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Presentation at a seminar on linked data and art museums at the Smithsonian Institute, April 29 2013.
Other presentations at http://lodlam.net/2013/05/07/linked-open-data-in-art/

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  • Example used is: http://preview.europeana.eu/portal/record/90402/174D436CF5C61F8AA999090C98DA48B9C7024087.html Een vrouw met een kind in een kelderkamer by Pieter de Hooch, Rijksmuseum, public domain
  • Red -> for providers and Europeana Green -> for Europeana
  • This diagram shows the three core classes and the relationship between them. The Provided CHO is the “real Thing” as it exists in the real world – the mona lisa for example. The Web Resource is the digital representation of the providedCHO and is the resource that is accessible from europeana The aggregation is the construct that links these objects to make a logical whole. I’ll go through all three briefly.
  • Properties that relate to the aggregation – notably the data about where the data comes from and the identifers of the real thing and its digital representations.
  • Properties that relate to the original object (note that it could be a born digital object)– the edmProvidedCHO. This is where most of the descriptive metdata will go.
  • Web resource is the digital object
  • There will always be at least two aggregations for the same thing even if only one provider offers it - Europeana will always make its own aggregation and add its own metadata. Here is how it looks when europeana adds its own enriched metadata…. Our own proxy with our own – enriched – metadata – using the edm:agent class and the VIAF identifier we can add skos preflabels to his name in two languages.
  • EDM - American Art Collaborative LOD Meeting

    1. 1. Europeana Data ModelAntoine IsaacScientific Coordinator, EuropeanaAmerican Art Collaborative LOD MeetingSmithsonian American Art Museum, April 29, 2013
    2. 2. What Europeana gets (and makes available)DescriptivemetadataLink to digitalobjects online
    3. 3. So far: ESE recordseuropeana:dataProvidereuropeana:providereuropeana:isShownAteuropeana:isShownByeuropeana:objecteuropeana:rights with controlled values(Public Domain, CC-BY, etc)dc:contributor, dc:creator, dc:date, dc:format,dc:identifier, dc:language, dc:publisher,dc:relation, dc:source, dcterms:alternative,dcterms:extent, dcterms:temporal,dcterms:medium, dcterms:created,dcterms:provenance, dcterms:issued,dcterms:conformsTo, dcterms:hasFormat,dcterms:isFormatOf, dcterms:hasVersion,dcterms:isVersionOf, dcterms:hasPart,dcterms:isPartOf, dcterms:isReferencedBy,dcterms:references, dcterms:isReplacedBy,dcterms:replaces dcterms:isRequiredBy,dcterms:requires dcterms:tableOfContentseuropeana:type
    4. 4. IssuesESE is a flat model No links between cultural objects or between objects and contextentities (persons, places) just strings (with no language info)Mixed data real object, digital representation, provider – all in one record A lot of mapping quality problems.• E.g., dc:date should be a date related to the original object but is often thedate of digitisation
    5. 5. EDM Requirements1. Distinguish the real object (painting, book) from its digitalrepresentation2. Distinguish the object from its metadata record3. Allow multiple records for same objectcontaining potentially contradictory statements about an object1. Support for objects that are composed of other objectshierarchies1. Be compatible with different levels of descriptionGeneric/interoperable vs. specific/domain-centered1. Flexible support for describing contextual resources, includingconcepts2. Re-use and extend elements from existing standards
    6. 6. A Collaborative EffortEuropeana v1.0 WP3 Ca. 60 participants“Fish tank” development Many presentations in the network and beyond (Evolving) specifications available since 2009Cross-community development Involving library, archive and museum expertshttp://europeanalabs.eu/wiki/WP1CommunityMeetingMuseums
    7. 7. A Collaborative EffortEDM makes Europeana ready to ingest metadata that is closer to specificcommunity concerns But still mapped to common elementsEuropeana & partners can develop EDM “profiles” upon which everyonecould build specific functionality Based on best practices from sector or domain levelEDM is consolidated with partners who re-use it Europeana providers, DPLA
    8. 8. EDM Classes
    9. 9. EDM Properties (excluding ESE)
    10. 10. General points• All resources should have an identifier• Most values can be either be a literal or a reference• It is recommended to use xml:lang attributes on literals• Use the most precise (sub) property available.• Later, providers will be able to specialize to EDM• Re-use elements from other vocabularies• SKOS, Dublin Core, RDA, CIDOC-CRM (via mappings)
    11. 11. ore:Aggregation(Identifier of aggregation)edm:WebResource(Identifier of web resource)edm:ProvidedCHO(Identifier of real object)An aggregation with a providedCHO and web resource(s)The three core classesedm:aggregatedCHOedm:hasView
    12. 12. Properties for edm:AggregationMandatory:edm:aggregatedCHOedm:dataProvideredm:isShownBy oredm:isShownAtedm:provideredm:rightsOptional:edm:hasViewedm:objectdc:rightsedm:ugcThe aggregation represents the set of related resources about one real objectcontributed by one provider. It carries the metadata that is about the whole set
    13. 13. edm:aggregation with metadataProperties for the ore:Aggregation http://www.mimo-db.eu/UEDIN/214EDM properties Corresponding values in the original dataedm:aggregatedCHO #UEDIN:214edm:hasView http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/VIDEO/0032195v.mpgedm:hasView http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/AUDIO/0032195s.mp3edm:hasView http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/IMAGE/0032195c.jpgedm: dataProvider University of Edinburghedm:Provider MIMO - Musical Instrument Museums Onlineedm:rights http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/edm:isShownBy http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/IMAGE/0032195c.jpgedm:object http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/IMAGE/0032195c.jpg
    14. 14. Properties for edm:ProvidedCHOdc:contributor, dc:creator, dc:date, dc:format, dc:identifier, dc:language,dc:publisher, dc:relation, dc:source, dcterms:alternative, dcterms:extent,dcterms:temporal, dcterms:medium, dcterms:created, dcterms:provenance,dcterms:issued, dcterms:conformsTo, dcterms:hasFormat,dcterms:isFormatOf, dcterms:hasVersion, dcterms:isVersionOf,dcterms:hasPart, dcterms:isPartOf, dcterms:isReferencedBy,dcterms:references, dcterms:isReplacedBy, dcterms:replacesdcterms:isRequiredBy, dcterms:requires dcterms:tableOfContentsedm:isNextInSequenceedm:isDerivativeOfedm:currentLocation…The ProvidedCHO is the cultural heritage object which is the subject ofthe package of data that has been submitted to Europeana.
    15. 15. ExampleProperties for the edm: ProvidedCHO: #UEDIN:24EDM properties Corresponding values in the original datadc:date Circa 1840dc:description Technical description: Brass; ligature fitting onbell section at joint; stockings on main slides.with one coil, angled to face forwards. RepairHistory: Main slide possibly not original (tenon ofslide section of joint is tapered, bell section jointfor cylindrical tenon)dc:title Buccin trombone.Nominal pitch: B?dc:type http://www.mimo-db.eu/InstrumentsKeywords/4378edm:type IMAGE
    16. 16. WebResourceOne or more digital representations of the provided cultural heritageobject.Properties:dc:rightsedm:rightsdc:formatdcterms:isPartOfedm:isNextInSequence…
    17. 17. edm:WebResources with metadataProperties for the edm:WebResource http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/VIDEO/0032195v.mpgEDM properties Corresponding values in the original dataedm:rights http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/Properties for the edm:WebResource http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/AUDIO/0032195s.mp3EDM properties Corresponding values in the original dataedm:rights http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/Properties for the edm:WebResource http://www.mimo-db.eu/media/UEDIN/IMAGE/0032195c.jpgEDM properties Corresponding values in the original dataedm:rights http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/NB: digital representations may have different rightsCould have format data etc.
    18. 18. Contextual resourcesedm:Agentfoaf:nameskos:altLabelrdaGr2:biographicalInformationrdaGr2:dateOfBirth…skos:Conceptskos:prefLabelskos:altLabelskos:broaderskos:relatedskos:definition….edm:TimeSpanskos:prefLabeldcterms:isPartOfedm:beginedm:end….edm:Placewgs84_pos:latwgs84_pos:longskos:prefLabelskos:notedcterms:isPartOf….
    19. 19. Example - edm:Place and skos:ConceptProperties for skos:Concept http://www.mimo-db.eu/InstrumentsKeywords/4378EDM properties Corresponding values in the original dataskos:PrefLabel xml:lang="en" BuccinProperties for skos:Concept http://www.mimo-db.eu/HornbostelAndSachs/356EDM properties Corresponding values in the original dataskos:PrefLabel xml:lang="en" 423.22 Labrosones with slidesProperties for edm:Place http://sws.geonames.org/3017382/EDM properties Corresponding values in the original dataskos:PrefLabel xml:lang="en" France
    20. 20. Model for representing metadataenrichmentsContextual resources from providersTheir thesauri, gazetteers, etc.Enrichment (multilingual) by EuropeanaGeonames, GEMET, dbPediaEnrichment by third-parties?
    21. 21. EuropeanaaggregationEnriched metadatavProvideraggregationMultiple providers, multipleaggregations
    22. 22. Take-home messageNot perfect, but making progressData granularityData interlinking and enrichingRe-use and interoperabilityMore at http://pro.europeana.eu/edm-documentation
    23. 23. Thank youAntoine Isaacaisaac@few.vu.nl