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Icebreaker activities


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Icebreaker activities

  1. 1. ICEBREAKER ACTIVITIESAND RESOURCEMANAEMENTNancy Dooley, Carrie Schagler, Ralph Seigel,Jake Lederman and Amna Hussain
  2. 2. • What are some icebreaking activities that we can do in ourclasses that are also related to our science content areas?
  3. 3. Some fun games/activities• Human treasure hunt• Bingo with boxes that have science related content• Use a dichotomous key to have students describe themselves and others identify using the key.
  4. 4. Class Discussion- What did you do overthe summer?• Relate everything that the students did to science. For example is someone went camping, have everyone identify how a student encountered Biology or Earth Science while hiking. If someone bought an I pad- how does science impact this?• Students will learn that science impacts mostly every part of their lives, and in the process they can get to know other students and engage in conversation.
  5. 5. •How can we help ourstudents with resource management?
  6. 6. • In urban schools we see that home situations and family life is not always supportive of learning.• We must make for a more productiveclassroom experience for our students by helping them manage resources in the classroom
  7. 7. Help student organize notes in the classroom Have a file for each student inthe classroom, which has “Do itNow” and other work in it. Students can be taught to usecomputers and other technology in the classroom