Пътническа харта на CER, UIC, CIT


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Пътническа харта на CER, UIC, CIT

  1. 1. union internationale des chemins de fer internationaler eisenbahnverband international union of railways Charter on Rail Passenger Services (Adopted on 22 October 2002)1. Purpose of the Charter 8. Refunds 14. Railway safety This charter is a voluntary commitment by European Refundable tickets will be reimbursed in a fast and simple The railway operations will meet high safety standardsrailway undertakings to raise the quality standards of procedure at the points of sale of the railway undertaking which maintaining rail’s role as the safest transport mode. Thisservices provided to their customers. issued the ticket and/or at any other designated locations. includes the continuous high attention for safety of infra- It covers all rail services. Services operated in agreement Requests for refund of tickets purchased from travel agents structure and rolling stock, for operational procedures andwith public authorities may be subject to specific conditions. must be submitted to the travel agent concerned. for safety qualifications of the railway staff. The safety record will be communicated on an at least annual basis. Customers will be provided with clear information about2. Information on passenger services and travel refund conditions and procedures at the points of sale. 15. Securitytickets 9. Punctuality The level of security in trains and in stations will continue Customers will be provided with adequate information to be developed in cooperation with the relevant authorities.at all relevant points of sale and through the appropriate The public will be informed in stations, on posters or by Campaigns to raise public awareness will be launched ininformation channels regarding: other means about the goals and particular performance order to promote active cooperation by customers on ensuring concerning the level of punctuality for the different passenger • the most convenient timetables, security levels. services. • seat availability (where applicable), In the event of delays, cancellations or diversions, railway 16. Cleanliness • lowest fare in relation to customer requirements, undertakings will endeavour to provide customers on board It will be ensured that all areas under our responsibility • the terms and conditions applicable. trains and in stations with information about the reason for the are kept clean and secure in cooperation with other railway For international services, if available at points of sale, above, the duration of delays and the consequences regarding and intermodal stakeholders to ensure comparable levels ofthis information will be provided for journeys between the the customer’s rail journey. cleanliness in station infrastructures and transfer facilities.main European railway stations as well as for the internationalfares that are available. 10. Delays 17. Customer obligations In the event of a delay, customers concerned will be provided • Passengers must conduct themselves in such a manner as3. Ticket issuing with: to avoid causing disturbance to other passengers and/or Tickets will be available through various distribution • refreshments if possible in the event that a disruption in a jeopardising the safety of railway operations.channels (international and long distance counters, internet, service exceeds three hours; • Passengers must follow the instructions of the traintelephone or accredited travel agents). • overnight accommodation when it is impossible to continue personnel and respect the rules applied in designated a journey on the same day and where alternative means areas in trains and at stations, e.g. non-smoking areas,4. Communication languages of transport cannot be provided at reasonable cost. silent areas, etc. The languages used for communication with customers on In the event that the responsibility lies solely with the • Passengers must be in possession of a valid rail ticketboard trains and/or at stations shall be the language(s) in use railway companies: and where applicable a valid reservation as well as theon the route where the customer is travelling. For internationalservices railway undertakings will endeavour to communicate • Appropriate compensation for train delays exceeding a requisite travel documents.with customers in at least one other commonly used language. certain time limit as indicated in the conditions governing • Passengers must comply with regulations concerning a ticket. luggage.5. Intermodal information Compensation which may take the form of financial Customers will be provided with information on access to compensation or pre-paid vouchers for future journeys. 18. Permanent consultation of customersand from stations and on connections with other modes. • In the event of a disruption in services, passengers will Railway undertakings or their representative bodies will be offered reimbursement or accommodation in another take part in consultation forums, notably with organisations6. Information about services such as luggage train (upgraded tickets included) or alternative travel representing customers.arrangements, bicycles, etc. arrangements at a reasonable cost, depending on circum- Railway undertakings will take part in discussions on the Passengers may travel with up to three pieces of luggage stances and free of charge. implementation of this Charter, monitoring of service levels,provided that this luggage will not endanger other passengers changes in service levels including line closures and theand that it will fit in the dedicated luggage space. Larger pieces 11. Passengers with reduced mobility quality of rail services in general and will seek advice on theirof luggage (skis, surfboards, bicycles, etc) are subject to special Common practice regarding assistance to rail passengers design and organisation.conditions. with reduced mobility will be applied, as reflected in standards agreed by the European railways (a summary of the contents 19. MonitoringInformation about dedicated services for carriage of bicycles of these standards is appended).This will cover information All railway undertakings will monitor customer satisfactionand/or for registered luggage to passengers’ destinations, in on assistance in stations, assistance and facilities to and the level of punctuality on a regular basis. In addition,particular international destinations, is available at the point board/disembark from trains and on-board information. railway undertakings will collect customer complaints onof sale or through the appropriate information channels. Information on services available for persons with reduced national and international passenger transport by rail,7. Complaints and claims mobility on the main international routes is available at classifying them in the appropriate categories and publish an points of sale and on the appropriate information channels. overview. Complaints and claims will be handled as early as possibleand normally within four weeks. The reply will indicate the Railway undertakings will take continuous action to improvereasons for acceptance or rejection of the complaint. 12. Passenger wayfinding in stations their services in order to meet customer needs. User-friendly wayfinding systems to facilitate passengers’Each railway undertaking will create and indicate the contact access to trains and station facilities will be based onpoint to which complaints and claims can be addressed in best practice in Europe as reflected in standards agreed bywriting and/or by other means. Complaints or claims may be the European railways (a summary of the contents of thesesubmitted in the languages used by the different railway standards is appended).undertakings involved in a customer’s journey and/or in atleast one other commonly used language. Convenient transfer facilities between railways and other modes will be providedIn the event that a claim is rejected, customers have a right ofappeal to consumer organisations or to an official conciliation 13. Conditions of contractbody or mediator. Passengers may request all contractual conditions at the point of sale and on the appropriate information channels like e.g. internet.community of european railways - communauté européenne du rail - gemeinschaft der europäischen bahnen Avenue des Arts, 53 - B-1000 BRUXELLES - Tel.: +32 2 213 08 70 - Fax: +32 2 512 52 31 - contact@cer.be - www.cer.be