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Guide to College Accreditation


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Learn how college accreditation operates as a process and why it matters to you.

Published in: Education
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Guide to College Accreditation

  1. 1. Guide to College Accreditation
  2. 2. Accreditation is a term applied to universities and institutions of higher learning. As a process, it demonstrates their ability to provide students with quality instruction and skills needed to enter a profession.
  3. 3. How It Works The Accrediting Hierarchy
  4. 4. Accredited Organizations Accrediting Agencies Governing Bodies USDE & CHEA Regional & National Institutions Faith & Career Oriented Institutions Programmatic Programs
  5. 5. • Research Universities, Community Colleges, State & Private Schools Institutions • Institutions specializing in a specific field of study, such as Business or Medicine Faith & Career Oriented Institutions • Educational programs located within an institution, such as Nursing programs Programs Accredited Organizations
  6. 6. • Accredit institutions by regional standards Regional Accreditors • Accredit institutions according to nationally based standards National Accreditors • Accredit educational programs by nationally based standards Programmatic Accreditors Accrediting Agencies
  7. 7. • Recognize accreditation agencies and set the standards holding intuitions accountable for academic success The United States Department of Education & Council for Higher Education Accreditation Governing Bodies
  8. 8. Standards of Accountability
  9. 9. Transparency Quality Assurance
  10. 10. Transparency ▪ Transparency protects students from small print and word games ▪ It is based on an Institution’s: – Enrollment – Degrees Offered – Distance Education Programs – Accreditors
  11. 11. Quality ▪ Quality protects students from false advertising ▪ It is determined by an institution’s: – MarketingCampaigns – Recruitment Practices
  12. 12. Assurance ▪ Assurance is evidence of an institutions commitment to student success. ▪ Evidence includes: – Graduation Rates – CreditTransfers – Job Placements
  13. 13. Why You Should Care Accredited education allows you to . . .
  14. 14. For more information visit: