The Ask Patty Holiday "Social"


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The Ask Patty Holiday "Social"

  1. 1. The Ask Patty Holiday “Social”
  2. 2. The Social Media Cornucopia Plus: Flickr Tumblr Blogger Youtube LinkedIn Foursquare Tools like FriendFeed name a few!
  3. 3. Which Social Network Should I Use?
  4. 4. Which Social Network Should I Use? A: ALL OF THEM! You should at least have a membership on any and all social network sites you can, if only to reserve your name. Remember that a social network that seems “too small” or “superfluous” today can be tomorrow's major player. A few years ago, it seemed ridiculous to think that Facebook would ever surpass MySpace in terms of users.
  5. 5. The Flavors of Social Media 1: Facebook Facebook is a community building and communication tool with over 750 million users. How to use Facebook effectively?
  6. 6. Facebook: Pages vs. Accounts An individual must own a Facebook account, not a company. That individual can own (or admin) a business page. -> Create Page
  7. 7. Facebook: Using Facebook as your Business Upper-right hand corner drop-down menu -> “ Use Facebook As Page” Follow local news media, chamber, business networking partners as the business . Use the “share” button!
  8. 8. Facebook: The Power of Custom Tabs A custom 'landing' page will control what users see when they land on your page. Use a coupon, current promo, or mailing list signup. Full html support – the sky's the limit!
  9. 9. Facebook: Keeping Active The RSS Graffiti app will publish any blog or RSS feed (which you have permission to re-post) to your status. Search “RSS Graffiti” to get started. You May Use Ask Patty Blog Content!
  10. 10. The Flavors of Social Media: Twitter Twitter is a microblogging service. Tweets are visible globally to anyone, whether they follow you or not. Twitter for business is a PR tool.
  11. 11. The Power of the Hashtag Go to and click “Advanced Search” Search Tweets by zip code – what's trending near you? #yourtown is a perfect place to start.
  12. 12. @Mentions and re-tweets @Mentions and re-tweets are great ways to get more exposure out of Twitter. When people @mention you, all their followers see you too! Re-tweet and ask for re-tweets.
  13. 13. @Mentions and re-tweets @Mentions and re-tweets are great ways to get more exposure out of Twitter. When people @mention you, all their followers see you too! Re-tweet and ask for re-tweets.
  14. 14. What do I tweet about? What's going on at the shop today? Non-controversial local news? Make it personal, keep it fun. Tweet flickr photos from your shop
  15. 15. The Flavors of Social Media: Google+ Should I be on Google Plus? Google+ Business pages just launched. Integration into Google's search
  16. 16. The side dishes: Youtube and Flickr YouTube is the place for video sharing. Flickr is the place for photo sharing. Integrate them with other social networks for best results. Having an event? Create an open Flickr Group Pool
  17. 17. Managing your social meal: tools Hootsuite – social media dashboard, allows scheduling of posts Friendfeed – feed aggregator for Facebook, Twitter, and more. Quick tools: use for short URLs and for quick broadcasts.
  18. 18. QR Codes – do you use them? Seen one of these before? QR codes can be scanned by smartphones and can link to any web page, phone number, etc. Use QR codes in your shop to drive social followers.
  19. 19. Social Media Management with AskPatty A complete social media management program. Custom Facebook tab, custom Twitter page design, scheduled status updates, and more... Featuring tiered pricing – use as a supplement or all-in-one program.
  20. 20. Social Media Management with AskPatty For more information, contact Kaeli Gardner: [email_address] 423-202-7324 Social Media marketing support is ALWAYS available to CFF clients.
  21. 21. Questions ??