red Colour. • Prohibition – A red circular band with diagonal cross bar on a white background, the symbol within the circle to be black denoting a safety sign that indicates that a certain behaviour is prohibited. NO SMOKING
  5. 5. Yellow Colour. • Hazard – A yellow triangle with black border and symbol within the yellow area denoting a safety sign that gives warning of a hazard. Danger High voltage
  6. 6. Blue Colour. • Mandatory – A blue circle with white symbol denoting a sign that indicates that a specific course of action must be taken. This is a hard hat area
  7. 7. Green Colour. • A green oblong or square with symbol or text in white denoting a safety sign providing information about safe conditions. First aid box
  8. 8. Safety Sign Post With Multiple Colours: • A safety sign may show more than one colour on it sign post. That is, it may indicate a hazard and a mandatory inscription which must be obeyed or a hazard with a prohibition inscription or a safe condition act to be obeyed. Danger High voltage Keep away !
  9. 9. Examples Of Prohibition Signs Used In The Construction Site.
  10. 10. No thoroughfare No Access for pedestrians
  12. 12. No access to construction traffic Caution Site entrance Caution Heavy plant crossing Site access
  13. 13. Caution heavy plant turning Reverse prohibited unless under direction No unauthorised persons allowed beyond this point No unauthorised persons allowed to use mobile phone beyond this point
  14. 14. Children must not play on this site No entry to working area before reporting to site office
  15. 15. Examples Of Hazard Signs Used In The Construction Site. Construction site keep out Danger Risk of falling
  16. 16. Danger Bare live wires Caution. Falling debris Danger
  17. 17. Danger Live wires Danger Buried cable Construction Traffic Beware of children playing
  18. 18. Danger Of death Mind the step
  19. 19. Mind your head Any person found abusing these facilities will be liable for instant dismissal
  20. 20. Danger Noise hazard area
  21. 21. Warning It is dangerous and illegal to operate this machine without the proper guards in position
  22. 22. Caution Arc welding Danger Men working on plant Danger Test area Warning Isolate this machine before removing guards
  23. 23. Caution Misuse of compressed air is HIGHLY DANGEROUS and may cause permanent INJURY or DEATH Caution Out of order
  24. 24. Examples Of Safe Conditions And First Aid Signs Used in The Construction Site.
  25. 25. First aid for this department is available from First aid First aid room First aid First aid Your first aiders are:
  26. 26. First aid kits carried on this vehicle EXIT Emergency Telephone
  27. 27. √ Site safety Starts here √ A tidy area is a safer area
  28. 28. Examples Of Mandatory Signs Used In The Construction Site.
  29. 29. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Persons entering these premises must comply with all safety regulations under the above act !
  30. 30. Seat belt must be worn
  31. 31. Examples Of Safety Sign Post With Multiple Colours Warning risk of high noise levels Ear protection must be worn
  32. 32. SITE SAFETY Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 all persons entering this site must comply with all regulations under this act. All visitors must report to the site office and obtain permission to proceed on to the site or any work area. Safety signs and procedures must be observed and personal protection and safety equipment must be used at all times Construction work in progress. Parents are advised to warn children of the dangers of entering this site Safety helmets must be worn Unauthorised entry to this site is strictly forbidden.
  33. 33. SITE SAFETY Heavy plant and machinery operate on this site. Speed and parking restrictions must be observed. Vehicles must not enter the site without the authority of the site supervisor. Unsupervised reversing in and out of site is strictly forbidden. !
  34. 34. THE END