environmental assessment mitigation measures pollution prevention esmp job safety analysis flood warnings weather forecasts energy cycles smap emap significant mission environmental officer rdcs cdcs usaid sesp screening procedure social and environmental project screening environmental management plan health and safety biodiversity conservation physical cultural resources vulnerable groups potential impacts source book international law capacity-building programs peoples safeguards resettlement safeguards asian development bank (adb) safeguard policy statement environment safeguards grievance mechanisms management programs key elements of an esms compliance requirements emergency preparedness risks and impacts stakeholder engagement organizational capacity social management plan social environment biological environment physical environment viability of the project preparation of eis environment (amendment) act 20 council’s recommendation referral to council inception report permit holders environment act 2000 eia act of png mining industries salient features severity of impacts direct impacts indirect impacts policy framework likelihood of occurrence esms screening resource conservation employee awareness employee morale implementation social risks social impacts esia iso 14001 ems technical team safety equipment job hazard analysis (jha) cctv footage timely manner incident report changes to protocols workplace minor sprains and strains osha form 300. paperwork complete and file the required secure the scene emergency protocols injury or incident findings of the incident secondary cause primary cause preventative action plan safety training accident prevention plan workplace hazardous risk assessment code matrix hazard/risk job hazard analysis line of fire highway projects risk assessment & mitigation high risk activities hazard identification training employees personnel safety construction site safety plan general safety rules osh safety at work hearing protection gears mandatory sign safe condition sign ilo osha accident investigation policy alcohol and drug policy disciplinary action hazard warning signs envoronmental policy mandatory signs warning signs organisations ppes safety signs;
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