Open Data Masterclass - Europeana and LOD


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Presentation for the Open Data Masterclass organized by Kennisland at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 9 Oct, 2012

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  • We created a Linked Open data pilot. Via word of mouth practically, we invited some of our partners to allow us to publish their data as LOD. This 3m data is now online. If you want to know more, check
  • We created a Linked Open data pilot. Via word of mouth practically, we invited some of our partners to allow us to publish their data as LOD. This 3m data is now online. If you want to know more, check
  • Open Data Masterclass - Europeana and LOD

    1. 1. Europeana and Linked Open Data Antoine Isaac, Europeana Open Data Masterclass, KB 9 October 2012
    2. 2. Making metadata work for EuropeanaBuilding a search engine on top of metadata is difficult Traditional metadata quality problems: correctness, coverageEspecially when data is so heterogeneous 100s of formats, multilingual dataWe currently use a simple flat interoperability format (ESE)
    3. 3. More semantics-enabled servicesEnhance access by semantics Query expansion, clustering of results Exploiting various relations: "located in", “more specific concept"…Goal: to make richer data and services available to us and othersSemantics are already there, in original metadata Thesauri, classifications… ESE loses information
    4. 4. Building a "semantic layer” context
    5. 5. Linked Data principles1. Use URIs as names for things2. Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names3. When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information using standards (RDF, SPARQL)4. Include links to other URIs, so that they can discover more things Tim Berners-Lee
    6. 6. Example
    7. 7. Leading to HTML page for humans
    8. 8. Leading to data for software agents
    9. 9. Also contextual resources
    10. 10. Contextual resources lead to data too
    11. 11. Matches interest for linked data in libraries, archives and museums• Library Linked Data W3C Community Group• LOD-LAM community• IFLA Semantic Web group
    12. 12. LLD - General benefits of linked data• Shareable Globally unique resolvable identifiers – URI• Extensible "Open world" - no description is complete, anybody can add descriptive information about the same thing Annotations, enrichments, etc.• Standard protocols/techniques vs. domain-specific ones HTTP, RDF, RESTEtc.
    13. 13. Available Linked Library Data
    14. 14. Available Library Linked Data• Element sets/schemas/ontologies SKOS, Dublin Core, OAI-ORE…• Value vocabularies/thesauri/authority lists LCSH, VIAF…• Datasets British Library, Chronicling America…
    15. 15. Europeana and Linked DataProvide trusted, reference data for cultural objectsPromote the use of the technologyPromoting the exchange of data in the community and with third parties: Open (meta)data!
    16. 16. Europeana and Linked Data
    17. 17. Some steps in production services
    18. 18. Re-use and linkingCurrently: GeoNames, GEMET…Data re-use can be serendipitous! From our domain (VIAF, UDC) or others (Eurovoc) Multilingual resources are key for us
    19. 19. Europeana Data Model• Representing objects & others: persons, places...• Linking to internal or external data sources• Separating original data from enrichments• Enabling domain-specific data profiles• Model re-uses existing vocabularies
    20. 20. What is submitted to Europeana? 1. Thumbnails 2. Metadata 3. Links to digital objects online
    21. 21. Exemple 22
    22. 22. EDM data digital representation DMF creator DMF aggregation The “real” paintingEuropeanaaggregation “enriched” digital representation metadata
    23. 23. data.europeana.euEuropeana Linked Open Data Pilot• Fully open metadata• 2.4 M objects• 200 individual providers• 15 countries
    24. 24. data.europeana.euSeptember 2012• Europeana new Data Exchange Agreement apply• Entire metadata is CC0• Provided as dump files
    25. 25. Thank you Antoine Isaac