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April fools test


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Published in: Education
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April fools test

  1. 1. ENGLISH  POP  QUIZ   Read  and  complete  the  test  carefully,  following  all  instructions.  Do  not  give  any  help  to  other  students.  Work  as  quickly  and  carefully  as  you  can.    You  will  be  given  15  minutes  for  this  test.   1. Read  all  instructions  before  beginning.   2. Do  not  erase  anything  that  you  write  on  this  test.   3. Put  your  name  in  the  upper  right  corner.   4. Add  five,  tree  and  seven,  and  then  subtract  nine.   5. Multiply  two  by  eight,  add  twenty-­‐five,  then  subtract  seven.   6. Find  the  13th  letter  of  the  alphabet.   7. Write  your  first  name  four  times  after  this  sentence.   8. Write,  neatly,  the  plural  to  toy.   9. Print  the  teacher’s  name  backwards.   10. Write  the  numerals  1  to  9  backwards,  in  words.   11. Write  your  address.   12. What  word  does  live  spell  if  it  is  spelled  backwards?   13. Write  the  plural  of  man.   14. Write  a  word  that  rhymes  with  the  word  you  wrote  for  #13.   15. finish  this  equation:  two    times  two  times  two  equals   16. FOLLOW  What  word  will  result  if  you  subtract  the  first  four  letters,  switch  the  remaining  two,  add  an   s    at  the  beginning,  and  add  rd  at  the  end?   17. Each  of  the  following  words  has  a  number  before  it.  l  Arrange  the  words  in  a  sentence  to  match  the   sequence  given  at  the  end.     1.  are       2.  what      3.  doing      4.  you       5.  do       6.  think      7.  you     2546713     18. Only  follow  directions  number  one  and  two.  Remain  quietly  seated  when  you  are  done.