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Advanced Operations Analytics: 101


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Advanced Operations Analytics

Published in: Software
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Advanced Operations Analytics: 101

  1. 1. 1011010101010101010 00101011010001010101101 001010110100010 101101010101010101011101010010101 101101010101010101011101 Advanced Operations Analytics: 101 87% nd AOA successful Adoption 19% fully deployed 51% are in the process of deployment TOP 3 USE CASES Organization/Interdependencies IT Exec Suite Cloud Operations Top 3 Benets: 1Integrated security 2Real-time service performance 3Business impact and outcomes 1 out of every 5 respondents consider infrastructure-to-application as critical interdependencies Top 3 non-IT roles driving AOA strategy Repair 1 Faster time to repair problems 2 Optimization Better optimization of IT assets Insights 3 Gain real-time insights and historical trends on IT services 65% plan to support DevOps requirements through AOA Deployment: Source: The Many Faces of Advanced Operation Analytics. (2014). Enterprise Management Associates 44% think AOA is in-house investment 32% an even mix of both 24% primarily a third-party tool About 50% listed supporting the application development process and minimizing developer troubleshooting issues as DevOps AOA priorities