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The Ask Patty Holiday Social Part Two


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Published in: Technology, Business
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The Ask Patty Holiday Social Part Two

  1. 1. The Ask Patty Holiday “Social” Part 2
  2. 2. Google Plus!
  3. 3. Google Plus Features Circles – following Hangouts – video meetings Sparks – hashtags plus Huddle – mobile texting app Instant Upload – mobile photo sharing app
  4. 4. The Plus One Button
  5. 5. What the heck is a Flickr? Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. - Searchable - Organized - Create groups - Connect with others
  6. 6. The Flickr Interface
  7. 7. The Flickr Zeitgeist
  8. 8. Do you have Klout? Klout is a social media analysis engine. It tracks your social media usage and 'scores' you based on how you communicate, and who is engaged.
  9. 9. The Klout Interface
  10. 10. The Flavors of Social Media: Twitter
  11. 11. Extras – weekly trends on Twitter #musicmonday #woofwednesday #followfriday or #ff Use these tags for more visibility!
  12. 12. Extras: Mashable
  13. 13. More tools for your social life Seesmic – social media dashboard, good for managing multiple accounts. Weebly – blog/website service, very user friendly, very cool! Look into “social bookmarking” like Digg,, Reddit, and StumbleUpon
  14. 14. Social Media Management with AskPatty For more information, contact Kaeli Gardner: [email_address] 423-202-7324 Social Media marketing support is ALWAYS available to CFF clients.
  15. 15. Questions ??