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Ben showers #asl2014 keynote


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'The cocked hat - navigating the digital future' keynote address by Ben Showers @benshowers Head of Scholarly and Library Futures with the Digital Infrastructure team at Jisc from 'Information Innovators: Librarians evolving in the digital environment' the Academic & Special Libraries conference 2014 #asl2014. Delivered Friday Feb 28th 2014, Dublin

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Ben showers #asl2014 keynote

  1. 1. 28.02.2014 The Cocked Hat: Navigating the Digital Future
  2. 2. safra_28 said... Company Sergeant Major George Cavan was my husband's Great Grandfather and although he already knew a some of his history he was amazed to see reference to this note as he never knew it existed, its great to see that his family in Australia where able to not only keep this item intact for 90 years but also able to let the Great War Archive have the item for future generations to see. 10 October 2008 13:23
  3. 3. Ben Showers Head of Scholarly and Library Futures @benshowers 3
  4. 4. Introducing Jisc Jisc offers digital services for UK education and research. The charity does this to achieve its vision for the UK to be the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world. © Isaxen via Flickr 4
  5. 5. Three themes… 1. The User 2. The Infrastructure 3. The Library
  6. 6. The User
  7. 7. forms of participation
  8. 8. User-led…
  9. 9. At Scale…
  10. 10. Playful…
  11. 11. forms of understanding
  12. 12. Qalitative
  13. 13. Quantitative
  14. 14. From Chore to Core
  15. 15. The Infrastructure
  16. 16. Library Analytics and Metrics Project (LAMP)
  17. 17. The best idea for your data will be thought of by someone else!
  18. 18. Let your data be promiscuous
  19. 19. vertically thinking the current picture
  20. 20. The Library
  21. 21. Inside out
  22. 22. Collaboration
  23. 23. Reduction Redistribution of effort
  24. 24. emerging skills…
  25. 25. Final thoughts…
  26. 26. disruption is a feature, not a bug…
  27. 27. think like a Dandelion!
  28. 28. best time ever to be a librarian…
  29. 29. Ben Showers Head of Scholarly and Library Futures @benshowers 30