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Mobile Advertising +


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Mobile marketing, geo conquesting, geo targeting, search and online video as tools for retailers.

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Mobile Advertising +

  1. 1. Mobile Advertising! Track From Impressions to Walk-In!
  2. 2. Track customers from ad views to actual retail visits.! We’ll tell you when mobile devices that showed your ad actually entered your retail location.! ! From message to walk in, get tangible results that take your mobile game plan to the next level. !
  3. 3. Drive Shoppers Directly to Your Store! Target your audience where they spend the most time: their smart phones and tablets.! Our system offers one of the most precise geo- fencing technologies in the industry. We target mobile devices with customized content based on GPS location. You will reach an audience on 10,000+ smart phone apps & mobile sites. ! 14% 23% 28% 45% 50%
  4. 4. Mobile Geo-Fencing! Geo-fenced mobile ads drive engagement and foot traffic.! Our system captures your local audience with custom Geo-Fences around your retail points.! We’ll target by GPS coordinates, zip codes, cities, counties, and DMAs.! You'll tell us precisely where to target and we’ll do the rest.!
  5. 5. Mobile Geo-Conquesting! Send shoppers your ad while they’re on your competitor’s location.! 63% of car or product/service buyers research and shop online while visiting a retail point. Hit your competitors on their own turf. ! We will use your marketing dollars more effectively by targeting shoppers when they are in or around competing stores.!
  6. 6. Mobile Geo-Retargeting! Reach shoppers who have researched new or used cars on their device, as well as a specific product or service.! Our system retargets customers who have visited your store or competing stores. Our platform will show these specific customers special messaging designed to reinforce your brand and encourage engagement with you message and site.!
  7. 7. Custom Mobile Creative! Dynamic messaging to show distance to your physical location.! At no extra charge, our system creates ads with embedded video, maps, and promotions that are specific to your store.! Customers click through directly to your site or engage with interactive mobile expansion units. Our system increases engagement with mobile creative that works.! Store Location 1 Directions Store Location 2 Directions Store Location 3 Directions
  8. 8. Search Engine Marketing!
  9. 9. Customized for auto dealership needs.! We combine the power of personal, hands-on campaign management and industry leading technology to make your campaigns run effectively.!
  10. 10. Quality Clicks Specific to Your Goals! Clicks from top-tier search engines.! We know how to find in-market automotive shoppers. Our platform target the customers who are researching other brands or competing retailers, optimally markets all profit centers of your dealership, and catches customers ready to buy new, buy used, service, or finance a vehicle.!
  11. 11. Optimization Based on Science, Not Fluff! Statistical Analysis for your Dealership.! Not all markets are the same. We take a strong, scientific approach to your advertising using proven statistical methods such as Chi-Squared analysis. We run A/B tests to make statistically significant decision based on your goals, your dealership, and your market. We know our best practices work because they have been statistically proven over time.!
  12. 12. Conversion and Analytics Integration! Work with a connected platform.! Our platform fully integrates with leading web analytics providers allowing for optimization based on your goals. Forget clicks, think conversions.!
  13. 13. Video Advertising!
  14. 14. TV meets Internet! Our platform allows you to combine the power of television with the reach and targeting of the internet. We will leverage your existing television assists to target highly engaged in-market auto shoppers online.!
  15. 15. Desktop Video! Not all devices are the same. Customers engage with your message using our platform’s high resolution video specifically designed for consumption on desktop computers.! Highly Interactive! To increase user engagement, our video creatives provide optional interactive overlay, expand on rollover, and present shoppers with a full microsite.! Non-Intrusive! We offer videos that are skippable by consumers to protect your brand.!
  16. 16. Mobile Video Advertising! Optimized For Each Device! Our platform’s interactive video is optimized for each device’s screen allowing for fast load times and a quality viewing experience.! Tap To Play! Our videos use the tactile nature of tablets and smartphones to promote interaction.!
  17. 17. Customized Targeting! 1st Party Data! Retarget customers that mean the most to you: the ones who’ve already visited your site.! ! ! 3rd Party Data! Use Behavioral Targeting and Custom Audience Segments to find customers based on gender, price, and interest in specific vehicles, income, other parameters.! Additional Targeting! Use previous sales data to target customer by DMA, zip code, and additional parameters to optimize your marketing dollars.!
  18. 18. 10 Facts to Invest in Hispanic Marketing! 1.  $1.7 Trillion - Projected aggregate buying power of U.S. Hispanics in 2017.! 2.  56.6 Million - Total number of Hispanics in the U.S., 17.5% of the population.! 3.  60% - Percentage of U.S. Hispanics younger than 35. Hispanics have also accounted for nearly half of the U.S. population growth since 2010.! 4.  $7.83 Billion - Investment by companies on U.S. Hispanics major media including TV, cable, newspaper, magazine and radio.! 5.  $427 Million - 2015 U.S. Hispanic measured media investment from Mexican consumer products giant Genomma Lab International, up 21.5% from the previous year.! 6.  36 Million - Number of U.S. Hispanic visitors to Google each month. This is a whopping 94% of all online U.S. Hispanics.! 7.  31.4 Million - Number of U.S. Hispanics who use Facebook and Messenger each month, 102 index against general market.! 8.  27.2% - Percentage of U.S. Hispanic adults who agree with the statement, “Social networking is a great way for me to tell people about products I like.” This vs. 23% off all adults.! 9.  53% - Percentage of U.S. Hispanics who purchased apparel products via a tablet vs. 46.5% of all adults. Hispanics also over-index across major categories when it comes to purchasing via tablet and cell phones.! 10. 2.5 Hours - Amount of time U.S. Hispanics spend watching videos online per session, compared to 2.1 hours for all Americans. !