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  1. 1. Instantly deliver captivating ad experiences across your widest reach Create immersive, socially interactive experiences Aggregate an arsenal of real-­‐ time data and insight into campaign performance
  2. 2. What We Do & How We Do It. What We Do: Intercast Network offers the only video advertising platform that seamlessly integrates distribution, engagement and real-time analytics in one place. By integrating media buying, ad serving, social media, targeting, optimization and brand management into its platform, Intercast simplifies the delivery of video ads and maximizes the impact of every dollar spent by brand marketers. How We Do It: Our focus is on distribution, interactivity and data. We increase the value of content by increasing views and creating engagement and call to action around it. We push it out via paid, earned, and owned media through a Facebook app, widget for articles and blogs, microsite, mobile, and through dynamic banner ads that keep the visitor on the page. The unit experience is interactive and engaging, providing for a two way communication with brand and visitor, through chat, polling, Q&A, and ecommerce baked in. On the back-end we provide very rich metrics eg., demographic data we get from people interacting with the unit and the ability to push out polls and get business intelligence, and everything is in real-time so you can adjust instantly.
  3. 3. On Every screen, Every device. We deliver messages to local/regional or national audiences whether they’re watching TV, videos on a company homepage, live-events or conferences to an offsite audience, browsing favorite news, sports or entertainment sites, using apps, playing games or connecting with friend in social media.
  4. 4. Conference, Live Events, and Webinar Opportunity. Intercast enables conference and meeting organizers to broadcast their content online to an offsite audience, while providing them with a set of interactive tools. This creates a virtual conference environment where audiences can then participate in polls, Q&A and chat with those onsite in real-time. Conference and meeting organizers can charge for the event, bringing in additional revenue from conference goers who wouldn’t be able attend, as well as another outlet for sponsorship opportunity. Intercast can work with any video player (Ustream, Livestream, YouTube) to distribute an expandable iFrame through microsite, Facebook, story/blog/PR widget or banner ad or all these channels simultaneously. The Intercast platform also distributes content through mobile devices. Intercast can “gate” access to conference participation and chat. We can charge participants a fee for immediate access. We can promote conferences or meetings in the days leading up to the event through our countdown clock. We, also have an RSVP button that includes calendar reminders and text messages.
  5. 5. Case Study: REVOLT Music Conference 2014 ! Challenge: For its inaugural year, REVOLT Music Conference was looking for a way to drive ticket sales and awareness by distributing video drops from speakers to media partners, and to provide a mechanism to live stream certain panels from the conference. ! Solution: Intercast enabled the turn-key distribution of their video content through expandable banner ad units on multiple industry sites, on the REVOLT site, and within articles and blogs of media partners. ! Results: Average of a 2.88% expansion rate, over 3m impressions, SOLD OUT the conference. ! To view: To view in ADWeek:
  6. 6. Case Study: UNIVERSAL STUDIO – GET ON UP ! Challenge: UNIVERSAL was looking for a better performing, turn-key ad unit to distribute long-form trailers and featurette’s supporting their theatrical release of GET ON UP. ! Solution: Intercast created GET ON UP banner ads, featuring a primary trailer and other optional videos. These banners were places on multiple entertainment related sites and offered a direct ticket purchase option on Fandango ! Results: We improved upon their existing ad units by a factor 12x, with a 3.56% expansion rate. Viewers engaged with the videos for 2:30 on average. Tickets sells recorded increased by 44% by comparing to traditional methods. ! To view: preview
  7. 7. Choose how to Engage with viewers. Commerce component enables product sales directly in unit On demand video playlist promotes content discovery and encourages additional audience engagement Chat unites consumers in their native languages around a single piece of content with real-time translation Polling gathers audience feedback for real-time adjustment of broadcast and better ad targeting Q&A feature allows for intimate engagement with audience Social media integration increases virality of content Viewers can RSVP to be alerted when a campaign is going live Dynamic adjustment of campaign visuals on the fly to correlate with content narrative
  8. 8. Real-time Data Collection to Understand Your Audience. ! Collect demographic and psychographic data from users’ social network connections ! Run sentiment analyses from chat topic groupings, providing virtual focus groups throughout the campaign ! Customize reporting per campaign through client-facing, simple-to-use reporting application ! Capture user engagement around a piece of content and monitor its movement throughout the web ! Implement polls dynamically throughout campaign, creating instant calls-to-action ! Monitor and interact with viewers one-on-one through Q & A ! Track sales performance and in-coming traffic in real-time
  9. 9. QUESTIONS? Thank You!! 949-330-9238