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Lead generation


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The presentation will give an introduction and more in depth information about lead generation. It will include the do’s and don’ts, how to define the right target group, how to cluster the target group and which technologies are important to use. Different cases will show, how an effective lead generation can be set-up and executed. The presentation will be split in 2 Sessions, one for beginners and the other one for advanced marketing managers.

This presentation used in electronic commerce conference "E-komercija '16" by Daniel Richter from company Adxmedia.

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Lead generation

  1. 1. Workshop Leadgeneration !
  2. 2. Agenda 14:00 – 15:30 Lead generation (Beginners) •  ad× media in 5 minutes •  ad× lead generation process •  Case Social Media Lead generation (Travel) 15:45 – 17:15 Lead generation (Advanced) •  Why it makes sense to go away from the classic target group definitions •  How to generate loan leads Facebook •  Success with multiple landing pages
  3. 3. ad× in 5 minutes
  4. 4. 2011 ! 2012 ! 2013 ! 2014 ! 2015 ! Start social media lead generation Start as SEO agency SEA, media- planning & media-buying Focus on lead generation and lead management Step into international lead generation campaigns
  5. 5. 1. Acceptable Website SEO 2. Great mobile experience 3. E-Mail, paid Search - Brand 4. Display Ads - Brand 5. Micro – Outcomes (see & think) 6. Incredible Website, SMO 7. Search, Display - Category 8. Multi Channel Integrations 9. Loyalty Marketing Digital Marketing „ladder of Awsomeness“ by Avinash Kaushik Our working process
  6. 6. The Team
  7. 7. Client examples
  8. 8. ad× lead generation process
  9. 9. There is no secret of an easy and successful lead generation
  10. 10. Lead generation is a process and it is necessary to prepare each step very well
  11. 11. Time Structures Luck Crea0vity Hard Work LEAD Courage
  12. 12. The steps of adבs lead generation process
  13. 13. 1. Process & Structures 1(9) “Negative result of a lead campaign often cause in missing processes and unclear responsibilities”
  14. 14. 1. Process & Structures 2(9) Why and what are the factors? 1. Unclear lead definition 2. Missing process to qualify leads 3. Unavailable briefing how to work with lead 4. Oversized hierarchy
  15. 15. 1. Process & Structures 3(9) Unclear lead definition 1. Set a clear goal, what you want to do with the lead 2. Define what information are necessary 3. Define a process lead validation process 4. Define a lead follow up process
  16. 16. 1. Process & Structures 4(9) Missing process to qualify leads In some cases the collected lead information is to poor to work with, e.g. wrong address or missing details or to less information. Before you start, think about a process how to add on additional information to the collected lead data, e.g. follow-up emails, follow-up calls
  17. 17. 1. Process & Structures 5(9) Unavailable briefing how to work with leads Keep in mind, that you need to give the stakeholders additional information about the lead, not only, that the person is interested in your products, e.g. -  The way how the lead was generated -  The assets the interested persons got -  Requested information -  CRM information e.g. existing client, prospect a.s.o
  18. 18. 1. Process & Structures 6(9) “Different stakeholders, different “languages”, different expectations” oversized hierarchy
  19. 19. 1. Process & Structures 7(9) Oversized hierarchy A lean structure demands:
 1.  Definition of responsibilities 2.  Clear processes and communication structure 3.  Defined, written and accepted process
  20. 20. 1. Process & Structures 8(9) The Highlander Principle: There can be only one! Oversized hierarchy
  21. 21. 1. 1. Process & Structures 9(9) Oversized hierarchy 
 It is important to define a person how is:
 •  overall responsible for the lead gen process •  responsible of the Budget •  authorized to fell decisions •  First contact point for all stakeholders, e.g. agencies, traffic provider
  22. 22. 2. Financials 1(2) “Most of clients are not able to state a price per lead” Why this is a challenge within the lead gen process?
 •  Difficult to optimize the campaigns •  Hard to rate the result of the campaign •  Impossible to allocate the right amount of budget
  23. 23. 2. Financials 2(2) How do you define the price per lead? -  Define the information you need -  Check what your competitors paying for a similar lead -  Calculate the max. cost per lead out of the sales margin of your service or product “maxCPL=GP-(%operation costs)- (profit)*(%lead2sale)”
  24. 24. 3. Products and services 1(2) Why should the user sign up for your services or products? -  Look at your service from customer point of view -  Describe in your service in a 4 – 5 sentence -  Find real customer USPs Please note, this will be important for the target group selection!
  25. 25. 3. Products and services 2(2) ASMO internal USPs •  16 Stores •  1.000 Kitchen variations •  Professional sales persons •  More than 20 Brands •  Open SAT 09:00 – 18:00 •  Rewarded in Service •  300hours from offer to delivery The client’s USP •  1 Store near to my home •  The kitchen for your needs •  We care about your kids •  Shop after Work or during the weekend •  2 weeks delivery
  26. 26. 4. Target group 1(6) “Target group definition is the most complicated part and needs to be re- worked during the lead generation process”
  27. 27. 4. Target group 2(6) Why do you have to look into the target group more detailed? Target group definition of a car company
 •  60 years+ •  male •  income > 1 Mio Euro p.a. •  married •  more than 1 child •  lives in a town
  28. 28. 4. Target group 3(6) Your potential target group: Ozzy Osbourne - Godfather of Heavy Metal Price Charles – successor to the throne of the British Empire
  29. 29. 4. Target group 4(6) Different characters – some brand Ozzy Osbourne - Godfather of Heavy Metal Price Charles – successor to the throne of the Bri0sh Empire Both of them driving Bentley. But have different approaches to buy such a car.
  30. 30. 4. Target group 5(6) Ask yourself following questions:
 •  How does my current client base look like? •  How else could interested in my service? •  Which problems, demands can my service solve? •  Which values will drive the demand? Ask your existing clients how your product helped them Narrow down your target group to 2 – 3 “demand groups” and add attributes e.g. self driving rock stars or royals with driver
  31. 31. 4. Target group 6(6) Self-driving, loves fast cars, simply can afford anything, loves the brand, … Assump0on: Ozzy will buy the car by himself. Chauffeur car, never drives him-self, represen0ng, secure car, addi0onal features e.g. bullet proof windows Assump0on: Someone else will buy this car for Charles
  32. 32. 5. Landing Page & Content 1(9) “Don`t collect leads on your homepage. Create an own campaign micro cosmos with service / product landing pages”
  33. 33. 5. Landing Page & Content 2(9) Use landing pages, because a homepage offers to much distraction to the visitor e.g. •  Multiple information, •  other products / services •  Information does not match his search •  USPs not matching his demand
  34. 34. 5. Landing Page & Content 4(9) •  Use a single campaign landing page for each service or product •  Don’t spent to much time and budget in art work and coding •  Made it easy to change •  Start simple and change the landing page during the campaign
  35. 35. 5. Landing Page & Content 5(9) Landingpage software e.g. What are the advantages? -  fast and easy set-up -  pre-defined templates -  responsive templates -  integrated Tracking -  simple A/B testing -  API’s to most of CRM or e-mailing systems
  36. 36. 5. Landing Page & Content 6(9) What is the right landing page content? What do you want to achieve with your landing page and what information you need from the visitors? Also it is important at which stage of the buying process the visitor is already. Typically assets are:
 -  White paper -  Trials -  Vouchers -  Video Tutorials, Trainings -  Surveys
  37. 37. 5. Landing Page & Content 7(9) When using which asset? White paper Can be for all products and services. Mostly Whitepaper are publications how to solve a specific problem Trials Typically for software companies or online trainings. Mostly a time capped access Vouchers Introducing new products or promote events
  38. 38. 5. Landing Page & Content 8(9) When using which asset? Video Tutorials, Trainings Mostly for services or products which needs a detailed explanation or personal meetings Surveys Ideal to learn more about a target group or to qualify leads
  39. 39. 5. Landing Page & Content 9(9) Independent from the assets – keep in mind all content has to apply to the target groups needs and demands. •  Use a short and relevant introduction of service or product •  Find the “reason why” for the user you want to address •  Create curiosity by introduce the problem solving solution of your service / product
  40. 40. 6. Conversion path 1(2) Different target groups demanding different conversion paths! Adjust the following steps to your target group Target group Demand Channel Interac0on Landing Page Offer Problem Wish Solu0on
  41. 41. 6. Conversion path 2(2) To create the right conversion path keep following in your mind: •  Target groups are different in itself •  Within a target group’s decision can be driven by different emotions and values •  Constant attention and wording over all funnel steps from acquisition, interaction to the landing page •  Create different funnels for demand groups
  42. 42. 7. Interaction Elements 1(4) Basically, interaction elements are all information which introduce your service / product to your target group e.g. •  Content •  Text Ads •  Banners •  Newsletter •  Facebook Ads •  …
  43. 43. 7. Interaction Elements 2(4) „Within 5 sec you need to get the full attention of the visitor to choose your offer“
  44. 44. 7. Interaction Elements 3(4) The only reason the visitor is clicking an ad is the content relevant to his problem. •  Don’t create general ads •  Use the right “primer” (target group definition) •  Create an Ad – Landing Page environment •  Create specific ads for each demand •  Use multiple ads per target group (min. 5) •  Test different ads parallel
  45. 45. 7. Interaction Elements 4(4)
  46. 46. 7. Media Planning & Buying 1(3) The selection of the channel depends on the the target group specification. Typically lead generation channels are:
 -  Client’s website -  Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn) -  Newsletter -  Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords) -  InApp Advertising
  47. 47. 7. Media Planning & Buying 2(3) It is nearly impossible to say, which online marketing channel will work best. So we recommend you to minimize risk and take always channels you are able to control.
  48. 48. 7. Media Planning & Buying 2(3) What does it mean to have control? •  Access Real-Time Stats •  Define Budget limits by yourself •  Start / stop immediately •  Ability to change ads instantly
  49. 49. 8. Lead campaign A running lead campaign needs your total attention •  Check the quality of the leads regularly •  Change channels depending on price and quality •  Test different interaction elements to improve the lead and lead quality •  Test different channels Note, that it takes time to optimize a campaign. Especially in the B2B area a lead campaign should take min. 3 months.
  50. 50. 8. Lead campaign Try to run a lead campaign over a longer time period e.g. 3 months, as you need to collect user data to understand your target group. 
 Especially in the B2B area the traffic is limited, so it takes you more time to reach a significant amount of users Assumptions based on user data and test with new interaction elements are successful only if you have collected certain amount of data.
  51. 51. Tools Statistics
 -  SEMrush -  Google Adwords Planner - -  Facebook Business Manager Landingpages and Banners
 - - -  Ad Respark E-Mail & E-Mail Follow Up
 -  Mailchimp -  Getresponse Exit Pop Ups
 - Indeed Smart PopUp
  52. 52. Case - Luxury travel
  53. 53. is an off- and online travel agency, specialized in luxury individual travel around the world. Also they are owning and running different guest houses in South Africa Before we start our cooperation Intosol generated most of their travel inquiries offline. Case - Luxury travel
  54. 54. The objective- Increase online requests for individual travels. 
 Lead definition: -  Region: South Africa -  Travel Budget 4.500+ Euro -  High- and Off-Season -  Individual packages Case - Luxury travel
  55. 55. The challenge The current has a very low lead rate and because of a lot of information to other destinations, it his impossible to show the visitor the right offer. Case Luxury travel
  56. 56. Step 1: exclude the campaign from normal website to create a better user experience, show USPs and add CTAs Case Luxury travel
  57. 57. Step 2 – Online Marketing Channels First we connected the Landing Page to the existing Adwords campaign to test the impact on the lead rate. After we saw an impact, we decided to use the landing page for a new facebook campaign Case - Luxury travel
  58. 58. Step 3 – Target group definition We started to target persons with following interests: -  Travel -  South Africa -  Vacation This gave a brief overview about the potential reach but was not successful as expected Case - Luxury travel
  59. 59. Step 5 – narrow down the target group 1(3) First we added matching interests 
 -  Brands (Zeiss, Kempinski, Hyatt, South African Airways, local Brands) -  Hobbies (Photography, sailing, golf, horseback riding) -  Locations in South Africa people interested in Case - Luxury travel
  60. 60. Step 5 – narrow down the target group 3(3) Also we started a low budget prospecting campaign. We promoted an image video of via facebook. All viewers and person, how interact with the video were added to our target group- Case - Luxury travel
  61. 61. Step 6 – Interaction elements 1(2) Dark posts were used to promote the campaign
 -  Visible within the facebook timeline -  Big graphical format to address emotions -  Full visible on mobile phones Case - Luxury travel
  62. 62. Step 6 – Interaction elements 2(2) Case - Luxury travel
  63. 63. Results •  12.000 Visitors •  332 valid leads according the lead definition Next Steps •  Lead nurturing process •  Further destionations Case - Luxury travel
  64. 64. 15:45 – 17:15 Lead generation (Advanced)
  65. 65. Agenda 15:45 – 17:15 Lead generation (Advanced) •  Why it makes sense to go away from the classic target group definitions? •  How to generate loan leads Facebook •  Success with multiple landing pages
  66. 66. Detailed Target Group definition “To be successful during a lead generation process, it is important to change the classic target group definition”
  67. 67. Detailed Target Group definition Why is this so important? Lets have a look on a typical target group definition:
 •  Lives in UK •  60 years+ •  male •  income > 1 Mio Euro p.a. •  married •  more than 1 child
  68. 68. Detailed Target Group definition Your potential target group: Rockstar Successor of the Throne Actor Contractor Farmer Shop Owner
  69. 69. Detailed Target Group definition All of them are within your target group and might be interested in your products and services. But they have different characteristics which influences their buying behavior.
  70. 70. Detailed Target Group definition How do you address different people within one target group? What makes them buying my products or signing up for may services?
  71. 71. Detailed Target Group definition Following parameters influence our daily search behavior and decisions. -  Personal values -  Personal goals -  Challenges and problems -  Demands -  Responsibilities -  Mood -  Time
  72. 72. Detailed Target Group definition These parameters directly influencing the customer journey -  Online Marketing channel -  Content of the interaction element (banner) -  Content of the landing page -  Landing Page Asset (Whitepaper, Video, …) Therefor it is neccessary to break down the conversion path and make adjustments for different user paths.
  73. 73. Detailed Target Group definition Example: The decision maker (CTO) has delegate the research for a problem resolution to a co-worker. Even if your target group is the CTO you will not reach him with your campaign. You need to find a way to present a solution for the co-worker – make him happy and present an asset which he could present to his boss.
  74. 74. Detailed Target Group definition After you break down several customer journey as before you start with assumptions e.g.: •  My sub-target group will be member of the CFO team •  It might be a technician as most of the known problems of our competitors are connected to API problems •  If we present a solution that our product will not have this problem and a good product intro we might get a chance that the CFO will look at our solution
  75. 75. Detailed Target Group definition Example of a customer journey based on te previous assumptions. Step 1 – Defining the right channel My target group is a technician He is using the internet regularly He is looking for a technical solution He will properly use Google to start his search -> Our channel will be Google Adwords
  76. 76. Detailed Target Group definition Example of a customer journey based on te previous assumptions. Step 2 – Content of the interaction element My channel will be Google Adwords We need to create text ads with address the API problem and show a solution We have only limited space -> creation of some text ads which use different triggers to gain a high CTR
  77. 77. Detailed Target Group definition Example of a customer journey based on te previous assumptions. Step 3 – Information on the website The technician wants a solution, therefor we need to create a section on our website which shows how our software will solve his problem As we want him to enter his contact details and give him more information about our product, we need to create an asset which he is happy to download -> Set-Up campaign landing page
  78. 78. Detailed Target Group definition Example of a customer journey
  79. 79. Detailed Target Group definition Example of a customer journey
  80. 80. Detailed Target Group definition Example of a customer journey
  81. 81. Detailed Target Group definition Defining target groups this way and illustrating conversion paths according the clients needs, will be a success factor during the lead generation process.
  82. 82. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Our objective: “Proof of concept – Facebook is a valid channel for lead generation in the financial area”
  83. 83. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Preparation: 1. Selection of a finance affiliate program 2. Creation of an own fan page as source of advertising 3. Definition of target group 4. Set-Up of different dark post campaigns 5. Scale and improve the target group based on lead data
  84. 84. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Selection of a finance affiliate program We choose a partner with applied following criteria's:
 -  Well optimized landing page -  Lead cancelation rate is less than 25% -  Lead price of minimum 4 Euro + sales commission -  API to import lead data (emails) back in our system -  Let us create banners by our own without approval -  Is able to pay out loan less than 10.000 Euro within 2 weeks
  85. 85. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Creation of an own fan page as source of advertising We decided to run dark posts campaigns. (Dark Post = Ad within your timeline) To do it his way, it was necessary to create an own fan page. The fan page is the advertiser and as it is not the client itself, it is seen as “trustworthy” advertiser.
  86. 86. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Simple Facebook Fanpage Topic: financials Includes a few articles about the financial markets, mortgage, loans and investments
  87. 87. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Definition of target group First we needed a target group to start with and reach to collect user information. Filter #1: Germany, Age 20+ , interested in low interest loans Size Target group: 3.000.000 to 3.500.000
  88. 88. Case: Lead gen via Facebook During the first days we were able to collect data and narrowed down the target group. Research about the behaviour of the target group allowed us improve the performance by 25%. We added additional parameters or made stricter selections e.g. 
 -  Age from 25 – 30, -  interests cars, dating, traveling -  Life in specific areas or towns
  89. 89. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Set-Up of different dark post campaigns We created a banner group with more than 10 banners with different pictures, texts and call-to-actions. Objectives: •  Find the text / pictures combination with has the highest relevance and generate leads •  Facebook quality rank of min. 7 out of 10
  90. 90. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Set-Up of different dark post campaigns
  91. 91. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Scale and improve the target group based on lead data To narrow down the target group we decided to use the Facebook’s customer audience and look-a-like functionality. We used the e-mail data of the generated leads to create new target groups based on the Facebook algorithm. This was a significant limitation of the total reach but the result improved by 147%.
  92. 92. Case: Lead gen via Facebook The biggest challenge was to get a high Facebook quality score for our dark post ads. How we tried to solved this: -  Test of different content / picture combinations -  Test of various CTAs -  Try to have a clean ad without comments Even with a daily change we were not able raise the quality score higher then 5 out of 10. After we stopped deleting the negative comments and a discussion started, the score went up to 9 out of 10.
  93. 93. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Scale and improve the target group based on lead data Start Look-a-like
  94. 94. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Figures and Results Spent: 11.676,32 Euro Clicks: 59.395 Avg. CPC: 0,20 Euro
  95. 95. Case: Lead gen via Facebook Figures and Results Leads: 3.762 Revenue: 16.913,02 Euro CPL: 4,50 Euro Profit: 5.236,70 Euro
  96. 96. Lead generation using multiple landing pages Case by our partner dacgroup Toronto DACgroup is a Canadian company offers different technologies for hyper local advertising e.g. PAGEtorrent
  97. 97. Lead generation using multiple landing pages Objectives: •  Benefit from long tail searches •  Offer a short as possible user journey •  Increase leads •  Improve the quality of leads
  98. 98. Focus on Long Tail Flights from [keyword]
  99. 99. Focus on Long Tail Flights to [keyword]
  100. 100. Focus on Long Tail Flights from [keyword] to [keyword]
  101. 101. PAGEtorrent is a system which allows you to create thousands of individual landing pages based on search terms. •  Reduce click paths •  Responsive design (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile) •  Relevant content •  Higher quality score •  Improved conversion (30% on average – up to 60% in mobile) •  Better qualified leads •  SEO gains through indexed pages
  102. 102. PAGEtorrentTM – Rich Content
  103. 103. Conversion Focus
  104. 104. Unique Content
  105. 105. Video
  106. 106. API Content
  107. 107. Local Content
  108. 108. Reviews
  109. 109. Local Facts
  110. 110. Paid Search Transformation 0 1.000 2.000 3.000 4.000 5.000 6.000 7.000 8.000 9.000 10.000 Landing Pages 0 500.000 1.000.000 1.500.000 2.000.000 2.500.000 3.000.000 Keywords Previous Campaign DAC Campaign
  111. 111. Appear • Appear Relevant • BE Relevant Highly Relevant SEM Ad Specific Local Search Ideal Landing Page
  112. 112. Paid & Organic Channels
  113. 113. •  Impression weighted Quality Score up 34% •  Click-through-rate more than doubled •  Conversion rates up 56% •  Lead -> In-store sale: 35% •  In-store ROI increase by 100% Impact
  114. 114. Ačiū!
  115. 115. München ad×media GmbH Goethestraße 8 DE-80336 München T: +49 89 21555593-1 Dresden ad×media GmbH Königsbrücker Straße 49 DE-01099 Dresden T: +49 351 4188843-1