How to rip dvd to wmv


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How to rip dvd to wmv

  1. 1. How to Rip/convert DVD to WMV for Windows 7/vista/XP
  2. 2. • Do you have some Movie DVD Discs purchased or rented that you want to:• -Convert DVDs to WMV videos lossless that have no copy protection on them? -Rip DVD to WMV files so you can edit DVD with Windows Movie Maker? -Encode DVD to WMV to watch movie on Windows media players like Zune(HD), Creative zen, Xbox 360 etc?• Well, youre in the right place, this tutorial below describes how to convert dvd to WMV for Windows 7and other Windows systems in a fast way.
  3. 3. • leawo DVD ripper is designed to deal with the conversions of your any DVD collection (including protected DVDs). As to rip DVD to WMV,this DVD to WMV Video Converter has an absolute plethora of output options readily to convert DVD to WMV and save large amount of time on settings.
  4. 4. • How to convert DVD movies to WMV format with Leawo DVD ripper• Step 1. please Free Download Leawo DVD ripper, install and run it.• Note: If you want to rip and convert Blu-ray to WMV video, you can refer to Blu-ray ripping software .• Step 2. Load DVD to the program On top control bar, click "Load DVD" to go to the dvd movie which you want to load from your DVD-ROM or hard disc, open the related folder, select "VIDEO_TS" and complete this step by clicking "Ok".
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  6. 6. • Step 3: Select output format On bottom bars, click the down arrow attached to "Profile", go to "Common Video" - WMV Format and select it. And then, click "Browse" to indicate the directory for saving output file.• Step 4: Complete DVD to WMV conversion Now you can click "Start" to begin the conversion. After waiting for a while, you will get your dvd well converted to WMV file.
  7. 7. • Additional video editing features you could take advantage of when you convert DVD to WMV:1. Crop – Set the video zoom to 16:9/4:3/full screen.2. Effect – Make special effect through brightness, contrast, saturation, built-in effects.3. Watermark – Add text or pictures on the video.
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  9. 9. • Things you may take interest in WMV• Lunched by Microsoft, it is a very popular streaming format of high quality video, great capability of compression. It was originally designed for Internet transmission therefore its strongest feature was on compression. Despite it, there are lots of mobile devices that support this video format, such as Zune, Crentive Zen, Xbox 360, Dell Player, HP IPAQ, Pocket PC, iRiver and so forth. Also, Windows Media Player (WMP) does not support DVD or HD, but if we convert DVD to WMV, they will play very well on WMP.