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Icebreaking how to break the ice and give an awesome presentation


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Icebreaking how to break the ice and give an awesome presentation

  1. 1. ICEBREAKING THE OF ALL HUMAN IS MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE MOVED BY HfghfghfghfghhjghjGfhfghfghf HgfhfghfghfhghghGhgfhfg hfghfghghgfGfhgfhfghfghg hghGhgfhfghfgtfgjghjhgjghj ghjhgjjhhgjhjghjghjhhjjhghjg hjghjghjghjghjghjghjhhghgfh HfghfghfghfghhjghjGfhfghfghf hghGhgfhfghfgtfgjghjhgjghj ghjhgjjhhgjhjghjghjhhjjhghjg hjghjghjghjghjghjghjhhghgfh OF YOUR TIME YOU’LL CREATE A Steve jobs rehearsed 2 daysBEFORE A presentation IF PRESENTED WITH VIVID COLOR AND COLORFUL IMAGES , PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER OF WHAT THEY HEAR AND LISTEN ARE EQUALLY AFFECTED ANXIETY MAKE A JOKE ON YOURSELF THE JOKE AT THE OUTFLOW OF YOURSELF TENDS TO WORK REALLY WELL BECAUSE YOU’RE POINTING AT YOURSELF SO PEOPLE CAN JUST LAUGH ALONG WITH THAT. Start with a Starting with Funny / Interesting question is really good way to get your audience’s attention Start or a quote Good quote can will catch the attention of the audience and they’ll be more interested in what you want to tell them “ End With Tell a Story It will keep your audience more engaged and will make them eager to know what happened next? Once upon A time Introduce Introducing yourself is important but don’t just introduce yourself, introduce yourself in such way that they will remember you yourself My name is Hi, Start with A fun slide Make funny and interesting slides that will get the attention of your audience To view the full Article visit : , :