maintenance evaporation chemicals hot work permit heat exchanger continuous stirred tank reactor mathematical modeling zone melting float zone melting compressors flooding water cycle condensation filters applications ultrafiltration sedimentation burners crossover section convection section radiant section heater types reasons to save energy heater performance objectives reformer heater reaction heaters (crude distillation unit process furnaces petrochemicals furnaces in refinery engg safety officer toolboxtalk pdis capa hazard hazop hira sustainability automobiles 5s start up sustain standardize shine set sort cycle of concentration blowdown rate temperature differential temperature difference packings blowdown force draft natural draft microbiological contamination cooling towers calculation types of cooling towers types of cooling systems pump safety multi stage centrifugal pump priming cavitation and npsh pump head compensation characteristics curves how to choose pump centrifugal pump calculation centrifugal pump working type of pumps centrifugal pump ph adjustment settlers equalization textile plant etp etp plant operation case study of etp flowchart of etp sludge treatment process design of etp need fo etp what is etp effluent treatment plant cold work permit confined space excavation work permit electrical loto work permit permit hazards double mechanical seal bellows mechanical seal single mechanical seal pusher stuffing type of seals valves vacuum pumps turbines fans / blowers agitators pumps rotating equipment orifice steam traps impulse steam trap disc thermodynamic steam traps balanced pressure steam trap liquid expansion steam trap thermostatic steam traps inverted bucket steam trap ball float steam trap mechanical steam traps function of steam traps steam traps benefits of ejector working of ejector principle of ejector steam ejector working principle rules of thumb for process engineers piping and instrument diagram revalidation of the permit permit receiver responsibilities permit issuer responsibilities work permit flow chart man basket operation crane critical lifts permit radiography permit excavation permit electrical permit confined space entry permit types of permit to work permit to work effectiveness of heat exchanger number of transfer units (ntu) method log mean temperature difference (lmtd) regenerative heat exchanger flow of arrangement plate heat exchanger tube and shell heat exchangers floating head heat exchanger application and significance centrifugal pump formula hazard-communication five employer requirements health hazards physical hazards hazardous chemical the hazcom standard causes and contributing factors of accidents purpose of accident investigation types of accidents what is an accident safety risk management photosynthesis geological carbon cycle the carbon cycle isothermal reactor design plug flow reactor flow systems stoichiometric table continuous ideal reactors ideal reactors the sulfur cycle the potassium cycle the phosphorus cycle the nitrogen cycle ozone layer past and present c02 levels carbon dioxide levels greenhouse gasses oxygen cycle emission levels carbon oxygen cycle biogeochemical cycles phosphorus phosphorus cycle characteristics of the rtd: types of tracer inputs: measurement of rtd design of non-ideal reactors residence time distribution non-ideal flow membrane selectivity microporous membranes separation of liquids mechanisms for transport through membranes characteristics of filtration processes membrane modules membrane fabrication membrane materials asymmetric membranes membrane types - isotropic membrane applications in the pharmaceutical indust liquid membranes electrodialysis dialysis pervaporation gas separation/permeation reverse osmosis microfiltration membranes ziegler – nichols controller settings tuning rules selection of controller modes controller tuning control valve air-to-open vs. air-to-close reverse & direct actuators valve plugs valve body positioner indicator diaphragm actuator actuator fluids actuator power introduction to actuator typical actuator & valve actual pneumatic control valve pneumatic control valve discharge/suction throttling: controlling a pd pump rotary pumps reciprocating pumps centrifugal pumps positive displacement pumps application of rd disadvantages of rd advantages of rd various contact devices used for rd effect of various parameters on rd of mtbe mtbe production using rd conventional process lechatelier’s law reactive distillation heating and cooling containers stirring dirac delta function second shifting theorem laplace transform of periodic functions unit step function application to differential equations convolution theorem inverse laplace transform first shifting theorem definition of laplace transform storage and packaging kiln mixing wet process crushing manufacturing process of portland cement cement ceramic industries conversation of mass conversation of energy useful quantities factors for unit conversions unit conversations laplace advanced engineering mathematics mathematics laplace transforms finding shell diameter estimation of overall heat transfer coefficient mean temperature difference energy balance and heat transfer calculations cooling mediums heating mediums selection of cooling medium or heating medium shell tube heat exchanger design method for shell tube heat exchanger spacers tie rods tube side pass partition plate tube baffles shell side pass partition plate shell tube sheet expansion joint origin of petroleum composition of petroleum role of crude oil in global economy exploration of crude oil. drilling of petroleum and natural gas evaluation of gasoline reservoir drive mechanisms what is crude oil evaluation of diesel surplus variables artificial variables duality slack variables limitation of l.p. advantages of l.p. application of linear programming linear programming reactor modeling modeling of constant holdup cstr high dense polyethylene low dense polyethylene classification of polymers properties of polymers hdpe ldpe polyethylene polymers sbr processing of petroleum arrangements of distillation towers side stripping columns pump around reflux pump back reflux types of reflux atmospheric column vacuum distillation column crude oil distillation crude desalting dependent quantities for cstr: continuous stirred tank reactor systems (cstr) ontinuous stirred tank reactor lagrange's method static model dynamic model deterministic models probabilistic models comparison between rigid and stochastic models variation of independent variables sludge pyrolysis biomass pyrolysis pyrolysis molecular compounds covalent bonding bonding in methane and orbital hybridization shapes of orbitals hybridization cooling tower capacity cooling tower performance cooling tower types cooling water system cooling tower fermentation process flow sheet of alcohol production alcohol fermentation process hydrogen physical and chemical properties of hydrogen material balance and its applications liquid-vapor equilibria in binary systems multi stage batch distillation batch distillation heater treater horizontal heater treaters petroleum engineering axial-flow compressors centrifugal compressors diaphragm compressors reciprocating compressors positive displacement types of compressors membrane technologies non-cryogenic processes cryogenic distillation process air purification air separation air separation techniques reduction in vacuum reboiler temperature weeping/dumping entrainment foaming factors affecting distillation column operation distillation column flooding of a distillation column precipitation hydrological cycle nano filtration ultra filtration pressure gauges manometers piping and instrumentation diagram instrumentation symbology baffle shell & tube heat exchangers distillation principles types of distillation columns pyrometer laws of thermoelectric circuits thermo electricity thermocouple pressure spring thermometer bimetallic thermometers mercury in glass thermometer constant volume thermometer diaphragm box method sight glass / gauge glass indirect method direct method bellow pressure gauge bourdon gauge inclined tube manometer. well type manometer. enlarged manometer. u tube manometer. negative feedback positive feedback types of control positive displacement flowmeters rotameter variable area flowmeters principles of fluid flow in pipes the venturi tube the orifice plate thermocouple vacuum gauge pirani gauge ionization gauge types of gauges parts of instruments the elements of instruments static and dynamic characteristics types of supports types of loads acting on beam types of beam support reactions compass types of survey angular measurement types of mixing mixing index work index screening equipment's types of filters cake filters principle of cake filtration filtration filter aids centrifugal filter discontinuous vacuum filter filter media continuous vacuum filter cohesive mixers cohesive solids mixers for cohesive solids equipments size reduction pneumatic conveying slurry transport screen analysis mixers fluidization types of agitators filter press and shell and leaf filters transportation equipments in industry transport conveyors techniques nanofiltration mec mechanics of solids earth article all surfing sites online data website chemical engineering thermodynemics thickeners clarifiers mechanical operation
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