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Effective teaching strategies and tech resources that support them

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  1. 1. Math Resources November 2009 Ann Noonen
  2. 2. AGENDA Getting Started Effective Teaching What Does The Research Say? Today’s Student Tech Tools to Support Identified Strategies
  3. 3. Getting Started Welcome Expectations Action Plan
  4. 4. Effective Teaching What do we know? Inspiration Web
  5. 5. Strategies Identifying Similarities and Difference Summarizing and Note Taking Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition Homework and Practice Nonlinguistic Representation Cooperative Learning Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback Generating and Testing Hpotheses Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers
  6. 6. Today’s Student
  7. 7. Online Resources Navigate to the CCSD Wiki
  8. 8. Math Resources November 2009 Ann Noonen