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Naskah soal-uts-kelas-7-bahasa-inggris

  1. 1. RINTISAN SEKOLAH BERTARAF INTERNASIONAL (RSBI)SMP NEGERI 1 SITUBONDOULANGAN TENGAH SEMESTER GENAPTahun Pelajaran 2010 / 2011Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS Hari, Tanggal : 11 Maret 2011Kelas : VII (Tujuh) Waktu : 07.00-09.30TIPS FOR TAKING THE TESTHere are some suggestions to help you do your best:• Be sure to read carefully all the directions in the test book.• Plan your time.• Read each question carefully and think about the answer before choosingDirectionsIn this part of the test, you will do some reading and answer questions about what youhave read. For the multiple-choice questions, you will mark your answers on the answersheet. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER!Dialogue for number 1-21. a. sorry I can’t c. I cannotb. I want to, but I’m in a hurry d. Sure2. a. What about you? c. Can you explain it to me?b. Can I help you? d. Do you want some help?3. Mrs. Intan : Can you help me, please?Shop assistant : …, What can I do for you?Mrs. Intan : I want some cookies on the shelf but I can’t take them. Could you help me getthem, please?Shop assistant : Sure, Ma’am. Here you are.a. I am sorry, I don’t have time c. I don’t think I canb. Yes, Certainly d. No, thanks I can do it by myself4. Sultan : ….?Mr. Abbas : That would be great. Please, bring my bag!Sultan : OK, no problem.Mr. Abbas : Oh, thank you very much.Sultan : You’re welcomea. Would you like some help c. Would you mind helping meb. Could you help me d. Could you give me a hand5. Dian : Could you give me a glass of tea ?Rifki : ...., What else ?Dian : No, that’s all. Thanks.Rifki : Don’t mention it.a. Sorry, I can’t c. No, thanks, I can handle itb. Certainly, not d. Yes, of course6. Mr. Andre : …., please?Welly : My pleasure! Here it isMr. Andre : Thank you, Welly!Welly : You are welcomea. What can I do for you c. Do you need my helpb. Would you pass me the ruler d. Are you looking for the rulerJames : Shane, could you take me home? I have a flat tire.Shane : ….1……………………Let’s go home with me.James : By the way, I don’t understand our Math homework.….2………………...?Shane : Oh sorry, I don’t really understand it, either..
  2. 2. Dialogue for number 7-87. a. I’m fond of it b. I love it c. I dislike it d. I really like it8. a. I like it so much b. I hate it c. I love it d. I’m fond of itDialogue for number 9-109. a. I think that’s nice c. Hmm..Okayb. Yes, I think you are you are right d. I think that’s not really good.10. a. Great! c. Shopping is not interestingb. I think it’s boring d. I hate shopping11. Arini : Mom, I have a new friend. She lives around here.Mrs. Dermawan : Does she? Where does she live?Arini : Only one block from here.Mrs. Dermawan : What’s her name?Arini : Puspita.Mrs. Dermawan : Puspita? Is she Mrs. Sinta’s daughter?Arini : ….Mrs. Dermawan : What do you think of her?Arini : I think she is smart and friendlya. That’s right c. Sorry, I don’t know herb. I don’t believe it d. No, I don’t think soThe text is for number 12-1512. What is the purpose of the letter above?a. to tell a story c. to invite someoneb. to inform something d. to describe something13. Who writes the letter?a. Sally b. Amy c. Anne d. Joanne14. How will Joanne go to Jakarta?a. by bus b. by plane c. by ship d. on foot15. “Is it okay?”. What does the italicized word refer to?a. Sally b. Joanne c. Sally’s school d. The writer’s schoolAndi :Do you like smoking?Budi : …7…Andi :Why?Budi :Because it’s not good for our health.What about you?Andi : No, …8...I think it can cause air pollution.Suzan : Tomorrow is holiday; I want to go to go to a good place.Helga : What about going fishing to Toba Lake?Suzan : ….9...It is too far. What about going shopping to Matahari?Helga : ….10...I need new shoes. Okay, see you tomorrow.Kuta, February 14th, 2011Dear Sally,Hello, how are you, Sally? I hope you are fine. How is your school? Is it okay?We have never met since I moved to Bali in 2004. Wow! That’s a long time ago Sally, I really want to meet you. So, next holiday I will visit you in Jakarta. I willarrive in Soekarno Hatta airport at 4 pm. My parents and my sisters, Amy and Anne,will come with me.I think that’s all for now. Can’t wait to see you. Cheers!Love,Joanne
  3. 3. KEEP US GROW WELLDON’T PICK ME OUTRead the text and answer questions 16 and 1716. Bahdim and Arif are Arman’s ….a. grandfather b. grandchildren c. sons d. brothers17. What is the name of Rahma’s son in law?a. Bahdim b. Arif c. Galih d. Rendy18. Look! Ariel and Luna Maya … on TV right now.a. is singing b. are singing c. singing d. sing19. Change this sentence into its negative form!“ The boys are playing football now”a. The boys are not playing football now c. The boys not are playing football nowb. The boys is not playing football now d. The boys not is playing football now20. Read the notice below.Where do you mostly find the notice?a. In the zoo b. in the playground c. in the garden d. in the parking areaThe text is for number 21-2521. What is being described on the text above?a. a family b. Mr. Ahmadb. Mr. Ahmad’s family c. Mr. Ahmad’s holiday22. What is Mrs. Ahmad?a. A postman b. A teacher c. A student d. A housewife23. Where does Mr. Ahmad work?a. post office b. police office c. school d. bank24. “They study in the same school, in SMU Darmawangsa”. What does the italicized word refer to?a. Budi b. Budi and Lila c. Lila and Leli d. Budi, Lila, and Leli25. “Everyday he delivers many letters to many people”. The underlined word is synonymous withthe words below, EXCEPT …a. Sends b. carries c. distributes d. takesFor questions 26 to 29, read the text and then choose the best words to complete itMr. Ahmad is a postman. Everyday he delivers many letters to many people. Hiswife, Mrs. Ahmad, is a Biology teacher. She teaches in SMP 1 Boyoagung. Mr. andMrs. Ahmad have one son named Budi, and two twin daughters named Lila and Leli.Budi is in grade twelve, while Lila and Leli are still in grade ten. They study in the sameschool, in SMU Darmawangsa. Every holiday, Mr. Ahmad’s family always goespicnicking. Sometimes they go to a beach, a lake, or a garden. People love this familybecause Mr. Ahmad and his family are friendly people.Arman RahmaRendy Neni Galih AsriWulan Bahdim Arif DeliFrom : Angga@rambo.netTo : Risca@flamboyan.netSubject: my hobbiesDate : Monday, February 14, 2011Hi Risca,I like ... (26) badminton, travelling, and ... (27) friends. Butmy favourite hobby is ... ( 28) to music. I like many kinds ofmusic, for example hip-hop music, country music, and pop. So, Ifyou want to ... (29) music information or song, e-mail me.Angga
  4. 4. 26. a. played c. plays d. playing27. a. showing b.making c. having d. doing28. a. listens listening c. listening d. listened29. a. exchange b.change c. return d. takeThe picture is for number30-3130. Look at the picture. D is …a. headb. neckc. fingerd. ear31. Hip is shown with letter …a. Bb. Ec. Gd. IRead the text and answer questions 32 to 36I live with my family. There are five people in my family who I really love.My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Charley. My father runs a business in furniture and my mother is a teacher.I am the second child in my family. I have an elder brother and a younger sister. My brother, Irfan isseventeen years old and three years older than me. He is in the second grade of senior high. My sister,Agnes is ten years old. She studies at elementary school. Now, I am in the second grade of junior highschool.We are all different. My father and I are interested in swimming and playing badminton. We often goto swimming pool together. Irfan likes some sports very much. They are playing basketball, cycling,and jogging. My sister likes to paint and draw. We are a happy family.32. What is the text about?a. The writer c. The writer’s parentsb. The writer’s family d. The writer’s hobby33. How many children does Mr. Charley have?a. two b. three c. four d. five34. From the text we know that the writer is … years old.a. twelve b. thirteen c. fourteen d. fifteen35. They are playing basketball, cycling, and jogging. (paragraph 3)The word “they” refers to ….a. Mr. Charley and the writer c. swimming and badmintonb. painting and drawing d. some sports36. My father and I are interested in swimming and playing badminton. (paragraph 3)The underlined word has the same meaning with ….a. likes b. dislike c. hate d. proud of37. That woman always … her mother every montha. Visit b. visits c. is visiting d. are visiting38. The negative form of “ The women visit her mother every month” is …a. The women does not visit her mother every monthb. The women do not visit her mother every monthc. The women is not visit her mother every monthd. The women are not visit her mother every month39. Arrange the words into a good sentenceher - is – pretty – Miss Safira – black hair – with - short1 2 3 4 5 6 7a. 4 – 2 – 3 – 6 – 1 – 5 - 7 c. 4 – 2 – 7 – 6 – 1 – 5 - 3b. 4 – 2 – 3 – 6 – 1 – 7 - 5 d. 4 – 2 – 7 – 6 – 3 – 1 – 540. Arrange the jumbled sentences into a good paragraph1. We do everything together2. She lives near my house3. She is my best friend4. Julia is a girl of medium height and thin
  5. 5. 5. We go to the same school, and sits next to me6. She wears her hair in two plaits.a. 4 – 6 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 1 c. 4 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 3b. 4 – 6 – 3 – 2 – 5 – 1 d. 4 – 6 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 5