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E Solutions

  1. 1. Annual Reports • Direct Mail • Business Cards • Brochures • Posters • Letterhead • Flyers • Note Pads • Stationery • Labels • Digital Printing • Large Format • Variable Imaging • Plastic Cards • Mail Services • Thermography • Posters Mugs • Keychains • Writing Instruments • Wearables • Awards • Corporate Gifts • Desk Accessories • Drinkware • Sports & Leisure • Bags • Food Gifts • Business Accessories • Signs & Stickers • Umbrellas • Buttons Inventory Management • Fulfillment • Offshore Sourcing • Importing • Project Management • Business Solutions • Marketing Support • Program Development PRINT. PROMOTE. PROFIT! CUSTOMIZED E-SOLUTIONS Digital Print-on- Demand Web-to-Print E-Marketing Services Electronic Catalogs Electronic Form Generation Electronic Newsletters Inventory Assessment Interactive Websites Online Company Stores Online Forms Management Online Stationary Programs V-Mailcards from Proforma Web Audio Messaging Website Development PROFIT!
  2. 2. PROFORMA: IDEAS. SOLUTIONS. RESULTS Proforma has the expertise you need to develop a custom e-solutions program for your organization. Our innovative ideas and proprietary software provide your employees and customers — at home and around the world — with direct, continuous access to printed materials, promotional merchandise and electronic marketing initiatives. Let Proforma custom-tailor an online company store or integrated e-marketing campaign for you. With easy electronic access to all of your critical program information, it’s the one solution that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re ordering logo-imprinted promotional products or building an e-marketing program, Proforma offers electronic solutions that get professional results. IDEAS
  3. 3. E-SOLUTIONS PROFESSIONALS With the ease and continued growth of online shopping, and the endless array of online marketing, it’s time for your company to take advantage of this cost-efficient way to distribute goods and communicate with your customers. Using the latest software advancements, our e-solutions professionals will develop a user-friendly, online company store that handles ordering, warehousing, fulfillment, reporting, tracking and promotions. Take advantage of the ability to process a wide range of transactions complete with shipping details, personalization requests and payment, all of which allow your customers to receive their goods faster and easier. “ USE THE INTERNET TO INCREASE YOUR INTERNAL PRODUCTIVITY AND YOUR EXTERNAL VISIBILITY AMONG CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS. .” SOLUTIONS
  4. 4. <ul><li>Or, join the e-marketing revolution and develop integrated electronic marketing campaigns that run themselves and provide you with valuable reporting and tracking information. </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>If you’re interested in the latest trends in technology, enlist the services of our industry professionals to help you print, fax, buy and email online. Through developing industry trends and </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>growing product offerings we can help you design, create and produce custom programs and business tools to get great results. And unlike traditional company stores, e-solutions eliminate traditional concerns over staffing, administration, production and inventory control. Join forces with Proforma and get professional results for your professional organization. Digital Print-on-Demand E-Marketing Services Electronic Catalogs Electronic Form Generation Electronic Newsletters Inventory Assessment Interactive Websites Online Company Stores Online Forms Management Online Stationery Programs Reduction of Costs System Maintenance V-Mailcards from Proforma Web Audio Messaging Web-to-Print Website Development
  5. 5. BEYOND E-SOLUTIONS Proforma is uniquely positioned as a full-service provider of innovative graphic communications products and programs. In addition to the creation and maintenance of online stores and e-marketing programs, we offer expertise in three key areas that help you improve productivity and profits: RESULTS • creation and production of high impact promotional product programs (giveaways, tradeshow premiums, sales and service awards, corporate identity items, etc.) • full-service commercial printing capabilities (annual reports, brochures, newsletters, etc.) • creation of paper-based and electronic business forms and documents (invoices, statements, checks, labels, tags, etc.)
  6. 6. SUCCESS WITH E-SOLUTIONS IDEAS A national title and real estate services company contacted Proforma with a unique challenge. The company employs over 250 people in five offices throughout the country, and 40 outside sales representatives, who work from home. The sales representatives, and many of the office employees, were each given an annual budget which they could use for business promotions. Many of the representatives felt they did not have easy access to promotional items, or the knowledge to determine whether or not the purchase they were about to make was a wise one. The task was to determine a way to standardize the items being purchased and provide them with the tools to make sound purchasing decisions. Some people’s challenges create other people’s ideas. Proforma went to work.
  7. 7. SUCCESS WITH E-SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS During a meeting with the sales representatives, it became apparent what their most desirable promotional items were and what their targeted costs would be. Proforma developed on online company store that would be accessible to their representatives 24 hours a day with the items they felt were valuable. Once this determination and recommendation was made to the title company’s main office, the personalized items were purchased. By partnering with Proforma, the title company was able to purchase their promotional items at prices far below what they could have found on their own. And, by using the online company store, the company was able to track purchases made by each representative so they could simply deduct the amount from the individual’s budget and ship the items out that day. RESULTS The title company was extremely satisfied with the program. The new system has allowed the main office to save time and money which can now be applied to shipping costs for the representatives’ purchases. The representatives, in turn, have saved money on their promotional products and can now devote a larger portion of their budgets to developing solid promotional programs. To learn more about Proforma’s E-Solutions, contact your Proforma Professional.
  8. 8. E-SOLUTIONS Arthur Andryeyev Proforma printing Artik & Co. 606-2138 Madison Ave. Burnaby, BC, V5C6T6 604-435-9460 [email_address]