Science, technology and engineering


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A simple presentation about interrelationship between Science, Technology and Engineering.

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Science, technology and engineering

  1. 1. Science, Technology and Engineering Aritra Mukherjee Swapan Mishra Debdeep Mustafi Mousumi Mukherjee Piyali Saha Priyanka Roy
  2. 2. Science  Comes from the Latin "scientia“ means KNOWLEDGE  Knowledge attained through study or practice  Reasoned investigation or study of natural phenomena with the objective of discovering new principles and knowledge of natural phenomena.  produces useful models of reality.  Natural sciences, the study of the natural world  Social sciences, the systematic study of human behavior and society.
  3. 3. Technology  Practical application of science to commerce or industry  includes the skill, technique and knowledge of the manipulation of nature for human purposes, using scientific results and knowledge.  Improvisation of a preexisting solution to produce a function dependent solution.
  4. 4. Engineering  Practical application of math and science.  design, create and production of new tools, machines and systems for practical human means by exploiting technology.  Divided into several disciplines and sub disciplines  Broadly divided into…  Chemical Engineering  Civil Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  Electrical Engineering
  5. 5. Sun & Earth The Earth is moving around the Sun. The Earth is the center of the universe. the Sun revolved around the Earth and the other planets revolved around the Sun. Ptolemy Tycho Brahe Copernicus The Earth and the other planets orbit the Sun. Galilio
  6. 6. God Particle  Higgs field - is a possibly quantum field supposed to be responsible for giving elementary particles their masses.  Boson - a type of particle that allows multiple identical particles to exist in the same place in the same quantum state  Church : God created the universe and all in it. God gave everything it’s structure, purpose, live and yes it’s mass.  Higgs Boson - what are we made out of.  The missing piece of the puzzle to understand the world
  7. 7. Steam Engine Is it the air?? The smoke?? The fog??? …. Oh! It’s the Steam   A small step for 3 men, a giant leap for mankind.  Works on the Principle of Complete or Partial Vacuum with a Condenser.  First Practically used to pump Water From Coal Mines.  James Watt credited for the major Developments.
  8. 8.  Diabetes is caused by the lack of insulin production known as hyperglycemia.  Insulin is a hormone which is produced by the pancreas.  In 1921 Fredetick ,G. Banting and Charles H. Best discovered an "anti- diabetic factor“ in the dog's pancreas.  In 1922 the effective treatment of diabetes is discovered in Toronto. INSULIN
  9. 9. Wheel At first humans realized that heavy objects could be moved easier if something round was placed under it and the object rolled over it. Then logs were placed under an object to drag it easily. This was the invention of sledge. With time the sledges started to wear grooves into the rollers and humans noticed that the grooved rollers actually worked better, carrying the object further.
  10. 10. Wheel Cont.. Then the rollers were changed into wheels & the first wooden cart was made. Next, the fixed axle was invented, where the axle does not turn but is solidly connected to the cart frame. After that different two wheelers,four wheelers etc are developed.
  11. 11. Calculators  In 1642 Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) invented an adding machine named pascaline.  Thirty years after Pascal, Leibniz devises a calculator which allows to easily multiply and divide  The first automation of addition (subtraction) is probably the work of Wilhem Schickard in 1623  The first easy to use calculator(Arithmometer) has been designed in 1820 by the French Thomas de Colmar.
  12. 12. Relationship Scientists seek to under stand need new tools to help the natural world, and often discover the answers. Engineers use scientific discoveries to design products and processes that meets society needs. Technologies (products and processes) are the result of engineered designs. They are created by technicians to solve societal needs and wants. ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE
  13. 13. Application  As knowledge Through the knowledge of Science, Technology and Engineering, the world has produced Scientists, Technologists and Engineers who contributed maximum for the benefit of human beings, the society and the world at large.  As Social Activity Application of Science, Technology and Engineering has made mankind a civilized sociable person.  As Professional Activity To-day Science, technology and Engineering have developed so much to absorb large number of people for their main occupation and profession.
  14. 14. Gene  Molecular unit of heredity of a living organism  Evolving with the science of genetics  Existence of genes was first suggested by Gregor Mendel  Provides the opportunity to improve human and animal health  Alteration of certain probabilistic aspects of heredity is possible Gene Technology
  15. 15. Genetic Engineering  Also called genetic modification  Used in research, biotechnology, and medicine  Medicine  Human growth hormones  Treating infertility  Monoclonal antibodies  Research  Cloning  Suspended Animation  Tissue Regeneration  Agriculture  Nano robotics