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Solution game animals_rules


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Published in: Education
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Solution game animals_rules

  1. 1. SOLUTION GAME-BICHOS’ EDITION (COPYRIGHT 2011 the Osuna Bilingual Project Team)Materials Needed: - Exercice sheet, one per team (at least 12 or 13 exercices and/or problems) - Pictures representing animals - Plastic or wooden alphabet lettersThe class is divided into teams (at least 4 or 5 students each), and an exercice sheet is given to each team.The goal is to obtain all the letters composing the English name of one of the animals in the pictures.(of course, they have to know the animals’ English name by themselves)To get letters, the students must solve the exercices in the sheet. Whenever they like, students can ask theteacher or assistant to check if their result(s) is (are) correct. In exchange to a correct result, they will get aconsonant. To get a vowel, they have to solve correctly 2 problems or exercices.If a team needs a letter which is in possession of another team, they are allowed to “negotiate” (e.g. exchangingone letter for another, two consonants for a vowel, or whatever).The first team to compose an animal’s name is the winner of the game.