History of games


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History of games

  1. 1. History of Games
  2. 2. What is a GAME ?  A game is any activity that brings pleasure and without conscious purpose .  A game is structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.  Example- people dance, play musical instruments, act in plays etc,
  3. 3. Oldest Games  Royal Game of Ur oldest complete set of gaming equipment ever found (3000BC)
  4. 4. (3000BC) *Senet is a board game *meaning the "Game of passing"
  5. 5. Backgammon  Backgammon is actually just one of a large family of games once referred to as "tables" that were played on the same type of board
  6. 6. Types of Games  Sports/Olympic games  Tabletop games  Video games  Children's games
  7. 7. Sports
  8. 8. Tabletop Games Played on a table or other flat surface Example - Board games, Card games,Dice games
  9. 9. Children's Games  Children’s games are informal games, most often played by children without adult organization, sometimes even despite the disapproval of adults.  Example - Jump the rope. Musical chair. Clapping game
  10. 10. Video Games  An electronic/computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display/television screen  Example-Arcade games,Computer games,Console games,Hand-held games,Online games,Mobile games,Flash games..
  11. 11. History of Video Games
  12. 12. Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. and Estle Ray Mann in 1947, created the world's first Arcade game to use a “Cathode ray tube amusement device“ based game . Cathode ray tubeThomas T.Goldsmith
  13. 13. 1950  Charly Adama created the "Bouncing Ball" video game program for MIT's new Whirlwind Computer.  The first computer to display "real-time" video signals.  It was first demonstrated in April 1951. Whirlwind Computer - MIT (US)
  14. 14. 1951  “Ferranti International” created the “NIMROD computer”.  It was designed exclusively to play the game of “NIM”  It was the very first digital computer designed game in recorded history. “NIM"Game Demonstration(UK)NIMROD Computer (UK)
  15. 15. 1952  Alexander S. Douglas designed a computer program for Tic-Tac-Toe (also known as Noughts and Crosses)  OXO was the first digital graphical simulation game, and ran on the EDSAC Computer at Cambridge.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCTRWD3DFsA
  16. 16. 1958  William Higinbotham created the first video game.  “Tennis for Two," was created and played on a Brookhaven National Laboratory oscilloscope. William Higinbotham Tennis for Two
  17. 17.  In 1962, Steve Russell invented SpaceWar. It was the first game intended for computer use.  ISpacewar (Steve Russell)
  18. 18. Evolution of Video Games
  19. 19. Ralph baer who was called as father of video games . In 1967, Ralph Baer wrote the first video game played on a television set, a game called Chase. chase game (Ralph baer)
  21. 21. * In the 1970’s we can call it as Goldenage of arcade games. * In the student union at Stanford university installed a game called “Galaxy”. This game is first coin operated arcade game. * First Commercial game was launched by Nutting associates which was designed by Nolan Busnell and Ted Dabney created coin operated arcade version of space war . Galaxy space war
  22. 22. * The first arcade game Ataris pong released by ATARIS Which one was a great successfull game and that one widely spreaded game. Atari sold 19000 units and many imitators are also formed. * Ralph baer joined with Magnovox odyssey released “Magnavox odyssey system”. In Magnovox odyssey system there is no catridges in that only it had few programmed games in the console. 1972
  23. 23. Evolution of Video Games
  24. 24. Evolution of Game Consoles
  25. 25. Evolution of Game Characters
  26. 26. Crash of Video Games
  27. 27. 1983 * This the year in which Major crash was happened in the video game industry * E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial developed and published by Atari, Inc. for the Atari 2600 video game console. It is based on the film of the E.T, and was designed by Howard Scott Warshaw.It was poorly designed. * Atari buried thousands of cartridges of E.T in land.
  28. 28. Platforms
  29. 29. Genres Action Adventure Role playing Action-adventureSimulation Beyond Good & EvilSim City Strategy Dragon Quest Warcraft Devil May Cry Grand Theft Auto
  30. 30. Game Abbreviations FPS - First Person Shooter SHMUP - Shoot 'em up TPS - Third Person Shooter MM0 - Massively Multi-player Online RPG - Role Playing Game JRPG - Japanese Role Playing Game SRPG - Strategy Role Playing Game RTS - Real Time Strategy RTT - Real Time Tactics TBS - Turn-based strategy TBT - Turn-based tactics SIM - Simulation FMV - Full Motion video
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  32. 32. Thank you